Unique & Fun Game Night Challenges

Looking for something to do besides the same-old movie night or dinner night with the gang? We’ve got you covered. We know that the best way to bond with your friends is by creating new, unforgettable memories together. Sometimes the 5th airing of F•r•i•e•n•d•s just isn’t gonna cut it. So, here’s what you came here for. A fun, unique, engaging activity for your group to do tonight. You’re welcome.

Reverse Tug-of-War:
Grab several cans of silly string and a balloon for a reverse tug-of-war! Inflate and place a balloon in the center of a table (Make sure each person wears sunglasses or something to protect their eyes) Armed with a silly string can, each person takes a side at opposite ends of the table. The goal is to get the balloon to the opposite side of the table. On a count of 3, start shooting your silly string to move the balloon across the table!

If you need more exciting ideas, you can find 49 more unique challenges in our Friends Edition Book!

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