The ultimate summer bucket list ideas for couples

Summer holds so many opportunities for adventure, exploration, and fun - let’s make the most of it. Don’t let the weeks get away from you; start creating your ultimate summer bucket list now!

If you’re the planning type and want some fuel for dreaming up a summer bucket list to tick off as a couple - we have 8 summer bucket list ideas to inspire dates and activities that will help you take your summer to the next level.

#1 - Choose connection above action

With summer months and time off stretching before you, it’s easy to take the time you have with your partner for granted this summer. Don’t do it! As you craft your summer bucket list, make sure to include time devoted to giving one another your undivided attention. Make that time about connecting, and nothing else.

A couple sit on park bleachers together while looking at their Adventure Challenge book for their summer bucket list

Whether that happens when you’re out in nature, shoulder to shoulder, or taking a whole Saturday to spend just one-on-one without any errands or appointments, or committing evenings to conversation and laughter rather than a TV screen, only you know how you two connect best. Whatever connection looks like for you as a couple, weave it into your summer bucket list. You will never regret investing in your relationships.

#2 - Give a window into your nostalgia

A great way to kickstart your summer bucket list and to connect as a couple is to bring back some nostalgic summer classics! Recreate a great summer memory you lived through as a kid, and invite your partner to enter into the spirit of it with you. Climb a tree, ride a bike, light a bonfire, play an album you loved in high school, or reminisce and swap stories about the summers of your childhood.

#3 - Get into the sun

Lots of us make getting a tan a key part of our summer bucket list. But why leave it there? We’ve all been inside for far too long, and we know that the sun boosts our bodies’ serotonin levels. Get outside and soak in every ray! (Just don’t forget your sunscreen.)

There are so many fun things to do outside as a couple. From wandering through outdoor markets to wild swimming, from picnics to open-air concerts. Chock your summer bucket list full of time in the fresh air to really make the most of the glorious summer weather.

#4 - Learn something new

It’s time to crack through your routine! Familiar, repetitive activity puts us on auto-pilot, but new things end up forcing us to focus and be fully present! Make sure your summer bucket list has plenty of new, never-before-tried things on it. 

A man embraces his girlfriend from behind as she is blindfolded and he helps her make a recipe.

Fresh experiences create striking and enduring memories. One of the best things you can do to connect with your partner is to find summer activities that neither of you have ever tried - unfamiliar experiences and opportunities to learn new skills together will forge an even stronger bond.

#5 - Check out of the online world

There’s nothing like giving and receiving someone’s full attention. That’s where the good stuff - everything from the real to the really funny stuff - comes out. So don’t let a phone addiction stand in the way of your summer bucket list! Make sure that you plan for time when the phones are deliberately put away, the internet is ignored, and you and your partner can simply enjoy life together undistracted.

#6 - Invest in others 

You might not think that ‘helping others’ is a front-runner for a summer bucket list, but you’d be surprised at how much richer your summer will be for it. Investing in a cause or a group you believe in will help you make lasting memories, meet new people, and invest in the legacy you want to leave in the world. 

Make it part of your summer bucket list to make a difference together. Volunteer your time together to help a good cause; a shared purpose can only bring you closer. You could take on a fundraising challenge to raise money for a charity, or if you’re competitive, see which one of you raises more! Being united in one goal and making a difference beyond yourselves is going to be on your summer bucket list for years to come.

#7 - Go somewhere new

The benefits of traveling as a couple are countless - a pocketful of new stories to tell, inside jokes to recall, adventures to embrace and challenges to overcome, just to name a few. Exploring doesn’t have to mean booking a flight, you could stack your summer bucket list with new trails or new restaurants you want to explore, neighboring cities or distant national parks. Experiencing new things together is the key thing that will make these memories so precious.

Image of a couple smiling while looking at records in a record store as part of their summer bucket list

#8 - Get risky and get out of your comfort zone

Breaking the rut of the mundane familiar and trying something new (and maybe a little bit scary!) is the only way to grow and change. You probably know of something your partner has been dying to start or try, now is the time to support them as they step out. Challenge one another to take on the discomfort of change and uncertainty and embrace the fact that adventure IS uncomfortable, but so worth it. Make sure that your summer bucket list has at least one or two things on it that scare you a little. It’ll make it that much sweeter when you tick it off the list.

The ultimate summer bucket list as a couple

We truly believe that connection is the key to a full and satisfying life, and it should never be boring. Hopefully this list has inspired you with ideas for how you and your partner can connect and deepen your relationship, all through the fun and joy of a summer bucket list. For more ideas for what you can add to your list, check out our top-reviewed The Adventure Challenge: Couples Addition for 50 totally unique and out-of-the-box adventures.


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