14 Unique Thoughtful Gifts For Boyfriend

When you love someone, it’s natural to want to give them amazing gifts. Not just run-of-the-mill, generic gifts anyone could’ve got them - no. You want to give that special man in your life unique, thoughtful gifts that show him how well you understand him and how much you care about him. That’s exactly why we’ve put this list together for you! These 14 gifts for boyfriends are out-of-the-box, creative, and thoughtful - and we’re pretty sure he’s going to love them.

14 Unique, Thoughtful Gifts For Boyfriend

The best gifts for your boyfriend reflect what you know about him, and also celebrate special memories or moments together. They call back to conversations you’ve had, movies you’ve watched, and inside jokes you’ve created.

On the other hand, some of the most thoughtful gifts are ones that honor your boyfriend’s interests outside of your relationship, too. Giving him something that doesn’t relate to your love story shows him that you value him as a whole person, not just as a boyfriend. As a general guideline, if you’re shopping for an anniversary, get a gift that references your connection. If you’re shopping for a birthday, buy him something that reflects his own interests and passions.

You’ll find examples of both kinds of gifts on this curated list:

#1 - Harry Potter Crewneck

If you’re looking for thoughtful gifts for your boyfriend, it’s a great idea to think about his favorite interests and hobbies. Anyone can buy a nice wallet or an expensive cologne, but getting a gift that is tailored to his passions is what shows how much you love him.

Maroon Harry Potter crewneck with a print that reads Hogwarts Alumni

If your boyfriend loves Harry Potter, this “Hogwarts Alumni” crewneck is a great gift! It’s a nod to the Harry Potter universe while still being subtle and stylish, and it comes in thirteen different colors. When you look closely, you’ll see the logo is a pair of crossed broomsticks!

#2 - New Tech Box Subscription

This is one of the most unique gifts on this list: a quarterly subscription to a box of new tech! Every few months, he’ll be surprised with a box of new gadgets and tech: small things that make life easier and bigger, more expensive gifts.

Two boxes, red and green, of the Breo New Tech Subscription Box, a quarterly subscription to a box of new tech

Previous boxes have included items like a biometric padlock, a mini projector, wireless earbuds, and a smart jump rope.

#3 - Totally Unique “Why I Love You” Book

Why I Love You Book, a custom book documenting all the ways you love your guy

Gift ideas don’t get more romantic than this: a custom book documenting all the ways you love your guy. These cute books allow you to design characters to represent you and your boyfriend and to choose from dozens of different pages and scenes, then add your own writing. The result is a gift that’s totally unique. No one in the whole world will have the same book, so if you’re going for something truly thoughtful and sentimental for an anniversary or a birthday, this is a great option.

#4 - Pizza Maker for The Grill

Pizza maker that can be put on the grill, a perfect gift idea for boyfriends who love pizza

Don’t have a pizza oven but love thin crust pizza? You and your boyfriend are in luck. This little pizza maker can be put on the grill and your pizza will be perfectly cooked in ten minutes! It mimics the heat distribution of a stone pizza over at a fraction of the cost. What a way to wow your friends - buy a couple of these and you can have an incredible pizza party!

#5 - A Book of Scratch-off Adventures

Date night just got way more fun! This ‘Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition’ features 50 incredible date ideas for you and your boyfriend to try. This is such a thoughtful gift because it’s one that keeps on giving: it unlocks hours of fun, laughter, and wonderful memories.

‘Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition’ that features 50 incredible date ideas for you and your boyfriend to try

The book has deliberate space for you to put in photos of your adventures, so if you go step further and get the full set with the Polariod camera, you’ll end up building a tangible record of your good times together. It doesn’t get more thoughtful than that!

#6 - Personalized Whiskey Barrel

If whiskey is your boyfriend’s favorite drink, he’s going to love this unique gift. Two different aspects of these barrels make them special. One is that you can get it personalized with his name (or, if you want to be more romantic, both of your names), your city and state, and the name of your ‘distillery’. 

Customized whisky barrel, with a personalized city and state, and the name of your ‘distillery’

The second thing that makes these barrels a fun gift is that when you store your favorite whiskey in it, it actually helps the flavors to mature and age. The oak wood heightens the notes of vanilla, coconut, butter, and astringency. What’s not to love?

