Cheap Date Ideas (That Don't Feel Cheap)

When it comes to dating the one you love, spending money isn’t always an option, but who says dates have to be expensive? That’s why we’ve created this list of 31 cheap date ideas that will leave you both feeling closer without spending a ton of money! If you’re ready to discover some cheap date ideas that don’t feel cheap - read on! 

#1 - Pick Out Outfits for Each Other 

This one is sure to come with plenty of laughs. Whether it’s at home or at the mall, pick out the craziest outfits you can think of for each other.

#2 - Recreate Your Favorite Scenes 

Try out your acting skills with this cheap date idea and see how many of your favorite movie scenes you two can recreate!

#3 - Cook Something Delicious

There’s no need to go out and spend money when you can share an intimate night at home, cooking together.

 Cheap Date Ideas (That Don't Feel Cheap). Couple smile as they whip up a recipe and cook together for their date.

Whip up your favorite home-made recipe or try a brand new one for this cheap date idea. 

#4 - Attend a Silent Disco 

Silent Discos are becoming more and more popular. After paying a small fee, you’ll be given headphones, a digital playlist, and you’ll be shown a spot amongst other participants. Once a countdown begins - everyone will hit play and everyone will begin dancing in sync, in silence. It’s definitely fun to take off your headphones and see everyone dancing without music!

#5 - Build a Pillow Fort 

There’s nothing like a classic pillow fort to encourage snuggling and some great quality time with your partner.

 Cheap Date Ideas (That Don't Feel Cheap). Couple share laughs as they roast marshmallows in the fort that they built and decorated with fairy lights.

Pile up the pillows and bring out all the blankets for this fun, cheap date idea.

#6 - Learn a Dance Together on Youtube 

Pick your favorite style of dance and learn a routine together on Youtube. Put on a performance for your friends and family - or keep your dance routine to yourselves for a sweet date night memory.

#7 - Try Out a New Food Truck

Instead of stressing over an expensive meal - hit up a local food truck to try some new flavors.  

#8 - Visit a Bookstore 

Spend hours getting lost in a bookstore together as you scope out different books and discover a world of stories. 

#9 - Watch the Sunrise

There’s nothing quite as magical as catching the sunrise together.

 Cheap Date Ideas (That Don't Feel Cheap). Couple smile as they watch the sunrise on the hood of their car.

Wake up early and spend the first few hours of the day in the warmth of the sun’s rays. 

#10 - Test Drive an Expensive Car

This cheap date idea is a must. Enjoy the luxury of a brand new car without the pain of paying for it! Rent and take your dream car out for a spin, and make sure you take pictures with your partner for the memories! 

#11- Visit a Public Garden

This cheap date idea is perfect for couples who love to look at flowers and take a leisurely stroll.

#12 - Eat Takeout by Candlelight

Who says takeout can’t be romantic? Order your favorite meal from your favorite takeout restaurant and light the candles at home for a magical evening.

#13 - Go to a Karaoke Bar 

Get adventurous and get up to sing your best song at a karaoke bar! Cheer each other on as you perform and be sure to video so you’ll have a hilarious memory to look back on.

#14 - Go to a Drive in Movie

Going to a drive in movie is the perfect cheap date idea.

 Cheap Date Ideas (That Don't Feel Cheap). Couple snuggle at the back of their pick-up truck with some snacks as they enjoy a drive-in movie.

Bring your blankets and popcorn and get ready to snuggle in your car in front of the big screen.  

#15 - Shop at a Garage Sale 

Scout out local garage sales happening around your neighborhood and see what treasures you can find with this cheap date idea.

#16 - Visit an Animal Shelter

Even if you don’t plan on adopting a pet, visiting an animal shelter is a great way to show some love to a furry friend - and the best part is, you can do it together!

#17 - Outdoor Concert in the Park 

There are plenty of free concerts that happen in the park. Look for the next upcoming concert and grab your partner for a great evening of live music and fun. 

#18 - Do a Puzzle Together 

Put your brains to the test and complete a puzzle together for this cheap date idea. 

 Cheap Date Ideas (That Don't Feel Cheap). Close-up photo of scattered puzzle pieces on a wooden table.

#19 - Try out Conversation Cards

There are plenty of conversational games out there to try nowadays. Grab your favorite one and get to talking with your partner. You might be surprised to see what new things you discover about each other!

#20 - Go Stargazing 

Lay out in your backyard together or take a trip to your favorite outdoor spot to watch the stars light up the sky.

 Cheap Date Ideas (That Don't Feel Cheap). Couple dances under the stars with their car behind them.

#21 - Build and Fly Your Own Kite

This cheap date idea could be so much fun! Pick out your kite, build it together, and head outside to watch it take flight.

#22 - Have a Picnic 

All you’ll need for this cheap date idea is some tasty sandwiches, snacks, and a blanket to sit outside on!

 Cheap Date Ideas (That Don't Feel Cheap). Couple having an outdoor picnic together, with the girl feeding the guy popcorn.

#23 - Go Thrift Shopping Together 

Visit your favorite local antique shop and find some treasures you and your partner can take home.

#24 - Go Window Shopping

One of the best cheap date ideas to try is window shopping. There’s no money required, but only fun dreaming and plenty of outfit choices to choose from. 

#25 - Make an At-Home Spa Night

Give each other massages and enjoy a relaxing evening at home with your very own spa night. Grab your robes, warm towels, candles, and be sure to play some soft music in the background for your at-home spa night. 

#26 - Go Bowling

If you’re ready for a little healthy competition between you and your love - then this cheap date idea is the perfect choice for you two. Grab some bowling shoes and show each other how it’s done!

#27 - Work Out Together 

It’s a fact that couples who workout together…can do pretty much anything together. Put on your workout clothes and whether at home or at a local gym, push yourselves to be the healthiest you can be, together. 

#28 - Hike a Trail 

If you are a couple that loves the great outdoors, hiking a trail is the perfect cheap date idea. 

 Cheap Date Ideas (That Don't Feel Cheap). Couple hiking a trail in the great outdoors.

#29 - Go to a Comedy Show

For this cheap date idea - prepare yourself to belly laugh. Enjoy the evening listening to jokes and sharing the experience with your loved one.

#30 - Go Mini Golfing 

If you’re looking for a fun-loving cheap date idea, mini golfing is the way to go. Take your shot at 16 holes of fun and see who will win!

#31 - Try Our Adventure Challenge Book

Our Scratch-off Adventure Challenge Book offers 50 unique and fun date night ideas for you and your partner to try! For a sneak peek into one of our adventure date ideas - watch adventure enthusiasts, Donta and Chantelle, complete one of our favorite dates for couples!

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