10 Family Activities You've Never Thought to Do

Sometimes you need a little family fun to bring the spark back into your home. Family activities are a great way to take time to enjoy the company of your loved ones. Spending time together can look like staying home and getting creative or stepping outside of your comfort zone to try something new.

Family activities bring you closer together as a team and create a special bond that lasts a lifetime. If you’re looking for some new family activities to try, here are 10 fun ideas that may have never crossed your mind!

#1 - Go Caving Together

Otherwise known as spelunking, this fun family activity is an exciting pastime that involves exploring uncharted cave systems.

10 Family Activities You've Never Thought to Do. Father and son going on a caving adventure.

Prepare to go deep into the earth as you discover underground pools, ancient stones, and winding tunnels that may never have been seen before. For those families who love to get outdoors, caving is definitely an activity that’s worth considering!

#2 - Paint Clothes Together

This unique family activity is a great way for everyone to express themselves and get creative. Lay out some T-shirts that you’re ready to add color to, and get to painting! Try out different designs and mix colors to make this activity one that’s enjoyable for the whole entire family. 

#3 - Go Sailing Together

Another great family activity to consider is sailing! If your little ones have always wanted to see the ocean from a new point of view, then this family activity is for you.

Family goes sail boating together, another great family activity you've never thought to do

You can even turn your sailing expedition into an educational experience for the whole family by learning the different parts of the boat or how to tie knots! Head to the sea and climb aboard for this ocean family adventure.

#4 - Host an at Home Restaurant Dinner Together

There’s no need to go out and eat when you can stay at home and create your own family restaurant! Enjoy the sensation of fine dining from the comfort of your own home with this fun family activity. All you’ll need is a kitchen staff, waiters, menus, a nice setup, and a family that is ready to dine! Dim down the lights and turn up the music to create a magical family restaurant experience. 

#5 - Plant a Family Garden + Hang Lights Together

If you’re looking for a new hobby and some fresh greens to add to your next meal, then this family activity is sure to be a win! You’ll first need to brainstorm as a family to find out what you’d like to harvest in your family garden. Next, head to the store to purchase your choice of seeds. Once you’ve got your seeds, you’re ready to head on outside and decide on the perfect spot for your new family garden. Once you’ve chosen your spot, you’ll be ready to begin planting!

10 Family Activities You've Never Thought to Do. A little boy waters the plants in their home garden.

Plant, nurture, and watch it all grow into the family garden of your dreams. Just think of all of the fruits and vegetables you’ll have in your backyard. Now dinner is starting to look a whole lot easier! You can also string up some twinkle lights to create a beautiful night time scene that will make your family garden all the more magical. 

#6 - Ride in a Hot-Air Balloon Together

Nothing screams adventure quite like taking flight with your family! See things from a different point of view while you ride high in the sky. Take a deep breath as a family, and take in the sights as you glide across the air in this once in a lifetime family activity.  

#7 - Go Snorkeling Together 

For ocean lovers and the great explorers in your family, this is sure to make a splash. Snorkeling is a wonderful way to see the underwater world and learn about the marine life that lives there.

Family of three goes snorkeling in crystal clear waters

Your family will be sure to love this activity and love meeting all the sea creatures that come with it. All you’ll need is some goggles, masks, snorkels, and fins to swim with, and your family is all set to enjoy this deep sea experience.

#8 - Go Gold Panning Together

Look for parks that offer gold panning and watch your family search for ‘gold’. This outdoor family activity is a fantastic way to get a glimpse into the past and learn a thing or two about life during the gold rush days. Pan for gold together as a family in streams of water by learning how to separate rock from treasure. This family activity is sure to be both exciting and educational. And who knows - you might just walk away with a little bit of gold!

#9 - Create an Outdoor Obstacle Course Together 

Gather all the loose sticks, chairs, blankets, and boxes you can find to create your own outdoor obstacle course with!

10 Family Activities You've Never Thought to Do. Mother and son running as they do an obstacle course together.

You can make your outdoor obstacle course as short or as long as you’d like! It’s up to you to decide as a family. When you’re finished building, make a game out of it by giving out prizes to whoever can get through the course the fastest!  

#10 - Put on a Production at Home Together

Looking for one of the most entertaining family activities to do? Try putting on a home-made play! Grab your make-shift costumes, pillows, bed sheets, flashlights; and get ready for the show of a lifetime as you and your family perform the night away at your home theatre. Write your own play or re-create a well known classic to make this at home production one that you’ll never forget.

Family Activities to Try

Now that you’ve discovered 10 new family activities to try, you’ll be sure to make plenty of unforgettable memories together.

Mother, with her face painted, and daughter smile as they pose for the camera with the daughter holding The Adventure Challenge Family Edition Book

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