10 Romantic and Fun Sex Ideas for Couples Celebrating an Anniversary

Got an anniversary coming up? These milestones - whether it’s six months or 25 years - are such a great opportunity to celebrate how far you’ve come together. More than that, celebrating an anniversary is a great excuse to have some fun! And today, we’re talking about having fun in the bedroom.

After years together, even the most electric of connections can mellow out. Old habits take over, we find our rhythm, and sex can start to feel a little less exciting than it used to. That’s normal - but an anniversary is an amazing chance to pull out all the stops and spice things up again. If you’re looking for some inspiration to make your anniversary evening a little more fun, read on.

Romantic Anniversary Sex Ideas for the Bedroom

#1 - Set the Mood with Some Bedroom Decor (Rose Petals, Scented Candles etc.)

One of the simplest ways to spice up an anniversary is to give your bedroom a romantic remodel for the night! This has to start with two words: Mood & Lighting.

Candles and fairy lights are a fun way to set the tone without breaking the bank. From there, let your imagination take over. We love the classic rose petals sprinkled over the bed as a cheesy but romantic touch, and add an ice bucket of champagne to really pull out all the stops.

#2 - Get into the Rhythm With a Sexy Playlist

If you don’t have a favorite sexy playlist, your anniversary is the perfect time to make one!

Couple dancing with each other in their living room as the guy smiles as they celebrate their anniversary

Get the good times rolling with a playlist of your favorite songs from over the years for a sweet walk down memory lane, and be sure to add a few spicy tracks into the mix too.

#3 - Recreate Your First Date

One fun anniversary sex idea is to recreate your first ever date. If it’s possible, head to the same exact spot that you guys first hung out! If that’s not an option, recreate it as closely as possible.

Couple sharing laughs as they feed each other spaghetti during their anniversary dinner date

Head down memory lane and soak up all the ways you’ve grown and changed since then - including the fact that you’re heading home together at the end of the evening!

#4 - Truth or Dare

A fun way to celebrate a special occasion with your partner is to play a game of sexy truth or dare. Go for ‘Truth’ questions like ‘Tell me about a time I blew your mind’, ‘What’s your favorite part of my body?’, ‘Is there anything we haven’t done yet that you want to try?’ 

Guy whispering in his girlfriend's ear as they sit on the floor in their underwear

When it comes to dares, you can probably fill in the blanks for where this’ll take you! Playing truth or dare is an exciting way to keep things unexpected and fresh in the bedroom.

#5 - Try ‘The Adventure Challenge …In Bed’

This sex-coach approved book has 50 intentional scenarios for you to explore. This isn’t a book about new sex positions to try - it’s full of creative challenges that focus on creating an incredible experience for you and your partner. When you look back on the highlight reel of your sex life, it’s probably not down to a specific position, trick, or outfit - it’s a whole memory, or a whole experience, that you look back on. That’s what these challenges are all about!

Flat-lay shot of Adventure Challenge in Bed book with couple's shoes messily thrown on the floor

This book is the perfect anniversary sex idea because these challenges are designed specifically to help you explore outside of the sexual habits that you’ve stayed in for so long - and have a lot of fun while doing it.

#6 - Experiment With New Positions From the Kama Sutra

But speaking of sex positions, there’s nothing wrong with trying something new! You’ve almost definitely heard of the kama sutra - an ancient text that couples have been using to keep things fresh for hundreds of years. There are dozens of articles out there distilling the best ones to try - and even an app that helps you filter through to find the perfect new thing. Reading through ideas with your partner until you find one that sounds interesting to you both could be a great anniversary activity.

#7 - Play Sexy Games

From putting a sexy twist on normal games (strip poker is the obvious one, but what about a strip Nerf gun battle? Every bullet that hits equals an item stripped off!) to buying games designed specifically to turn up the temperature, sexy games are a shortcut to hilarity - and some serious heat.

One of the things that makes them a good anniversary sex idea is that they help to draw out the whole experience - you start with lighthearted fun, but you know where the evening is going, which lets the anticipation build and build! We’ve rounded up some of the best sex games out there - check it out.

#8 - Give Each Other A Sweet and Sensual Massage 

Massage time! Set the mood with some great lighting, a slow playlist, and some scented oils. This is one of the more romantic anniversary sex ideas on this list - really dedicate and take your time on this one. 

#9 - Relive Your Best Moments

An out-of-the-ordinary way to start getting some sparks flying on your anniversary is to talk about some of the best sexual memories you share. Relive those experiences and compare notes on what was so amazing about each time - and pretty soon, you’ll be full of inspiration for where the night could take you.

#10 - Bring in Some Food Into the Bedroom (Chocolates, Berries, etc.)

Chocolate covered strawberries are the traditional cliche, but there’s no need to follow tradition. Start with a cocktail, bring in some finger food, and have fun chatting and eating together. Edible body paint, honey, and whipped cream are all popular options for a more ‘hands on’ approach.

Celebrate Your Anniversary in a Romantic, Fun Way

There you have it - 10 ideas for getting steaming on your anniversary! These are fun and romantic ways to keep things interesting in the bedroom. We hope you’ve found something that sparks your interest and gets you excited to celebrate with your love!

And, of course, you’ve got to check out The Adventure Challenge …In Bed for even more delicious ideas.

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