At Home Date Night Ideas | Romantic and Fun Ideas to Stay Indoors

Looking for epic date night ideas you can enjoy without leaving the house? We’ve got you covered!

Maybe the kids are asleep and you don’t have a baby sitter. Maybe the weather is terrible and you had to cancel your plans. Or maybe you just want to spend a relaxing night in with your partner. Whatever your reason for looking for at home date night ideas, there are so many ways to have an amazing time without leaving your house!

At Home Date Ideas for An Amazing Night In

These date night ideas range from fun and playful to thoughtful and sophisticated, so whatever mood you’re looking to create, you’ll find inspiration here:

#1 - Have a Game Night

You don’t need a crowd of people to have a great game night! Whether it’s card games, video games, board games, or something else entirely, dedicate an evening to competing for the winning title. Add some snacks and drinks - and maybe raise the stakes with a prize for the winner - and you’ve got yourself an amazing at home date night idea!

#2 - Cook a Romantic Meal

At Home Date Night Ideas: Couple cooking a romantic meal together

Sometimes a classic is classic for a reason. Cooking a romantic dinner is one of the sweetest at home date night ideas out there - and we have 26 romantic dinner recipes to help you get inspired. It doesn't have to be a fancy dinner to be a romantic date night. Light candles, put out a few bottles of whatever you like to drink, and reminisce on your first date. As at home date ideas go, this one might be playing it safe - but that also means it's hard to go wrong!

#3 - Do A Spa Night

At Home Date Night Ideas: Girl with mask and cucumber on her face

For a fun date night indoors, pull together everything for a relaxing spa date. A chill playlist, a few candles, facemasks and some massage oil and you’re all set. Pamper each other and let the rest of the world fade away!

#4 - Make an At-Home Movie Theater

At Home Date Night Ideas: Couple watching a movie outside on a projector

Put a fresh twist on the typical ‘dinner and a movie’ type of date night idea and make it the perfect way to stay at home. If you have a projector, you can set it up with a sheet or a blank wall for the best at-home theater experience, but just a TV works too. Pile up the pillows, pop the corn, and turn out the lights.

#5 - Make S’mores

At Home Date Night Ideas: Girlfriend feeding her boyfriend a bite of smores

If you have a firepit or a fireplace at home, this is the coziest date night idea - what are you waiting for? But the truth is that you can make s’mores without an open flame! This is just one recipe for indoor s’mores - there are plenty of different versions - and it’s such an easy way to capture the childhood nostalgia of this snack.

#6 - Found a Two-Person Book Club

If you and your partner love to read - or want to read more - why not start a standing date night to discuss your latest reads? You could choose a book to read together throughout the month, and then discuss it over a glass of wine and compare your experience with it.

#7 - Have a Tasting Party

At Home Date Night Ideas: Couple smiling as they have a wine tasting date together

This is one of those at home date night ideas to do when you’re bored of all your normal date nights and you want something that’s out-of-the-box and fun, but doesn’t mean that you have to leave your house. Pick a food or a drink that you and your partner both love - it could be lager, ice cream, cheese, chocolate, or Trader Joe’s frozen wontons (we won’t judge!) - and get a selection. Spend the evening taste-testing each one and landing on a favorite.

#8 - Make Food from Your Childhood

At Home Date Night Ideas: Couple feeding each other and playing with fries

Some of the best date night ideas are ones that help us connect and reveal things about ourselves - and this is a date night that could do just that. Celebrate some of your childhood memories by recreating dishes from your childhood - whether that’s a dish your mom used to make you or a box of Kraft Mac n’ Cheese!

#9 - Paint Together

At Home Date Night Ideas: Couple sitting on the bed and painting together

Get a little creative and plan a paint night! You could invest in some paint-by-numbers projects if you’re not comfortable with freehand painting, or, if you want to get a little more bold with it, you could set a timer and swap paintings after working on one for a few minutes, so that the end result is something you’ve worked on together!