#7 - Retro Cornhole Boards and Bean Bags

Retro Cornhole Boards and Bean Bags, a playful and retro-inspired gift for your boyfriend

This playful, retro-inspired gift is going to be the start of hours of good times. Whether cornhole is something you played together in your first few dates and you want to make a romantic reference, or if you’re just looking for a unique gift for your boyfriend’s house, you’re in luck. If you look at this supplier, they have lots of different designs and patterns they can put in the wood, and you can even customize it. You’re sure to find something your boyfriend will love.

#8 - Personalized Carabiner Camping Mug

Do you love adventuring with your boyfriend? If you do, this camping mug could be the perfect gift to take with you on your next camping trip! You can get them with a tent, and RV, or trees and mountains, and you can commission a personalized engraving to commemorate a significant date or memory, too.

Personalized camping mug with a red carabiner locked onto a camping backpack

Something that makes this mug stand out from the crowd is the carabiner attached to it. This doubles as a handle and a convenient way to snap it onto your backpack and hit the trail! If you guys are planning a trip, he’s gonna love this unique gift.

#9 - Mixologist Subscription Box

Mixologist Subscription Box that delivers new cocktail recipes along with everything you need to make them all in one convenient package

This thoughtful gift is a dream come true for an aspiring mixologist. If you and your boyfriend love cocktails and you want to try making some of your own, this subscription box delivers new cocktail recipes along with everything you need to make them all in one convenient package. This sounds like a fun date night just waiting to happen!

#10 - Tickets to His Team’s Game

They can be hard to come by, but if you can swing it, a pair of tickets to see his favorite pro sports team play live is going to make his year. This experience, whether you choose to go with him or send him with friends, is one he’ll remember forever. You could add to this gift by giving him a team jersey or other memorabilia to make it extra-special.

#11 - A Framed Photo Tile of The Two of You

Framed photo tile of a couple placed on a gray wall in their living room

For a thoughtful, romantic gift that’s also going to look great in your boyfriend’s home, consider getting a photo of you two blown up and framed on a photo tile. Technically, you could get any photo here - his friends, his dog (hey, we wouldn’t blame you!) but a couple’s photo seems like the most thoughtful gift. These photo tiles are a great way to celebrate the good times and make a house feel a little more like a home!

#12 - A Masterclass Membership

World leading experts in every topic, from business to songwriting

With hundreds of courses and classes taught by world leading experts in every topic, from business to songwriting to leadership to science to sports, Masterclass is a hub for knowledge and growth. Give your boyfriend the most thoughtful gift by helping him to pursue his passions and research his favorite topics: an annual membership at Masterclass gives him access to every class on the platform.

#13 - A Bespoke, Curated Box of Gifts

Cigar being lit, one of the items of the Bespoke Boxes, a subscription service that send you a gift box of highly-curated items based off a survey you take

This takes all the guesswork out of shopping for your boyfriend! Extremely highly-rated, Bespoke Boxes are a subscription service that send you a gift box of highly-curated items based off a survey you take. You could fill out the survey for your boyfriend or get him to do it, but either way, he’ll have a box of gifts worth over $70 arriving at his door every month.

#14 - Monogrammed Leather Wallet with a Custom Message

Monogrammed Leather Wallet with a custom message at the bottom

There are plenty of leather wallets out there with the option to monogram the front, but what we like about this one is that you have the option to include a personal message inside the wallet for him to see whenever he uses it. You could put a funny TV quote you both like, an inside joke, a saying or a scripture you live your life by, or simply a reminder that you love him. Whatever you choose to say, you’re setting him up for a sweet surprise when he opens it up for the first time.

Buying Gifts for Your Boyfriend

These gifts are just a jumping off point for you to get inspired. Maybe he doesn’t enjoy cornhole, but he’d absolutely love a dart board. Maybe a mixology subscription isn’t his idea of a good time, but he’d really like a monthly delivery of craft ales. You know your boyfriend best, so you’re sure to find something he loves. We hope this list has given you an amazing place to start.

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