Adventure Ideas Just About Anyone Can Do!

Looking for some adventure ideas to liven up your week? You’re in the right place! We love helping people put a fresh twist on everyday life. You don’t need to hop on a jet to somewhere far away or set off into the sunset with only a backpack to have an adventure. Taking risks and trying something new will bring adventure right to your doorstep. So, we’ve put together a list of adventure ideas that you can do at home, without spending an arm and a leg. Check it out:

Adventure ideas to mix things up!

If you’re feeling a little bored, it’s time to break your routine. Try any of these adventure ideas alongside your normal life to expand your horizons, step out of your comfort zone, and have fun doing it.

#1 - Learn about the stars

Did you know that constellations of stars in the sky are different depending on where you are on the planet and what time of year it is? There are plenty of apps to help you read the sky, as well as books and free resources, too.

A group of friends having a bonfire while camping in the middle of the woods with the stars visible in the sky

The universe is vast, and taking the time to learn about our place in it opens the door to so many adventure ideas! Go stargazing: bundle up if the weather’s cold, bring snacks and a flask of coffee or hot chocolate, and drive out where you can see the stars.

#2 - Ask someone out

If you’re single and looking to date, you have an adventure at your doorstep! Take a risk and ask someone for a date! It can be scary, but it’s also thrilling. For more on how to make this actually fun, check out our guides on adventure ideas for how to ask a guy out and how to ask a girl out. Who knows where this adventure will lead you? 

#3 - Start a herb garden

If you have some pots or plastic tubs and a sunny windowsill, you can have a garden. This is one of those adventure ideas that isn’t full of adrenaline. It’s a slow-burn adventure of trying something new (hopefully!) discovering your inner gardener.

Adventure Ideas Just About Anyone Can Do: couple taking a selfie of themselves with their newly planted herbs

Growing herbs is a great place to start; you can get many herb plants very inexpensively at most large supermarkets, and they double up as delicious additions to your meals. 

#4 - Go wild swimming

This shows up time and time again when people talk about adventure ideas, and it’s for good reason! There’s nothing quite like the shock of cold water and the thrill of swimming somewhere wild. If the water’s warm and you’re swimming in a natural spring, so much the better. Whether it’s a lake, a river, a swimming hole, a hot spring, or the ocean, this is a recipe for an incredible day out in nature.

#5 - Blind-folded baking

This is one of the adventure ideas from our book, The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition. We designed it for couples to have a fun date night, but it could work just as well in groups of friends or family to get people laughing.

Adventure Ideas Just About Anyone Can Do: Couple tries blindfold baking with the guy guiding the blindfolded girl with measuring the flour

One of you, preferably whoever has the most baking experience, puts on a blindfold. Someone else, or the whole group, guides them through a baking recipe using just touch, without verbal directions. This lighthearted exercise will create some messes to clean up, but it’s a great way to have a mini-adventure in the midst of your week.

#6 - Let the wheel decide

This is another one of those adventure ideas that would be perfect to do with a family with small kids or a group of friends. Have you ever tried to decide what to do and struggled to reach a decision? Instead of circling around forever, load your option into an online random generator and agree that you all have to abide by whatever it decides! Do it several times throughout the evening or the day so that no one knows what you’ll do next.

#7 - Go vegan for a week

Some of the best adventure ideas start with things that feel impossible. For some of us, going vegan sounds pretty impossible! If that’s you, this could be an amazing challenge. You’ll get a taste (literally!) of another way of life, and you’ll be forced to think creatively about new meals and ways of eating. If you’re a foodie, this could be a great adventure to stretch and grow you!

#8 - Pick up a new skill 

There are so many free courses on Youtube, you can learn the basics of pretty much anything! A language, an instrument, a recipe, or a hairstyle; and these are just the beginning.

Girl picking up a new skill and learning the guitar as she sits on her bed next to her window

Get new adventure ideas by diving into a topic you’ve always been curious about. Youtube is a great place to start, but if you really find yourself intrigued, look up events nearby - libraries, community centers, and colleges often have free talks and events for you to attend.

#9 - Write a love letter

Expressing how we feel can sometimes seem risky, but it’s one of the adventure ideas you won't regret. Take the time to write a letter of encouragement to someone close to you. Tell them about a favorite memory you have with them, and let them know how much they matter to you. It doesn’t have to be romantic, but it should be genuine. This is extra adventurous if it’s the first time you’ve ever expressed your feelings to them! 

#10 - Plan a scavenger hunt

It might be around your house, your street, or your whole town; these adventure ideas can be scaled to the size you want.

Adventure Ideas Just About Anyone Can Do: Two girls going on a scavenger hunt as one of them reads one of the clues on the rolled-up paper

Set up a trail for your friends to follow, laying clues along the way. This can be as simple or as intricate as you like, but it is always such a fun way to build excitement!

Adventure Ideas for Everyone

There are adventure ideas out there for everyone, and hopefully this list has inspired you to find a way to mix up your normal life with a little extra fun. For more ideas, check out our Adventure Challenge books! They are full of fresh ideas to help you find creative ways to connect with the people who mean the most.

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