A Letter from Our Certified Sex Coach

I am a certified sex and relationship coach who longs to see people thrive in every area of their lives.

When the idea of the In Bed Edition for The Adventure Challenge books came about, I was so excited. I have noticed that as people come to me with their sexual concerns, those concerns have less to do with the functionality and more to do with the communication, emotions, creativity, and desire that are part of their expectation of what a “good” sex life looks like.

This book is about encouraging, stretching, and learning from each other - and having sex in the process. Satisfying sex is about body, soul, and spirit. It’s about emotions and the allowance of them. Release each other from expectations and be open to new information about sex and your partner. What worked one time may not work today or even tomorrow.  Stay curious and defenseless. No two people are the same, so be willing and wanting to relearn. Recognize where you are and where your partner is and be patient.

These challenges are intended to encourage the connection that we as couples/humans long to have. We all want someone to truly know and see us in our fullness, so allow yourself to see and to be seen. 

Trust your lover and be tender.
Rebekah - Certified Sex Coach