How to prioritize investing in your relationship and yourself

Here at The Adventure Challenge we like to live life on a high note, and we believe that some of life’s most magical moments are spent with the people you love. Everything we do is to help you embark on an adventure worth taking: investing in relationships!

But, just like most things in life, amazing relationships don't happen in a vacuum. They take consistency and intentionality to grow from something superficial into the kind of deep, soul-sustaining connection that makes us happy to be alive. That's why it's so important to take a moment every once in a while and as yourself: do the people around me know how much they matter to me? How am I actively investing in relationships?

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We’ve created this simple and fun guide to help you begin!

Why We Should Be Investing in Relationships

Our mental and emotional health runs on healthy relationships - but they don’t happen by accident. Investing in relationships takes us beyond being awkward strangers and into the wild, fun world of trust, authenticity, and vulnerability. When we are actively investing in relationships, we’re building the bonds with the people who will strengthen us when we feel like giving up, cheer us on when life is going well, and remind us who we really are. 

Because they are so priceless, we think the relationships in our lives should take top priority. With that in mind, let’s add some fun to the adventure of investing in relationships! Keep reading for some fresh ideas on how to get started!

4 Categories for Investing in Relationships

When it comes to investing in relationships, here at The Adventure Challenge, we’ve come up with 4 main groups to focus on; solo, couples, family, and friends. 

Investing in your Relationship with Yourself

Taking the time to invest in yourself is a brilliant and worthy cause, because the way we invest in ourselves will determine the amount of investment we can give to others. It might feel a little counter-intuitive, but making yourself a priority will actually help you pour into other people.

Investing in Relationships as a Couple

For those of us who are in a romantic relationship, prioritizing and investing in that connection can make the world of a difference. If you’re looking to spice it up and grow in your romantic relationship, we’re here to help!

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Investing in Relationships with Friends

When it comes to friendships, we believe these can be some of the most rewarding relationships. But how can you make your friendships even better? Below, we’ve created some fun tips to help you push the envelope in your friendships and see each other stretch and grow in the best way! 

Investing in Relationships with Family

Family is one of the strongest relationships any of us will ever have. Just think of it: who else will be there for you in times of need, times of change, times of growth, pain, tears, and joy? Family is with you through it all. With that in mind, we want to help you invest in family relationships that will last a lifetime.

In the guide below, we’ll show you some tips and steps to follow when it comes to investing in relationships and prioritizing the ones you hold dear! Our goal is that, by the end of this blog, you’ll be inspired with practical ways to start investing in relationships today.

How to Start Investing in Relationships 

Me, Myself, and I

When you think of your closest relationship, who comes to mind? A partner, a parent, a best friend? No matter how close you are to them, they aren’t your closest relationship. We don't often think of it, but the closest relationship any of us have is with ourselves.

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The way you treat others is often a reflection of how you treat yourself - so take the time to invest in yourself and watch your relationships start to flourish! Here are a few steps to take to start investing in yourself.

  1. Remind yourself of your dreams: In the hustle and bustle of busy life, it's easy to let the dreams you once had fall to the side. So it's important to check in every once and a while to ask yourself what you really want. Get in touch with the big-picture dreams you've had for years - could you start working towards them? And come up with some smaller, short-term dreams - like a day-trip or a fun purchase - that you can treat yourself with sooner rather than later.
  2. Give yourself regular breaks: Taking time in your week that is just for you will help you return to others refreshed and revived. Whether those are daily practices like a post-dinner walk or an evening bath, or weekly rhythms like getting a babysitter.
  3. Try new things: Don't let your routine define you! Make sure that you are stepping out and giving yourself the chance to experience something new.
  4. Do something 'just because': In a go-go, fast-paced culture it can become easy to define yourself by your productivity. Don't fall into that trap! Make sure that you have activities that don't have to contribute to some kind of goal - choose to do something simply because it makes you happy.

Romantic Relationships

For couples, investing in relationships with one another creates a sense of safety and trust. These two things are so important when it comes to growing together! Here are 5 steps to help you invest in one another and become the best couple you can possibly be:

  1. Discuss your goals: How are you growing together? Cheer each other on to pursue your dreams.
  2. Leave notes: A quick way to feel connected is to leave a note with a loving or playful message. Knowing that your partner was thinking of you is one of those little things that truly adds up.
  3. Laugh often: When you find yourself getting too serious for too long, take action to mix it up!
  4. Celebrate change: As weird as it is to watch the person you love change, all healthy relationships need to create space for growth. Celebrate the new directions people are growing into, and give them permission to change their minds.
  5. Look back: Take time to look back on your history together and appreciate how far you've come. Remembering shared experience will bring you closer!

Be sure to check out one of our Couples Edition videos for a peek into our idea of investing in relationships - you won't regret it.


Friendships are bonds that unite people of all kinds of backgrounds! These are the people you can laugh with and lean on in any season of life. Here’s a few tips when it comes to prioritizing your friendships:

  1. Initiate: Haven't heard from someone in a while? Send that text! If someone is always reaching out to you, mix it up and invite them to something. 
  2. Remember the details: If you're blessed with a naturally amazing memory, you're probably great at this! For the rest of us, it's worth doing something to intentionally help you remember the details of our friends' lives. Setting a phone reminder could be a great way to help you remember to wish them luck on their test, or to ask about their new job.
  3. Be present: Don't let distractions dominate your time together!
  4. Listen well: It's a skill we are all learning, but intentionally listening to what your friends are saying is a great way to let them know that they are valued. The simplest rule can help here - follow up with a question instead of a story of your own.
  5. Don’t be afraid to go deep: Friendship is only as deep as you can be real with one another. Don't be afraid of facing the hard stuff or asking the big questions.

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No one else will have your back through thick or thin like family does! Investing in family relationships can be one of the most fun and rewarding things you can do. Here are 5 steps you can take to invest in your family:

  1. Have daily, positive time together: Make space for fun.
  2. Share gratitude: In the midst of busyness and (if you have kids) even whining, take time to invite your family into the good things, too.
  3. Trust their intentions: With relationships that are so close and have so much history, it's easy to jump to conclusions when someone is careless. But you can avoid so much heartache and actually built trust if you choose to give the benefit of the doubt.
  4. Create family traditions: From the classic to the totally out-of-the-box, family traditions are an incredible way to build a sense of closeness and unique family identity!
  5. Protect mealtimes: Carving out space to come together, eat, and chat as a family is a great way to create touchstones of connection that help you to stay engaged in each other's lives.

Investing in Relationships

If you need fresh ideas to keep your relationships energized and full of fun, be sure to check out our website, and flip through the products we have to offer. We’ve designed them specifically to help you find the joy in your relationships again.

It’s easy to take your relationships for granted, but hopefully you’ve seen here just how important it is to set aside devoted time to give each other your undivided attention. Make that time about connecting, and nothing else. We guarantee it will be worth it!


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