50 Birthday Gifts for Her

If you find it hard to shop for the women in your life, look no further! This list of 50 amazing birthday gifts for her is sure to help you discover something you’ll love to give and she’ll love to receive. From gifts based on her hobbies and interests to useful gadgets and luxurious beauty items, there are a million ways to convey how much you love and cherish the birthday girl.

Shopping can be difficult. The Adventure Challenge makes it easy. Not only do we have some incredible products designed to increase the joy and connection in your relationships, but we’ve also looked far and wide to find you a round-up of high-quality, beautiful, life-enhancing birthday gift ideas for her. Whether you’re looking for gifts for your partner, your mother, your grown-up daughter, a relative or a best friend - you’ll find something here.

50 Amazing Birthday Gifts for Her

#1 - Sleek Madewell Leggings

Whether she’s sporty or just super into being comfortable, these famous leggings are a great birthday gift for her.

Girl stretches her arms out while wearing Sleek Madewell Leggings

#2 - Birth Month Flower Necklace

When you’re looking for the perfect gift, incorporating her birth flower is a sweet touch - these necklaces have every different month to choose from.

Three heart necklaces with different kinds of flowers inside them

#3 - Nike Fanny Pack

Ah - utility meets fashion in this classic hip bag / fanny pack birthday gift. 

Nike fanny pack, a perfect gift for her where utility meets fashion

#4 - Trio of Decorative Vegan Candles

These candles are not only vegan and non-toxic, but they also come in a beautiful decorative tin which can be reused.

Set of vegan and non-toxic decorative candles, an amazing gift for her

#5 - Birthstone Necklace

This cute necklace is a subtle nod to her birthday month, but it’s also one of those birthday gifts for her that she’ll love to wear all year round.

Different variety of birthstone necklaces, a wearable gift for her

#6 - Snuggly Oversize Wearable Blanket

This incredibly cozy, wearable blanket is one of those perfect gift ideas that every woman will love.

Girl smiles as she stretches out her arms while wearing a snuggly oversized blanket

#7 - Complete Box Set of The Office

Never fear that the Office is going to leave Netflix ever again! If she loves this show, she’ll love the peace of mind of knowing that she can watch it any time, forever.

A box set of The Office, the TV show, a perfect gift for her

#8 - Kate Spade Airpod Case Cover

The best gift ideas are ones she can use every day! This sleek case will stop her from losing her Airpods and help her look stylish all at once.

Kate Spade airpods case, a gift idea she can use everyday

#9 - Hand-painted Clay Earrings

These beautiful, hand-painted clay earrings are tiny works of art. There are a bunch of different patterns, but we particularly like the daisy ones.

Person holding up yellow hand-painted clay earrings

#10 - Epicurean Pizza Peel and Pizza Cutter Set

If she loves to cook, you can’t go wrong with this luxurious pizza peel and artisanal pizza cutter.

Pizza on board with a cutter, showcasing an Epicurean Pizza Peel and Pizza Cutter Set

#11 - Perfume Palette Discovery Set

If she’s hard to shop for, this perfume discovery set could be the perfect gift! She can try on a variety of different scents to find one she likes, and you don’t have to worry about gift ideas she won’t like.

Perfume discovery set, a perfect gift idea for girls who are hard to shop for

#12 - Couple’s Adventure Challenge Scratch-Off Book

If you’re looking for birthday gifts for the woman in your life, this adventure book is the perfect gift: a winning combo of romance and fun!

The Adventure Book, the perfect gift which is a combo of romance and fun

#13 - Kinn Oval Locket Necklace

Elegant and classic, this locket is a gift she’ll treasure forever.

Kinn Oval Locket Necklace, a gift that she will treasure forever

#14 - Fascinating History by Mail Subscription

If she loves history, she’ll love this one-of-a-kind subscription, where detailed replicas of historical documents get delivered to her door. One of the most unique gift ideas on our list!

Papers that come in the Fascinating History by Mail Subscription

#15 - Digital Family Photo Frame

If you’re looking for birthday gifts for her, this digital photo frame is one of the best gifts. Who doesn’t love the chance to display photos of their loved ones?

