24 Best Wedding Gift Ideas

Searching for the best wedding gift ideas to give to a special couple? Look no further. We’ve got some of the best wedding gifts here for you to consider. Whether you’re looking for a small token to take as a plus-one or a lavish indication of your love, we’ve got some ideas for you.

24 Best Wedding Gift Ideas

This list is divided into six categories: classic wedding gifts, if you’re looking for something traditional; unique wedding gifts for if you want your gift to stand out; cute wedding gifts for the romance obsessed; cool wedding gifts for thoughtful gifts with a bit of an edge, small wedding gifts for inexpensive expressions of love; and, finally, luxurious wedding gifts, for if you really want to pull out all the stops. Let’s dive in!

Classic Wedding Gifts

There are some wedding gifts that are given over and over again, and it’s because they’re a winner every time. Take a look at these classic wedding gifts if you want to go for something tried-and-true.

#1 - Full Oven Tray Baking Set

Full Oven Tray Baking Set, a classic wedding gift idea for people who like to bake

This set comes with a square cake pan, a loaf pan, a muffin pan, a quarter-sheet pan, a half-sheet pan and a cooling rack. Each of these items is a necessity for anyone who spends any time in the kitchen, but it’s not everyday that you get to start fresh with a whole new set! 

#2 - Pasta Maker

Pasta maker, a perfect wedding gift idea for newlyweds excited to cook for each other

The one thing that makes date night perfect? Pasta, of course. And if it’s been lovingly handmade by your new spouse, so much the better. This is one of those gift ideas that you’d love to have but might not buy for yourself: perfect for newlyweds excited to cook for each other.

#3 - KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Trusty red KitchenAid mixer, a wedding present that any happy couple will use for years to come

This is a classic on wedding registries all over the country! And for good reason, too - the trusty KitchenAid mixer is a wedding present that the happy couple will use for years to come.

#4 - Set of Picture Frames

Aesthetic picture frame with plant on it, an underrated wedding gift idea

Picture frames are some of the most underrated, best wedding gifts out there. Newlyweds have so many incredible photos from their wedding day - give them space to shine!

Unique Wedding Gifts

Maybe you want your wedding gift to stand out from the crowd - well, we’ve got your back. These unique wedding gifts are out-of-the-box enough that they’re only ones you could give if you really know the couple, but if you do, they are very thoughtful gifts.

#1 - DIY Sushi Kit

DIY Sushi Kit, a memorable wedding gift idea that sets the couple up for a cute date night making their own sushi

This memorable wedding gift idea sets the couple up for a cute date night making their own sushi.

#2 - Winter Scene Wooden Advent Calendar

Winter Scene Wooden Advent Calendar, an elaborate and unique wedding gift idea

For slightly more elaborate, unique wedding gift ideas, check out this beautiful wooden Advent calendar. You can bet no other guest came up with this wedding gift idea, and the best part is that it can become part of the couple’s family tradition every single Christmas.

#3 - Scratch-off World Map

Beautiful, gold-foil scratch-off world map, a wedding gift idea lets the happy couple record their trips and adventures

This wedding gift idea lets the happy couple record their trips and adventures on a beautiful, gold-foil scratch-off map. It doubles as a great decoration for their home!

#4 - ‘Adventure Challenge ...in Bed’ Book

Adventure Challenge in Bed book beside a couple on the bed

This book offers 50 sex-coach-approved challenges to rocket couples into deeper connection and more satisfying sex lives - so that the honeymoon can last all year long.

Cute Wedding Gifts

Romance is in the air! If you’re swept up in celebrating the love story unfolding in front of you, you’ll love these romantic, cute wedding gift ideas.

#1 - Personalized Tree Wood Carving

Personalized Tree Wood Carving, a one-of-a-kind and romantic wedding gift

Choose the initials or the last name of the couple and get it carved, along with the wedding date, on this personalized wood carving - for a wedding gift that’s romantic and totally one-of-a-kind!

#2 - Whimsical ‘Love’ Dinner Plate Set

Whimsical, artisanal dinner plates, a free-spirited and artistic celebration of love

These whimsical, artisanal dinner plates are a free-spirited and artistic celebration of love. Inject a little bit of fun and creativity in your friends’ homes when you give these as a wedding gift.

#3 - Customizable Movie Marquee Print

Customized  movie marquee print, a creative wedding gift idea

Reimagine your friends’ love story as a movie with this creative wedding gift idea. It’s cute, unique, and playful, it’s going to look great in their home!

#4 - Family Name Sign

Wooden sign with the couple’s new last name, a custom wedding gift idea

This custom wedding gift is a wooden sign with the couple’s new last name. The cute details is the ‘Established’ line, where you can put their wedding year. This sign is one they can take from house to house as they move, and it’ll always make the place feel like home.

