How Adventure Date Ideas Will Transform Your Relationship

Adventure connects people. The joy and the challenge of trying new things, of taking on challenges and exploring never-before-seen places - these experiences bond people and bring them closer. We’ve seen it first-hand, and we believe firmly that everyone’s life could use a little more adventure. We’re so passionate about it that we literally called ourselves ‘The Adventure Challenge’ - challenging couples and families around the world to take on adventures and grow closer in the process.

We’ve designed dozens and dozens of adventure date ideas because these experiences really can transform relationships. Adventure date ideas can bring excitement back to a relationship that’s been dulled with routine, they can help you connect on an emotional and a physical level, they can show you each other in a new light, and they can reignite the passion of earlier days. Bold claims, we know, but in this blog we’re hoping to convince you of how much adventure dates can do for you and your partner!

Adventure Date Ideas Will Turn the Heat Up

It might sound crazy at first, but trying out some adventure date ideas could end up being a key for you two to spice it up in the bedroom. Studies have actually shown that there is a positive correlation between levels of adrenaline in the body and levels of arousal and attraction between couples.

Adventure Date Ideas Will Turn the Heat Up. Couple being active and canoeing in  a pristine lake.

In one study, scientists paired up different groups of people and had some of them take part in just 15 minutes of physical activity, which raised the adrenaline levels in their systems. Then, they compared the levels of arousal and attraction that the couples who had exercised for 15 minutes felt and compared the results with those who hadn’t exercised. They found significantly more attraction in people who had raised their adrenaline!

This is a really interesting fact, right? It makes you wonder - what could happen if you occasionally ditched the whole dinner-and-a-movie thing for adventure date ideas that got your heart racing? You might find that mixing up your dating life is just what you need to feel more connected, more attracted, and more excited about being with your partner than ever before.

Adventure Date Ideas Reignite the Romance

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of falling in love, is there? You’re presented with this mysterious new person who keeps on surprising you the more you find out about them. It’s exhilarating, and many of us find ourselves longing to have the thrill of getting to know someone for the first time, to go back and experience those magical first few months all over again.

The truth is that, once we’re settled into a relationship, familiarity can start to eat away at the romance. If uncertainty gives those early months their thrill, the certainty of knowing everything about your partner can leave you feeling - if you’re honest - a little bit bored.

Adventure Date Ideas Reignite the Romance. Couple laughing and having fun as they playfully splash paint at each other.

This is where adventure date ideas can come in. If familiarity kills romance and novelty reignites it, it’s time to introduce some unknown thrills back into the relationship! If you’re always doing the same thing on your dates - same movies, restaurants, and conversations - then adventure date ideas could be the perfect way to bring excitement back into your bond.

Adventure Date Ideas Keep You Present and Connected

In a similar vein to the last point, have you ever noticed that your conversations can end up treading the same ground over and over? When you spend time one on one with your partner, what do you talk about? You might find yourselves always discussing the kids, or work, or the every day details of running your life together. You might even end up on autopilot when you’re together, mapping out familiar topics while your mind and interest is elsewhere.

Adventure Date Ideas Keep You Present and Connected. Couple making drinks, with the girlfriend blindfolded and the boyfriend guiding.

If you relate to any of this, think about some adventure date ideas that sound fun to you, and decide to try something new together. Most adventure date ideas are focused around an activity or a challenge - and as such, they are designed to keep you in the present moment. You can’t tune out, and you won’t want to! Taking on an adventure together is a great way to connect with one another and really live in the moment together.

Adventure Date Ideas Will Show You New Sides of One Another

One of the fun things about adventure date ideas is that they are so often about trying something new. Sometimes adventures challenge us and push us out of our comfort zone, and it’s in these situations that we get new insight into the people around us and even into ourselves.

You might discover that your partner has an incredible fear of heights - and cheer them on as they face their fear. You might uncover a hidden artistic talent, or you could get the chance to appreciate your partner’s perseverance as they keep trying something new. We see our partners respond to challenges and have fun in the course of normal life, but sometimes it takes an out-of-the-ordinary situation to cast these qualities into sharp relief and help us to see them clearly.

Adventure Date Ideas Will Show You New Sides of One Another. Couple smiling as they play a game at the fair.

These are just a few examples of how adventure date ideas can show you new sides to the person you’re in a relationship with - and these discoveries can range from the hilarious to the heartfelt.

Finding the Best Adventure Date Ideas for You

Hopefully, you’re already excited to take on some adventure date ideas for yourself! There are so many different benefits to breaking the mould of traditional dating and getting more fun with it - and we’re here to help. We’ve designed 50 incredible adventure date ideas for you to try. Our Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition is the perfect starting point for your journey into a closer, more exciting relationship. Each challenge is fun, easy to pull off, and created to reinvigorate your connection! 

If you try out any of our adventure date ideas, we’d love to hear about it! Make sure to leave us a review and let us know how it went. Happy adventuring!

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