Best Friend Goals: A Checklist to Becoming BFFs

 A best friend is someone you share the ups and downs, the highs and lows of life with. A BFF is the one who is always there for you and always on your side. It's someone you can have deep belly laughter moments with and long late night conversations with. If you’re looking to become BFFs, we're here to help you accomplish your best friend goals and take your friendship to the next level!

We're all about giving you some fun and practical tips to make your friendship last a lifetime. In order to help you achieve the ultimate best friend goals, we've created this fun checklist for you two to complete. Get ready to laugh and smile with your soon to be BFF. Let’s dive in!

#1 - Take a Road Trip Together 

Number one on our list to reach your best friend goals is to hit the road together. Everyone knows best friends share the greatest memories! What better way to achieve your best friend goals than sharing an epic road trip together?

Two girls sitting in the back of the car trying to achieve best friend goals by going on a road trip together

Take off to a new location, roll the windows down, and play your favorite music with your favorite person as you two take in the sights and build a lifelong memory together.

#2 - Have a Movie Marathon Night Together 

Nothing checks off best friend goals like breaking out the popcorn, blankets, and snacks for the ultimate movie marathon. Pick your favorite series or list of movies you want to try and spend the night getting lost in a world of cinema together!

#3 - Cook a Meal Together 

Bring out your inner chef as you two stay in for the night and cook your own dinner. 

Two girl best friends cooking a meal together

Try out a new recipe you’ve never done before and make your best friend a delicious meal. This is one of the best friend goals that can make your daily life so much more fun!

#4 - Go Shopping Together 

Shopping is a great bonding experience for any pair of close friends. If you’ve saved up to get your dream pair of sneakers, bring your best friend with you to savor the moment and enjoy the experience of this best friend goals.

#5 - Do One Thing You’ve Never Done Before Together 

This one is for the daring and adventurous best friends. Discover one thing both of you have always wanted to do, but have never done before. Let that be the experience and the activity you both share and one day look back on forever. Whether it's skydiving, getting tattoos, booking a flight, or admitting a crush, you’ll be sure to reach your best friend goals by doing something you’ve never done before!

#6 - Run an Errand Together 

Who said errands have to be boring? Your everyday tasks don’t have to be mundane when your best friend is with you!

Two best friends crushing their best friend goals and having fun at the grocery store, with the girl sitting in the push cart and the guy pushing her across the aisle

Tag along and be a part of each other’s schedules to ensure you’re crushing your best friend goals. Spend more time laughing and sharing your best friends' busy day as you run errands together.

#7 - Travel to Each Other’s Families for the Holidays

There’s nothing like being around each other’s families for the holidays. You’ll get to see how your best friend was brought up and you’ll practically feel like part of the family as you embrace their heritage and home. There’s nothing that pulls off best friends goals like staying with the family!

#8 - Plan a Party Together

The prime example of best friend goals - hosting a party together!

A group of friends sat around a table having a lighthearted discussion with a guitar resting against the table and string lights behind them

Get out the lights and decorations and add your flair to the perfect party for friends and family. Plan to dance the night away as you two host the celebration of your dreams together!

#9 - Write Letters to Each Other’s Future Selves

We love the nostalgia this activity brings! Go ahead and write a letter to your best friend in the future - tell them what you love about them now and what you look forward to loving about them in the future. Don’t be afraid to call out all the great qualities they have and write out the memories you already share. This is one of the most heartwarming best friend goals for you to check off your list.

#10 - Go on a Double Date Together 

Add a little bit of adventure and intrigue into your best friend goals and set up a double date!

Get dressed up with your best friend and go out on the town! Explore the different restaurants and shops around the area and laugh the night away on your double date.

#11 - Make a Photo Album Together 

Save your greatest memories spent together by making a photo album of all your adventures. It is the way to go for any pair of nostalgic besties.

Two girls checking off their best friend goals by dressing up in cute clothes and taking a selfie together along the sidewalk

Pick out the album book that best fits your friendship, and start filling in your memories and pictures! 

#12 - Go to a Concert Together 

Loud music, big venues, festival outfits; the perfect combination for a memory of a lifetime. Listening to your favorite bands and rocking out with your best friend under the stage lights is a sure way to smash your best friend goals.

#13 - Go Backpacking Together 

Plan a trip to explore the great outdoors with your best friend. Grab your backpacks and hiking gear and head to the trails for an unforgettable experience.


Four guy friends sharing laughs while sitting on a ledge in front of a lush mountain view

For more summer activities to do with your BFF - check out our blog “Top Summer Activities to Do by Yourself Or with Friends”.

#14 - Create a Playlist for Each Other

You know you’re best friend goals when you can pick the perfect music for each other. Take the time to listen to new songs and incorporate plenty of your BFF’s favorite songs into a playlist meant just for them. Jam out to each other’s playlist while you drive, walk, run, and dance. 

A Checklist to Becoming Best Friend Goals

Now that you’ve got some new and exciting activities to try, you’ll be smashing the best friend goals you’ve always dreamed of. We hope this checklist has inspired you to get closer with your BFF and have fun while doing it! We know friendships are one of the most rewarding things in life, and we are committed to helping you discover fresh ways to make them thrive. Check out our recent post 10 Out of The Box Things To Do Outside This Summer (2021) and our Friends Edition Scratch-Off Adventure Book for best friend inspiration!

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