29 Fun Activities To Do At Home With The Kids

Having to entertain your kids while they’ve been stuck at home over the last year hasn’t been easy. That is why we decided to create a list of fun activities to do at home with kids. There are some tried and true classics and some new and different ideas that will keep everyone in the family entertained, even if you are stuck at home.

#1 - Go Camping in Your Living Room

Going camping is a great way to take an adventure, but who says you have to leave your property to do it? Why not grab your camping gear and set up the tent right in the living room!

29 Fun Activities To Do At Home With The Kids. Family camping in living room.

If you don’t have the space inside, you can also move the party outside into the backyard.

#2- Science Experiments with Things You Already Have in the House

Conduct science experiments as an activity to do at home with kids. Best of all, you can use things you already have in your house. Here are some quick and easy ones to get you started.

#3 - Playing Board Games is a Fun Activity to Do at Home with Kids

Who doesn’t love a good board game? Monopoly, Candyland, Battleship, the list goes on and on.

29 Fun Activities To Do At Home With The Kids. Family playing board games in their living room.

Grab a game everyone can play, and let the games begin!

#4 - Make a Pinata 

Why wait for a birthday party when you can make your own pinata anytime? Hop on over to that link for instructions on how to make your own personalized pinata! These instructions are simple to follow and allow you to make any shape you want. This one is sure to be a hit!

#5 - Create a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are so much fun and they can be as elaborate or as simple as you want them to be.

Kids laughing and doing a scavenger hunt through a maze in their own kitchen

Take some time to create a list of things everyone will need to find. You can even write little clues that they will have to solve to know what they are searching for next. This is a great activity to do at home with kids at any age.

#6 - Have an Indoor Picnic with Your Kids

Sometimes you just have to ditch the dinner table and spread a blanket on the floor and have a good old fashioned picnic. You can even have the kids help you in the kitchen and prepare different fun dishes to pack for your picnic, making it even more fun!

#7 - Host a Talent Show

You know you all have a hidden (or maybe not hidden) talent. Why not showcase your skills by hosting a talent show as an activity to do at home with kids.

29 Fun Activities To Do At Home With The Kids. Three kids in costumes doing a talent show.

Everyone can be involved, and that’s what it’s all about any way. 

#8 - Create a Maze With Painters Tape on the Floor

Painters Tape isn’t just for trimming around windows and doors, you can also use it to create a maze on your floor. Make it as complex or simple as you’d like, and then take turns trying to make your way through it. 

#9 - Making Ice Cream in a Bag - a Tasty Activity to Do at Home with Kids

I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream! Here’s an easy 5 minute recipe for homemade ice cream in a bag. 

#10 - Fine Dining Party

Turn your dining room into a 5 star restaurant and have a fine dining experience with your family. This is a unique and special activity you can do at home with kids, and you can all dress up in your fanciest outfits. Bon appetit!

#11- Film Your Own Cooking Show While Trying Out a New Recipe

Trying out new recipes is fun, especially when you get to taste the results at the end.

29 Fun Activities To Do At Home With The Kids. Little girl trying out a new recipe with her mother.

So why not pick out a new baking recipe and then film it with your tablet or smartphone? Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next top chef!

#12 - Ride a Virtual Roller Coaster

There are several videos online that give you the visual experience as if you were in the actual cart of the roller coaster. Here are 5 of the best. So grab a couple clothes baskets, or even some cardboard boxes, and sit together to ride the rails. Don’t forget to keep those arms high! 

#13 - The All-Time Kids Classic - Hide-N-Seek

This game will never get old. Hide-N-Seek is a simple game, but it continues to be a favorite generation after generation. It’s a great activity to do at home with the kids. Go on, we'll count to 50. Ready...1...2...3

#14 - Build a Fort 

Another classic, building forts is sure to be a fun activity to do at home with kids.

29 Fun Activities To Do At Home With The Kids. Two little girls building a fort in their living room.

They will most likely spend a good amount of time playing in it once it’s built. This activity is a win and all it takes are some blankets and a few dining room chairs. 