Digital Family Photo Frame, a perfect birthday gift idea for her

#16 - Moisturizing Glow Body Oil

This Glow Body Oil is luxurious and rejuvenating: a fantastic gift.

Glow Body Oil is luxurious and rejuvenating: a fantastic gift

#17 - Personalized Birthstone and Birth Flower Necklace

This necklace is so dainty and simple - the sweetest gift idea!

Gold personalized and dainty birthstone and birth flower necklace

#18 - Magic Bullet Personal Blender

This kitchen gadget is one of the best gift ideas for any cooking enthusiast or smoothie lover.

Magic Bullet Personal Blenders, a perfect gift idea for smoothie lovers

#19 - Ceramic Light-up Oil Diffuser

This delicate ceramic essential oil diffuser can be programmed to light up - a great option for birthday gifts for her.

Delicate ceramic essential oil diffuser - a great gift option for her

#20 - Honey-Infused Haircare Set

The products in this delicious-smelling haircare set is are gift ideas to help her really pamper herself!

Honey-infused hair care set, a great gift idea for her to pamper herself

#21 - Back and Neck Massager

This birthday gift is one of those gift ideas that are for her…. but also maybe a little bit for you.

Girl lying back as she uses the back and neck massager

#22 - Indoor / Outdoor Fluffy Sliders

She can be comfortable and stylish with these fun, fluffy sliders - designed as slippers you can also wear outside.

Indoor/Outdoor Fluffy shoes, a gift idea that is comfortable and stylish

#23 - Set of Iridescent Ripple Wine Glasses

These ripple wine glasses are unique and stylish: birthday gift ideas for her that are a great investment in her life as a hostess.

Iridescent ripple wine glasses, a unique and stylish gift ideas for her

#24 - Quarterly Houseplant Subscription

Does she love plants? Keep your plant mom happy with a subscription that delivers a new plant to her door every few months.

House plants that come in a quarterly houseplant subscription

#25 - Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Heard of bath bombs? These are similar, but for showers! Put one on the floor while you shower and breathe in the scented steam!

Different varieties of aromatherapy shower steamers

#26 - Nostalgic Ice Cream Maker

If the women in your life have anything in common, the odds are pretty good that it’s a love for ice cream! 

Nostalgic ice cream maker, a perfect gift idea for her

#27 - Floral Monogram Mug

This floral monogrammed mug is one of those great gift ideas for a coffee lover. It’ll remind her of you every time she take a sip.

Floral monogrammed mug, a great gift idea for a coffee lover

#28 - Polaroid Camera and Adventure Challenge Book

If she’s an adventurer, this birthday gift will ignite her imagination. Get her this Polaroid camera to record her life and this book of adventure prompts!

White polaroid camera and the Adventure Challenge Book, a perfect gift for an adventurer

#29 - Personalized Photo Book

For birthday gifts that are heartfelt and sweet, you can’t go wrong with a photo book!

Personalized photo book, a birthday gift that is heartfelt and sweet

#30 - Delicate Gold Chain Bracelet

This bracelet is so simple and elegant - if you find it hard to shop for gift ideas for women, this is a great piece that she’s going to love. 

Delicate gold chain bracelet, a perfect gift idea that's simple and elegant

#31 - Beautiful Birthstone Themed Wine Bottle Stoppers

A fun little birthday gift idea for a wine lover, these wine bottle stoppers are made of beautiful blown glass themed in birthstone colors!

Beautiful and fun birthstone themes wine bottle stoppers

#32 - Nike Air Force Shoes

These shoes are having a popular moment in the past few years, and it’s well deserved! If you want to give her an extravagant birthday gift, she’s going to love these Nikes.

Nike Air Force shoes, a popular and extravagant birthday gift for her

#33 - Jo Malone Red Roses Scent Diffuser 

This birthday gift is going to fill her room with the smell of roses.

Jo Malone Red Roses Scent Diffuser, a perfect birthday gift for her

#34 - Quirky Dinosaur Earrings

For fun, quirky birthday gifts for her, this pair of dinosaur earrings is a great option!

