10 summer outdoors activities you can do for fun

Things to Do Outside This Summer

2020: the year of indoor living. We can’t say we’ll miss it, but we can say we’re looking forward to leaving the house and making some magical memories this summer! As the sun comes out, you're probably logging off your Zoom calls and looking for something to do under all that blue sky. With the summer already here, we’re hungry for some creative things to do outside. 

We've put together a list of out-of-the-box activities - the more creative, the better - so there should be something for everyone. Here are 10 things to do outside that will leave you feeling energized and sunshine ready:

Get Creative with a Trampoline

If you’ve got a trampoline nearby, here are 3 things to do with it that will make your 2021 summer unforgettable:

#1 - Trampoline Chalk

Ready for a fun challenge? Take some chalk and re-create the famous Twister game on your trampoline! Have you and your friends play the game while trying to balance on a bouncy trampoline. We promise this activity will go down in the books as one of the funniest things to do outside this summer!

#2 - Trampoline Balloons 

Wanting to cool off on a hot summer’s day? Water balloons are a classic when it comes to things to do outside in the summer - but have you ever combined them with a trampoline? Fill up multiple balloons with water and place them on your trampoline. Jump around and bounce with the water balloons. Or, to spice it up, start a water balloon fight! See who can avoid getting hit without falling down or falling off the trampoline.

#3 - Trampoline Camp Out

If a twisty chalk game or fast water balloon fight isn’t your cup of tea, an outdoor camping session on your trampoline might do the trick. Grab your sleeping bag, blanket, and pillow, and prepare to spend the night out under the shining stars. Amongst some of the most peaceful things to do outside this summer, we think a trampoline camp-out would rank near the top. And besides, who would have thought trampolines could make for such comfortable mattresses? 

Make Some Rain Music 

Don’t let those rainy days stop you from trying new things outside this summer. The next time you find yourself caught in the summer rain, make a melody out of it! This is a fun thing to do with kids: grab some objects like pans, pots, and bottles, and arrange them outside. Each one will make a different note as the raindrops hit it, so you can listen to a private symphony of the summer rain. Try finding different objects so you can create different sounds, and let each kid take turns creating a different combination of sounds. You could even have a competition for whose 'symphony' sounds the best!

A man uses a squirt gun to do squirt gun painting against a canvas in a warehouse.

Paint with a Water Gun

Looking for a new way to paint this summer? Painting is one of the most beautiful things to do outside. We’ve seen it done with brushes, but who says it can’t be done with a little water gun fun?! Here’s how: 

  1. Set up some painting paper and/or canvas (feel free to tape it to a hard surface)
  2. Fill your water gun up with paint - watercolor or acrylic
  3. Stand back and start shooting!

Get ready for some target practice as you enhance your painting skills with this exciting outdoor activity! 

Head to an Outdoor Movie Theater

Bundle up with the ones you love and watch a movie under the starry skies. What better way to end a summer evening than by creating your own big screen experience? Here’s what you’ll need to set the night up right: 

  1. A bed sheet
  2. A projector
  3. Some twinkle lights
  4. Popcorn to snack on
  5. A speaker 

An outdoor movie theatre is one of the most magical things to do outside this summer! Check out how one couple did it here, on our Instagram page.

Take a Ride on a Tandem Bike 

If you feel like going for an evening bike ride, grab a friend and rent a tandem bike! Cruise around the neighborhood in style while you enjoy the sweet weather. The great thing about tandem bikes is that they make conversation so much easier than it is when you're riding a pair of normal bikes - so this could be a quirky date idea or a unique way to catch up with an old friend.

Image of a couple smiling while floating in a lake on a mattress.

Float on the River

Grab a floaty, some friends, and head to the river for a cool summer activity. Tubing down a lazy river is easily one of the best things to do outside to truly unwind - and if you want to take your relaxation to the next level, why not try a whole air mattress? Whether you're getting a tan, catching up on conversation, or simply enjoying the weather, floating down the river can work wonders for you!

Race in Go-Karts

In need of some adrenaline and high energy? Go-kart racing is near the top of our list when it comes to fun things to do outside this summer! With all that crashing, chasing, and pure speed, we’re certain you’ll be flying into freedom and spinning in laughter by the time you’re done with this outdoor activity. Racing around on the tracks with family and friends will definitely make your summer unforgettable.

Attend an Outdoor Play 

Who doesn’t love a well done production, performed amongst nature’s finest backdrops? Going to an outdoor play might just be one of the most mesmerizing things to do outside this summer. Live entertainment, engagement, and energy will always make for a great time outdoors.

Getting Out of the Box and Getting Outside  

Whether it’s rainy, sunny, night time or day time, there are plenty of unique things to do outside this summer. Outside activities never go out of style! We hope that this list has inspired you to take the initiative and gather the ones you love for an adventure-filled summer. Pick your favorite things to do outside from our list, have fun, and soak up the sun in the great outdoors! 

For more summer ideas, visit our website and check out how we like to do adventure!


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