#15 - Collect Rocks and Paint Them

This is a fun activity to do at home with kids when the weather is nice. Once you’ve found your rocks, clean them off and they are ready to paint. Once they dry you can use them to decorate your garden, if you have one, or you can even put them in potted plants for a pop of color. 

29 Fun Activities To Do At Home With The Kids. Kid painting rocks with coloring materials strewn across her desk.

#16 - Make a Time Capsule

Find an old tin and then fill it with something interesting from each family member. You can even write a short letter to place inside that reflects on what is going on during the time you are creating it. Then you just need to find a place to bury it and then try really hard not to dig it up again in a month.

#17 - Play Simon Says

Simon says, “play this game”. This is another great activity to do at home with the kids. Not only is it fun, but it also helps improve listening skills, and what parent doesn’t want that?

#18 - Make Homemade Pizzas

So simple and so delicious! All you need is the crust and your favorite toppings. If you make your own homemade dough, you can even make your own personal pizzas.

#19 - Melt Your Old Crayons and Create Some Art

This craft is so easy and yet the result is awesome. All you have to do is collect your old broken crayons, then hot glue them to a small (or large) canvas. Pull out the hair dryer and slowly move it back and forth across the crayons and watch them melt down into a beautiful rainbow of color. 

#20 - Start or Add to Your Family Garden

If you don’t already have a garden at your home, this can be a really fun activity to do with your kids.

Little girl taking a photo of a flower in their home garden

Not only do they get to play in the dirt, but they get to watch the seeds they plant grow. 

#21 - Splatter Paint Some Old Shoes

Want more artistic activities to do at home with kids? Find an old pair of sneakers and then splatter paint them. Not only is it fun, you get an (almost) new pair of shoes.

#22 - Tie-Dye Shirts as an Activity to Do with Kids

Bring some new life to your family’s wardrobe with this 60’s nod to fashion

#23 - Make Your Own Obstacle Course and Play The Floor is Lava

This game is so fun, they even made it into a game show.

Kids making their own obstacle course and playing The Floor is Lava

Definitely an exciting activity to do at home with kids!

#24 - Brighten Things Up with Your Watercolor Paints and Drawing Supplies 

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple and letting the artist in each of you express themselves. You can even have a little art gallery showing afterwards. 

#25 - Make Cardboard Box Cars and Have a Drive-In Movie Night

If you can’t make it to the actual drive-in movie, creating your own is the next best thing, hands down. Here are some instructions on how to make your own box car out of cardboard. Just don’t forget the popcorn!

#26 - Have a Water Balloon Fight 

There is nothing more fun than a good old water balloon fight on a hot summer day.

Kids reaching in cooler to grab water balloons

All it takes is a bag of balloons and a water hose and you are guaranteed a good time and a great way to cool off from that summer heat!

#27 - Stargazing is an Awe-Inspiring Activity to Do with the Kids

If you have a clear night sky, take some blankets outside onto the lawn and stargaze. It’s an awesome activity to do with your kids, and it is just beautiful to look at. 

#28 - Make Homemade Playdough

Playdough is such a great activity to do at home with kids because there are endless things you can make with it! All it takes is a little imagination and you are sure to have a great time! Here is a simple at home recipe to make your own playdough

#29 - Do Blind Taste Tests with Various Foods and Drinks

If you have an adventurous family, this can be a really fun activity to do.

Father and daughter doing blind taste tests with various foods and drinks

Blindfold one person and then feed them various foods and drinks and have them guess what they are. Just remember, you will eventually get a turn, so choose wisely!

Who’s Ready for a Fun Time at Home Now?!

I hope this list of activities to do at home with kids has inspired you to have some fun together! If you are looking for more fun new adventures you can do as a family, check out The Adventure Challenge Family edition for 50 surprise activities you won’t forget. You can also hop over to our blog for more inspiring ways to plan fun after school activities and also things to do this summer as a family!

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Mother and her two sons playing with paint in their own backyard
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