Get unique date night ideas from our couples edition book

Take the stress out of date night! Whether you’ve been dating for a few weeks or several years, planning a great date night takes creativity, imagination, and, let’s be honest, some bravery! When you think of the best dates you’ve ever had, what makes them special? Often, it’s that you experienced something new with your partner, did something outside your comfort zone, and forged a deeper connection with the one you love. You made a unique memory. THAT is our mission at The Adventure Challenge! To help you create meaningful moments of connection that turn into unforgettable memories of your time together. Experiences that bond you together.
So, without further adieu, here is one of our 50 unique challenges from our Couples Edition to help you create a cherished memory.

The Wonder Years:
Remember Saturday morning cartoons, fun afternoons, watching Family Matters, or those late nights with the Fresh Prince? Decide on 2 of your favorite childhood TV shows and watch them while eating your favorite childhood snacks. Afterwards, talk about your favorite childhood traditions and which ones you should try bringing back to your adult life.

Go on and make some memories!