Fun Family Activities To Make Memories

As a parent, you know that you only get a few precious years with your kids before they begin a life all their own. So what makes for the best family bonding experiences? Studies show that creating new, completely unique, experiences help us form deeper connections and stronger memories. That’s why we’ve put together 50 creative challenges to help you create deeper bonds and unforgettable moments with your family in our Family Edition Book.
Don’t know what to do for family night tonight? Here’s one of our challenges for you to try, hopefully you’ll see what we mean!

The Artistry of War:
Gather these supplies to create a water bottle balloon slingshot cannon: Plastic water bottles, balloons, and a package of mini-marshmallows. Cut the water bottle in half, remove the lid from the top, and attach the balloon to the top of the bottle. Drop a marshmallow down into the balloon and pull it back. You are now holding a loaded marshmallow slingshot cannon! Now it's time for a marshmallow war! Make sure everyone wears protective eyeglasses! Set up bunkers, divide into teams and go for it! Whoever gets hit 3 times by a mallow it OUT! Last one standing wins that round!