Bedroom Decoration Ideas to Make Your Anniversary More Romantic

Anniversaries are an important milestone for any couple. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a wedding anniversary or a milestone in your relationship; anniversaries are an incredible opportunity to have fun and celebrate how far you've come together.

So how do you make your special anniversary more romantic? We’ve got some anniversary room decoration ideas that are perfect for setting the scene for a special night together. Let’s take a look at some of our anniversary bedroom ideas and get you inspired!

Make Your Anniversary More Fun and Romantic 

Little touches go a long way. You don't have to go for a full remodel for your anniversary celebration - just a few tweaks here and there help to create a romantic night. Here are some fantastic anniversary room decoration ideas to make your anniversary celebration that little bit more special and memorable.

#1 - Rose petals

Don’t let anyone tell you that having red rose petals on the bed is generic! Sometimes the classic and even kitschy romantic gestures make for the best anniversary decorations.

Bedroom Decoration Ideas to Make Your Anniversary More Romantic. Rose petals placed on a bubble bath with candles at the side.

Sprinkle pink rose petals for romance or white rose petals for something more subtle, and cover your dinner table, the bathtub, or, of course, the bed.  

#2 - Love letters

This is a fun way to kick off the evening together! Write a couple of love letters for your anniversary celebration. You could give one to your partner at dinner - this could be a romantic look back at the time you've spent together and all you've gone through to get where you are now. Then, part of your romantic bedroom set up could be another letter - this one a little more spicy!

#3 - Candlelight

These are some of romance's easiest decorations. Forget those intense bright lights and focus on smaller light sources like candles that really add atmosphere to your bedroom.

Anniversary bedroom decoration ideas: Candles lining the floors leading to the bedroom with rose petals spread all across.

You two will be lit by flickering candlelight. These anniversary room decoration ideas are an easy way to turn up the romance!

#4 - Sticky notes

Your partner getting home and being led to the bedroom with suggestive sticky notes is such a fun way to start the special anniversary celebrations in the bedroom. For extra points, get your hands on heart shaped sticky notes.

#5 - Fairy lights

Stringing up some fairy lights can be a great way to add some character to the room and make it feel like a special occasion.

Bedroom Decoration Ideas to Make Your Anniversary More Romantic: Couple with twinkle lights around them.

Combined with candlelight, fairy lights just enhance everything! Dim light is a surprisingly effective anniversary decoration idea. 

#6 - Focus on reds

Red is the color of passion, so it’s no surprise that this is the color you really want to incorporate into your anniversary celebrations.

Bedroom Decoration Ideas to Make Your Anniversary More Romantic. Couple smiling and embracing each other as they lie in bed.

Whether it’s the room decoration or what you’re wearing, it’s a great color to entice one another for a romantic night.

#7 - Bed canopies

You’d be so surprised how much power is in a good bed canopy. This simple thin fabric is one of the best decoration ideas because it makes you feel like you exist in a fairytale, away from a world outside your bedroom door. Consider draping fabric over your bedposts or finding a canopy that you can hang from the ceiling for an anniversary room decoration that totally changes the feeling of the bedroom.


How about making your anniversary really romantic and a little risqué beyond anniversary room decoration ideas? The Adventure Challenge is the perfect way to spice any of your special occasions with some exciting ideas to help couples to really connect and have fun. Our top picks for a night of romance, and passion, include our …In Bed and Couples Edition games.

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