#10 - Have a Picnic

At Home Date Night Ideas: Couple having a fun time together at a picnic

You don’t have to leave your house to have a picnic! Lay out a blanket in your back yard or your living room and lay out a bunch of finger food and picnic favorites. Add ambience with some flowers or a string of warm lights and enjoy.

#11 - Do an At-Home Workout

There are so many amazing at-home workouts you can do without ever leaving the house. Instead of hitting the gym with your partner, pull up a Youtube workout or class and take it on together. One of the perks is that you can choose the playlist - we recommend blasting some throwback hits!

#12 - Make a “Passion Presentation”

If you’re the kind of person who likes to fall down a rabbit-hole of research, this at home date night idea is the one for you. Make space for yourself and your partner to take turns to intentionally talk about and explain something you’re passionate about. It could be a book you love, a documentary you just watched, an issue on the news, or any kind of niche interest that’s made you happy recently. Take the floor, give your ‘presentation’ - prepared or off-the-cuff - and invite questions. Then swap! This is a fun way to get a glimpse into your partner’s mind. 

#13 - Dream About Your Future Home

At Home Date Night Ideas: Couple sitting by the window in a blanket

If you’re thinking about remodeling a room in your house, or you’re looking forward to buying your dream place, spend some time letting your imagination run wild. Get a Pinterest board involved, look for inspiration, and share the ideas that excite you. Looking forward to the future - even if it’s one that feels out of reach in the present - is such a fun way to feel connected in the now! Dreaming about practical changes is one of our more unusual at home date night ideas, but it's absolutely one to try.

#14 - Mix Some Cocktails

At Home Date Night Ideas: Couple mixing some cocktails for their date

Look up some cocktail recipes (or even take an online class!) and shake up some drinks. With a great playlist in the background, playing mixologist for the evening is a great way to learn something new, spend time together, and end up with something delicious.

#15 - Take on a Challenge from The Adventure Challenge ‘...In Bed’ Book

At Home Date Night Ideas: Couple doing a challenge from The Adventure Challenge ‘...In Bed’ Book

This isn’t your average sex book. It’s not about positions to try or instructions to follow - instead, it has 50 sex-coach-approved challenges to help you break out of your habits and embrace joy in your sexual connection. Take on one of these adventures and fill your at home date night with some fireworks!

#16 - Plan the Best-Ever Vacation

Take away your budget cap and vacation day restrictions and plan your dream trip! Talk about the experiences you want to have, the places you want to go, and the things you want to try. Dream about the most exciting and extravagant experiences! It might sound crazy, but dreaming up this best-case-scenario trip - even if it doesn’t seem possible to take it right now - is going to be so fun!

#17 - Have Breakfast for Dinner

We can’t explain why it’s so fun to have breakfast for dinner… but it is. Pancakes? Waffles? Fried potatoes? Eggs? Plain old cereal? Sign us up! Stay indoors and whip up an indulgent breakfast for dinner to enjoy with your partner. Slip some champagne into your orange juice to make it feel extra festive.

#18 - DIY Fondue

At Home Date Night Ideas: Couple feeding each other strawberries in a jacuzzi with a view of the city

You don’t need a fancy fondue machine to have an incredible fondue date night dinner. Cheese fondue is a luxurious dinner idea that’s surprisingly easy to make at home! Wow your partner with a whole spread, and make it even more romantic with a chocolate fondue dessert - strawberries are a must, obviously.

#19 - Ice Cream Extravaganza 

Have a banana split ice cream bar for a playful date night. It’s all in the toppings, here, so go for chocolate syrup, sprinkles and whipped cream for a classic version, or opt for something more sophisticated with toffee chips and fresh fruit.

Final Thoughts on At Home Date Night Ideas

As you can see, staying home is by no means an obstacle to having a great time! We’re all for heading out on adventures, but you can have just as much fun indoors, too.

For more incredible date ideas, be sure to check out our Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition. It’s full of 50 scratch-off dates specifically designed to break the boxes of the dates you’ve been on before - and make amazing memories as you do!

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