Unique & Creative Gifts for your Boyfriend


Eventually you get to a stage in your relationship when you’ve run through all of the obvious gifts. Snacks? Check. Coffee? Check. Socks? Hmm - maybe, maybe not. The point is that you want to come up with some unique and creative gifts for your boyfriend - gifts he’ll really appreciate and maybe even be surprised by. 

That’s why we came up with this list of 20 unique and creative gifts for boyfriend - gifts you won’t just see on any store shelf. Take a look and you’re sure to find one you like!

#1 - Wooden Phone and Accessory Docking Station

 Wooden Phone and Accessory Docking Station, a gift idea that your boyfriend will love

This wooden phone and accessory docking station is one of those creative gift ideas that any boyfriend will love - plus, he’ll use it every day. With space to prop a phone while it charges, as well as a bunch of thoughtfully-designed features that make this the perfect place for him to store his wallet, watch, and keys, he’ll never have an excuse for misplacing his essentials ever again.

#2 - GoPro Waterproof Camera

GoPro Waterproof Camera, a perfect gift idea if your boyfriend loves adventure

If your boyfriend loves adventure, this cool gift will help him create some memorable masterpieces. This GoPro camera has loads of cool features - including voice commands so that he can start and stop filming while he’s taking on the world, and the ability to livestream straight from the camera itself!

#3 - Mini Keyboard Controller

 Mini Keyboard Controller, a creative gift idea that your boyfriend won't expect

For this mini keyboard, the term ‘creative gifts’ takes on new meaning - it’s a creative gift idea he probably won’t expect, and it’s a fantastic gift that will help him unleash his creativity! For the boyfriend who dreams about being a music producer, this keyboard and controller is the perfect beginner’s step towards creating beats and laying down tracks - one of the most creative gifts on the list.

#4 - All-in-One Gift Box

All-in-One Gift Box, a personalized and thoughtful gift idea

Why settle for one creative gift when you can give him a whole box of creative gifts? This all-in-one gift box can be personalized with a special message on the inside and his initials on the outside of the box. Inside, you’ll find a personalized leather wallet, a stainless steel flask and flask funnel, a personalized cigar box, a notebook and pen, and a bottle opener. Bases are covered!

#5 - Custom Knife Making Kit

Custom knife making kit, For the boyfriend who loves to take on projects and actually create something

For the boyfriend who loves to take on projects and actually create something, this custom knife making kit is an amazing gift idea. It comes with everything you need to create a knife that feels perfectly weighted to his hand and looks just the way he wants it to - and he’ll carry the satisfaction of having made it himself! This could end up being one of the best gifts he's ever received.

#6 - Peanut Butter Samplers

Peanut Butter Samplers, a playful and creative gift idea for your boyfriend

If he loves peanut butter, these playful and creative gifts are going to make him very happy. This set comes with six different kinds of peanut butter, each blended with different amazing flavors for an incredible tasting experience. You could hold a tasting together to figure out which one you like best!

#7 - First Edition Book Cover Print

First Edition Book Cover Print, a classy and creative gift idea for your boyfriend

This creative and classy gift is going to look absolutely stunning on your boyfriend’s wall. You can choose from a selection of classic novels and have the cover blown up to full-print size and framed. It looks striking and unique, and if your boyfriend loves books, it’s an amazing and unexpected gift!

#8 - Beeropoly Board Game

Beeropoly Board Game, a unique and playful gift for your boyfriend

This unique board game is designed to be played with beer, but you can choose any drink to take on the challenges with. This is one of those creative gifts that would be hilarious to play with your boyfriend and a group of friends, but would also make a super fun date night just the two of you. Unleash your playful sides and compete to win! 

#9 - Engraved Pocket Knife

Engraved Pocket Knife, a personalized and thoughtful gift for you boyfriend

For a gift your boyfriend can carry around in his pocket, consider getting this pocket knife engraved with his name. It’ll come in handy and remind him of you all at the same time - the best kind of creative gifts!

#10 - Storm Cloud Desk Ornament

Storm Cloud Desk Ornament, a fun and creative gift for your boyfriend

This unique gift for your boyfriend is a small cloud that at first glance looks like it’s made of normal glass. The fun part, though, is that the material responds to the pressure in the air - so as the weather outside changes, the texture and appearance of the glass does too. It’s a quirky gift that will look great on his desk.