A pair of silver dinosaur earrings, a fun and quirky birthday gift for her

#35 - Creative Curl Curling Wand

This curling iron has a bunch of star reviews - it’s a gift that could be a huge part of her everyday life and routine.

Creative curling wand, a gift that could be a huge part of her everyday routine

#36 - Charcuterie Board and Cheese Knives

Take your charcuterie game to the next level with this gift of board and knives.

Charcuterie Board and Cheese Knives, a great gift idea for her

#37 - Mini Unicorn Pinata Party Box

This is an adorable, fun gift - a mini unicorn piñata delivered to your door!

Mini unicorn pinata party box, an adorable and fun gift for her

#38 - Burt’s Bees Gift Set

This is a great gift set for someone who isn’t super into makeup - it’s hydrating, luxurious, and nourishing.

Burt's Bees gift set, a perfect gift idea for her

#39 - Carbonara Themed Long-Sleeve T-shirt

This gift is a t-shirt printed with all the ingredients you need to make carbonara. Get it as a fun, out-of-the-box gift or a little nod to her passion for passion.

Carbonara-themed long sleeve t-shirt printed with all the ingredients needed to make carbonara

#40 - Agate Drinks Coaster

These gemlike coasters are rimmed with gold - exactly the kind of home decor she might not buy for herself but would love to receive as a gift.

Agate drinks coaster which are rimmed with gold, a perfect home decor gift

#41 - Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven

If she loves to cook, this investment piece is the perfect gift!

Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven, an investment piece that is the perfect gift for her

#42 - How to Speak to Dogs Card Set

For the dog mom in your life, these playful cards are unique gifts that teach you what different dog behaviors mean!

How to Speak to Dogs card set, a unique and playful gift idea for her

#43 - Birth Flower Gift Set

Run with the birthday flower theme with this gift set that features a candle, bath salts, soap, balm, and more.

Birth Flower Gift set that features a candle, bath salts, soap, and balm

#44 - Hand-held Massage Gun

You are not going to regret giving this birthday gift! This massage gun is an easy way to drastically increase the quality of life of the woman you love.

Hand-held massage gun, a perfect gift idea to improve a woman's quality of life

#45 - ‘I Want to Sleep Well’ Candle and Scent

Help her to calm down and have an amazing night sleep with this set of sleep-inducing smells.

'I Want to Sleep Well Candle and Scent, a calming gift idea for her

#46 - Luxurious Wooden Puzzle Box

If the birthday girl loves games and puzzles, this unique gift could be perfect.

Luxurious Wooden Puzzle Box, a unique gift for girls who love games and puzzles

#47 - Straw Lid Hydro Flask

From hiking to driving to sitting in lectures, you’ll never regret bringing a water bottle along.

Light blue straw lid Hydro Flask, a useful gift idea for her

#48 - Birkenstock Sandals

If her birthday is in summer, these Birkenstock sandals are all the rage - they could be perfect to help her stay stylish in the warmer months.

Brown Birkenstock sandals, a stylish and perfect gift idea for her

#49 - Air Fryer Oven

The air fryer is one kitchen gadget that opens up a whole new culinary world - if she loves to cook, she’ll adore this thoughtful gift.

Air fryer oven, a thoughtful gift for girls who love to cook

#50 - Amazon Kindle Reader

For the reader in your life, this birthday gift is one she’ll use throughout her life. Pair it with an Amazon gift card to help her start to stock her library!

Amazon Kindle Reader, a perfect gift idea for her

Finding the Right Birthday Gifts for Her

If you’ve ever wondered “What should I get for her?” or not known where to start when it comes to birthday gifts for her, we hope that this list has helped you! From massage guns to perfume palettes, from blankets to air fryers, and from houseplants to water bottles, we’ve tried to offer you a range and variety of potential gifts so that you can give her something that she’s really going to love and use!

The greatest gift for a loved one, though, is absolutely your own time. Invest in your relationship with her today! Pick up one of our Adventure Challenge Books - in Friends, Couples, or Family versions - and show her how excited you are to spend time together. There’s no greater gift!

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Girlfriend smiles while opening a gift her boyfriend gave her; image overlaid with text that reads 50 Amazing Gifts for Her