Cool Wedding Gifts

Is the couple whose wedding you’re attending pretty cool? Is a run-of-the-mill wedding gift just not going to cut it? Consider these wedding presents as a way to give something unique and cool to celebrate their love.

#1 - Homemade Hot Sauce Kit

Homemade hot sauce kit is the perfect wedding gift for couples who like spicy food

If the happy couple love spicy food, this homemade hot sauce kit is the perfect wedding gift for them! With a choice of different spice blends and flavors for them to explore, this kit comes with everything to make your own hot sauce.

#2 - Three Tier Bar Cart

Gold three-tier bar cart, an elegant addition to any home and a fabulous wedding gift idea


For the couple who love to entertain guests or for the cocktail aficionados - this bar cart is an elegant addition to any home, and it would make a fabulous wedding gift idea.

#3 - Custom Initials Neon Sign

Neon sign that can be personalize to hold the initials of the happy couple surrounded by a heart
This cool wedding gift is a neon sign that you can personalize to hold the initials of the happy couple surrounded by a heart. It comes in ten different colors and a variety of sizes depending on what’s going to fit their style the best!

#4 - Adventure Date Subscription

Adventure Date Subscription, a thoughtful and fun wedding gift idea

This is a subscription like no other - every month, the newlyweds will receive a box with everything they need for a wonderful, romantic and adventurous date night. You can be sure that no other guest has given them such a thoughtful, fun gift!

Small Wedding Gifts

Maybe you’re coming to a wedding as a plus one. Maybe you don’t know the happy couple all that well, or maybe your budget isn’t huge right now. Whatever your reason for looking for a small wedding gift, we’ve got you covered: these gifts are affordable and sure to be enjoyed!

#1 - Infused Olive Oil Gift Set

Infused Olive Oil Gift Set, an out-of-the-box wedding present

For a small wedding gift that doesn’t feel generic, consider this collection of olive oils infused with different flavors. This out-of-the-box wedding present is sure to be appreciated by any married couple.

#2 - Wooden Cookbook Display

Wooden Cookbook Display, a practical wedding gift idea

Ever tried to cook from a recipe book and constantly had to flip back to the page you were on? Bending over a cookbook, maybe smudging it with whatever you’re cooking, is a thing of the past with this practical yet thoughtful wedding gift.

#3 - Gold Taper Candlesticks

Two simple, classy gold taper candlesticks that works in almost any style of home

These simple, classy gold taper candlesticks work in almost any style of home. They come in various lengths and sizes, so you can get a couple or splash out on a whole set. They’re a great way to give a small wedding gift that still feels a little bit special.

#4 - Personalized Luggage Tags and Passport Cover

Personalized Luggage Tags and Passport Cover, a perfect gift for a pair of jet-setters

The perfect wedding gift for a pair of jet-setters about to hop on a plane for their honeymoon, these leather luggage tags and passport covers can be personalized to say the couple’s name or any other message you’d like.

Luxury Wedding Gifts

Sometimes, you just want to pull out all the stops. These are wedding gift ideas for when you really want to spoil the happy couple and give them a luxurious gift they’ll remember forever.

#1 - Cordless Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless Dyson Vacuum Cleaner, a perfect gift wedding gift idea

It feels incredibly ‘grown up’ to say it, but who doesn’t get excited about a Dyson? This top-of-the-trees vacuum cleaner is compact, sleek, and powerful - a wedding present that will make their lives easier for years to come.

#2 - Luxurious Espresso Machine with Frother

Luxurious Espresso Machine with Frother, a luxury wedding gift idea

If the newlyweds love coffee, this espresso machine will be the highlight of their year. (Well… maybe the second highlight. Maybe.) Fully equipped with a milk frother and the option for a manual or an automatic setting, any coffee lover would be thrilled to receive it.

#3 - Handcrafted Italian Chef’s Knife

Handcrafted Italian Chef’s Knife,  a perfect wedding gift idea for couples who love to cook

If you’ve ever gone from using average-to-mediocre knives to excellent knives, you’ll know it’s no exaggeration to say that it is life-changing. An incredible knife smooths the way in any kitchen, and if either of the couple loves to cook, this wedding present will have them raving about it to all their foodie friends.

#4 - Sparkling Water Maker

State-of-the-art carbonator that turns normal, still water into a delicious sparkling beverage

This state-of-the-art carbonator turns normal, still water into a delicious sparkling beverage. Designed to be tall enough to fill glasses, pitchers, and bottles, you’ll never need to buy another sparkling water. This is such an unnecessary, fun little gadget - the perfect luxurious wedding gift.

Finding the Best Wedding Gift 

The hunt for the best wedding gifts to give to a couple that you love can be exciting and overwhelming. We hope that we’ve made that process a little easier and a little more fun! No matter what you land on, the happy couple is going to feel so loved by your generosity and thoughtfulness. And, at the end of the day, that’s what really matters, isn’t it?

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