16 New Things to Try For An Unforgettable Summer!

Summer is here and with that good news comes the opportunity for so many new things to try! Every summer starts with a sense of possibility, this is your chance to head to new places and discover new things to try to make this summer one for the books. What kind of adventures are you planning to take this year? To help you get excited for what the summer could hold, we’ve put together a guide to help you pick new things to try for the best summer yet.

New Things to Try This Summer:

Some of these activities are summertime classics, and some of them are more out-of-the-box - but one thing’s for sure; if any of them are new to you, you’ve got to try them out this summer!

#1 - Go Berry Picking

The summertime is the right time to head outside and let some bright berries catch your eye. Look up the places to spot wild berries in your area and go foraging, or check out a farm and harvest some professionally grown. They’re delicious right there, sun-warmed off the stem, but one of the fun things about berry picking is that you get a variety of new things to try. After you’ve picked some, you can try your hand at baking and make a homemade pie! 

#2 - Explore a National Park 

We couldn’t create a list of new things to try this summer without mentioning a national park. Every year, millions of people take in the wonders of some of the world’s tallest trees and most dramatic cliffs and crags. Wherever you live, there’s a stunning national park just a road trip away. If you’ve never done it before, visiting a national park is one of the coolest new things to try this summer.

A couple sit on a fallen tree in the woods.

#3 - Create a New Collection

Collections hold memories that are woven together over the years. They remind us of the past and give us goals to achieve as we expand them. Adding to a collection is such a satisfying feeling. If you’ve never done it before, starting a new collection will definitely make your summer shine. When it comes to collecting, there are endless new things to try! You can try collecting vintage maps, sea shells, records, retro video games, first edition books, or something more personal: what about a Polaroid of every person you hang out with this summer, or a postcard from every new place you visit?

#4 - Build a Treehouse

Ah, the childhood nostalgia of treehouses! Among all the new things to try this summer, building a treehouse is definitely near the top on our list: You could spend your summer nights watching the stars from your very own hand-made tree home. Your treehouse could be as simple as stringing some rope to make a perch for you to enjoy or as complicated as building a small house your kids and their friends can play in all summer. Either way, building a treehouse is one of those new things to try this summer that will turn into an incredible memory.

#5 - Discover a Swimming Hole

On those hot summer days, sometimes all you need is a dip in some clear, cool water! Discovering new spots to swim, spots you can come back to, year after year, is such a joy. Bring your friends along and cannonball into cold waters for a summer to remember.

#6 - Go on a Road Trip

Ah, the classic road trip! What better way to experience the fun of summer than to pile into a car with your friends or family and get a change of scenery? Go somewhere you’ve never gone before! Along the way you’ll encounter countless new things to try, from regional food to off-the-beaten-track vistas and quirky roadside amusements.

Two men riding in the car together during their road trip

#7 - Visit a Museum

Another option for a sweltering summer’s day is to visit an indoor museum to catch a glimpse into history or discover the spectacular world of art. Checking out museums is one of many things to try this summer. If you’ve been bored by museums in the past, it’s worth researching museums that cover your particular interests; from dinosaurs to Marvel movies, there are museums dedicated to pretty much everything under the sun, you’re sure to find something to enthrall you.

#8 - Get into the Garden

When it comes to gardening, there are so many new things to try! If you’ve never gardened before, this summer makes for the perfect time to start. With garden-fresh fruits and veggies to harvest and flowers to cut, your meals will be a whole lot fresher and your home will be glowing with gorgeous color.

#9 - Volunteer for Something that Matters

What better way to give back to your community than to volunteer? No matter what time of year it is, giving back is always in style. If there’s a particular need or cause that you care about, now is a great time to contribute towards that. If you’re not sure where to start, get in touch with your local food shelter, animal shelter, retirement home, library, or environmental center to learn how you can help. There are plenty of new things to try when it comes to giving back to your community! 

#10 - Head to a Drive-In Theatre

For a relaxing night at the movies, visiting a drive-in movie theater is the most whimsical and nostalgic way to go. Sit back in the comfort of your own car as you add this fun activity to your list of new things to try this summer. Be sure to bring blankets and plenty of snacks for this unique silver screen experience.

A couple cuddles in the bed of truck while watching a movie on a laptop.

#11 - Cheer at a Parade

Nothing screams enjoyment quite like a summer parade! Bright colors, fun music, and tasty treats all make for the perfect joy-filled experience. Grab your favorite pair of shades and head on out to catch some candy and smiles at your next local parade! Let this be one of the many new things to try with your loved ones this summer.

#12 - Hold a Yard Sale

If you're looking at some new things to try this summer, making a little cash can definitely be a plus. A summer yard sale is a great way to clear out all those boxes (online shopping, anyone?) that have filled up over the year. Add some music, invite some friends, and maybe even light up the barbecue to make a day out of it on your front lawn for a wonderful summer memory!

#13 - Go Camping

The classic go-to for any summer break, but one that will be remembered for years down the road: camping. Swap stories around the fire with friends, toast marshmallows, and enjoy the stars as you brave the wild and add this monument of a memory to your list of new things to try this summer season.

#14 - Find Live Music 

Try going to an outdoor concert: with live music, energized crowds, laughter and fun, these concerts will be sure to rank number one on your list of summer fun!

If there aren’t any concerts in your area this summer, take the time to find out when bars or restaurants have live music. This could be the time for new things to try; listen to new genres and try out new places. Maybe even hit the dance-floor for the first time in a while! There’s truly nothing like the atmosphere of a group of people all enjoying music together.

A girl sits on her boyfriend's shoulders as they take an image together while at an outdoor concert.

#15 - Watch a Sunrise 

In the summertime it can be pretty rare to catch a sunrise because they happen so early. Make it your mission to witness one this summer. Figure out the best place to view one: could be a local park, a neighboring beach, or even the crest of a hill at the end of a hike. Head there before the sun rises and watch it unfold. Snacks and blankets are optional, but coffee is an essential!

#16 - Host an Outdoor Costume Party 

To finish out our summer guide of new things to try, we’ve decided an outdoor costume party is the cherry on top. Pick your favorite theme and go all out for your party! Your friends, neighbors, and family will be thrilled to see each other decked out in creative attire for this awesome summer festivity, and the kids are going to love it.

Creating an Unforgettable Summer

Now that you’ve got some new things to try out this summer, don’t forget to keep a record of your adventures! Being quite the adventurers ourselves, here at The Adventure Challenge, we have the camera for you to capture all those special summer moments. Be sure to check them out!

And if you’re looking for more ideas about new things to try, be sure to visit our website and scroll through our adventure books options for more inspiration!

We hope you enjoyed our list of new things to try. Now go make this summer one to remember!


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