#11 - Scratch-off Guide to Adventure

Scratch-off Guide to Adventure, a perfect gift idea that your boyfriend will enjoy

Invest in quality time with your boyfriend by giving him this unique gift. It’s a scratch-off book featuring 50 different creative and adventurous date nights! Pick a page, scratch off to discover the adventure, and accept the challenge! At the end of the evening, the guide even has space for you to write about your highlights and stick in a photo of the date.

#12 - “I Love You the Most” Fountain Pen

“I Love You the Most” Fountain Pen, a sentimental gift idea for your boyfriend

This creative gift for your boyfriend is on the sentimental side. It’s a beautiful fountain pen in black and gold, but when you remove the cap, you’ll see that it’s engraved with a sweet message: “I love you the most. The end. I win.” It’s the perfect gift - playful, useful, romantic, and funny! He can take it to work with him and it’s going to make him smile every time he uses it.

#13 - College Campus Glass

College Campus Glass, a thoughtful gift that your boyfriend will love

Throw it back to your boyfriend’s time in college when you give him one of these individually-designed glasses. If his school is on the list, you can order a glass covered in hand-drawn artwork encapsulating the university experience. If you met at college, this gift is even a little bit romantic!

#14 - Personalized License Plate Sign

Personalized License Plate Sign that reads John & Lisa

For a creative gift, look no farther than these custom made signs that are designed out of license plates! Each letter comes from a different license plate, for an end result that looks quirky and totally unique. Get your names in a sign or choose a significant word or phrase for the perfect gift!

#15 - Urban Map Drink Glasses

Urban Map Drink Glasses, a unique gift for your boyfriend who loves whiskey

These whiskey glasses have a unique twist: the intricate city maps that spread across them, complete with landmarks and street names. This subtle nod to your home city - or maybe the city where you and your boyfriend met - are a great addition to any collection, and they’re sure to be a classy gift idea!

#16 - Adventure Date Subscription Box

Adventure Date Subscription Box, a creative and fun gift idea for your boyfriend

There’s a case to be made that subscriptions actually make the best creative gifts for your boyfriend. After all, what would you rather receive: one gift once, or a gift delivered to your door every single month? This adventure date subscription box sends you everything you need to take on an amazing date night - it’s a fun and creative way to spend time together!

#17 - Personalized Pocket Watch

Personalized Pocket Watch, a unique and creative gift idea for your boyfriend

Have a message or significant date engraved on the back of a silver pocket watch for a unique and creative gift that he won’t see coming. Pocket watches have huge potential to be styled into incredible looks, but whether he uses it as an accessory or just as a tool to tell the time, he’s going to be touched by this unique gift idea.

#18 - Make Your Own Rainbow Bagel Kit

Make Your Own Rainbow Bagel Kit, a perfect gift idea for boyfriend who loves to cook

If your boyfriend loves to cook, this is the perfect Saturday afternoon project! This gift set gives you what you need to take on a seemingly-intimidating endeavor: rainbow bagels. Whether you want to help your boyfriend create these bagels, or just simply sample the final product (hey, we wouldn’t blame you!) this is an incredible and out-of-the-box gift idea for him.

#19 - Engraved Collar Stays

Engraved Collar Stays, a unique gift idea for your boyfriend

If you have a formal event coming up, these collar stays are a great way to show your love in a subtle but creative way. You can replace the little cardboard stays that shirts come with with these silver stays, engraved, if you choose, with his initials. It’s little luxurious details like this that make great creative gift ideas for your boyfriend.

#20 - Personalized Roll of Film Keychain

Personalized Roll of Film Keychain, a creative and thoughtful gift for your boyfriend

For a little gift that looks cool on the outside and is full of sweet romance inside, you have to check out this roll of film keychain. At first glance, it’s a keychain that looks just like a roll of Kodak negatives. When you open it up, though, it unrolls to reveal a strip of photos of your choosing, complete with a personalized message. Fill it with cute photos from your relationship and let them be your secret!

Finding the Best Creative Gifts for Your Boyfriend

These creative gifts are ones you almost definitely haven’t given him before, and it’s always a great idea to try to mix up your gifts and come up with something fresh and new. The best gifts take the receiver by surprise, and these creative gifts are just far enough out of the box that he'll love them. We hope this list has helped you find something your boyfriend will love! For more cool gifts, check out this list of thoughtful gifts for your boyfriend.

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