14 Fun Sex Ideas for Couples to Try in the Bedroom Tonight

14 Fun Sex Ideas for Couples to Try in the Bedroom Tonight

Whether you’re exploring new things to try in the excitement of a fresh relationship, or you’ve been together forever and you want to spice things up, looking for new fun sex ideas is always a good call. No matter how good something already is, it can always be better, right? We think so! 

Here at The Adventure Challenge, we set couples up to win by helping them connect in deeper, more intimate, and more fun ways - and that extends to the bedroom! If you’re looking for new ideas to try out in your sex life, you’re in luck. We’ve put together 14 fun sex ideas for a mind blowing memory!

Ways to Make Sex More Fun

There are a million and one ways to make sex more fun - we have a whole book about it, for starters - but here are a few top tier fun sex ideas to get you started:

#1 - Try New Sex Positions

It’s an obvious way to shake things up in the bedroom, but if you’re looking to get back to exciting and fun sex, trying something you’ve never tried before is a great idea. Everyone tends to gravitate to the things they know work for them - and for good reason. But when it comes to spicing things up in the bedroom, it’s a case of high risk and high reward. Trying a sex position you’ve never attempted before is a sure way to help you stay present and connected - there’s no autopilot here! - and it can be very rewarding.

Couple playfully sharing laughs as they lay in bed with white sheets as they try new sex positions

If you’re looking for inspiration, there are millions of resources out there. The iKamasutra app event lets you filter positions by different metrics to help you find the perfect new position to try.

#2 - Play Sex Games

The iKamasutra app brings us to the next fun sex idea here: sex games. Sometimes you don’t want to come up with your own ideas - and following some outside parameters is actually the best kickstart to your own creativity. That’s a fancy way of saying that sex games can be super fun!

14 Fun Sex Ideas for Couples to Try in the Bedroom Tonight: Couple undressing while chasing each other playing nerf guns

From private challenges to apps, from games specifically designed for the bedroom to sexy twists on traditional board games (strip twister, anyone?). There are literally dozens of different sex games out there for you to try. We have a whole article on the best sex games out there, so be sure to check that out.

#3 - Have Virtual Sex (Even When You’re Together)

Normally we’d say that checking your phone is the cardinal sin in the bedroom, but there are times when technology can get involved in a fun way. Introducing a virtual element to your sex life isn’t just for long distance relationships!

A huge part of amazing, fun sex is the anticipation - the build up of tension and excitement. You can start to stoke that fire before you even get into the bedroom, and your phone is a great way to do that. This can start with flirty texts and can go anywhere from sending photos to FaceTiming your partner from the bedroom to let them know they’d better join you - or miss out on all the fun.

#4 - Try “The Adventure Challenge …In Bed”

The Adventure Challenge …In Bed” isn’t your average sex book. Designed to lead you into memorable experiences, not just positions or tips and tricks, this book of adventurous challenges was developed with a sex coach to create fun and connection in the bedroom.

Close-up shot of couple with book “Adventure Challenge in Bed” next to them

If you’re ever stumped for fun sex ideas, or just looking for some extra inspiration for your sex bucket list, scratch off one of the challenges and you’re all set!

#5 - Level Up Your Foreplay

Sometimes, in a long term relationship, sex can become a little bit routine. One of the things that can contribute to this is an over-emphasis on the ‘main event’. One fun sex idea to try out with your partner is to shine a spotlight on your foreplay!

Couple undressing each other in the kitchen as they level up their foreplay

Challenge yourselves to spend as long as possible in foreplay before moving on - and don’t rush towards the next thing. Relax, take your time, and really communicate. The longer you spend on this, the better it will be.

#6 - Bring Sensual Foods into the Bedroom

It might take a little extra planning (and maybe a mattress protector!) but bringing some fun food into the bedroom is totally worth it.

Fun sex ideas for couples: Close-up shot of couple playing with chocolate body paint

Whether you’re setting the mood with some romantic snacks to kick off the evening, or bringing sensual food in later (whipped cream or chocolate body paint, anyone?) this is a sure recipe for a memorable night.

#7 - Outdoor Sex

If you’re looking for fun sex ideas, you might want to consider leaving the bedroom. If you normally have good sex in one or two places, changing that up is an instant way to make everything feel a little more exciting.

Couple sharing a kiss on the floor as they experiment with paint

Whether you’re fooling around in your car, wild swimming and skinny dipping, or (scandalously!) out in nature somewhere, taking sex out of doors is a thrilling way to make things a little more fun.

#8 - Have Fun With Sex Toys

If you’ve never experimented with sex toys, you could be missing out! Toys used to be seen as some kind of substitute for the real thing, but these days there are hundreds of different kinds of sex toys designed to be used with a partner. Remember that challenge to stretch out your foreplay? This is a surefire way to make that a little more interesting! 

If it’s been a while since you’ve used a sex toy, or if this is your first time experimenting, really dive into your research - there is a lot of variety out there, so you’re sure to find something that works for you and your partner.

#9 - Take Turns Being in Charge

A fun sex game to try out: let you and your partner take turns calling the shots. You could use a timer, or you could just swap over unexpectedly - whatever sounds more fun.

Couple sharing a kiss on the staircase with the guy on top of the girl and squeezing her leg 

Don’t be afraid to get pretty direct (even bossy!) when it’s ‘your turn’, because part of the fun of this is that the tables could be turned on you at any second.

#10 - Share Your Sexual Fantasies

If you’re honest, you probably have some fun sex ideas already! A great way to keep things fresh in the bedroom - and, incidentally, to strengthen your emotional connection - is to talk through your sexual fantasies. It can be vulnerable to talk openly about this topic, but that’s actually one of the things that makes it such a good idea to do it.

14 Fun Sex Ideas for Couples to Try in the Bedroom Tonight: Couple smiling as the girl sits on the desk and the guy embraces her

Letting your partner in on your dreams and desires is sure to bring you closer - and it’s probably going to end up being pretty hot, too. Together, you can create a sex bucket list of new experiences you want to bring into your sex lives.

#11 - Sensory Deprivation (Blindfolds and Noise Canceling Headphones)

When one sense is shut down, the others sharpen. It’s something we all know in theory, but it can become a thrilling reality in the bedroom. Wearing a blindfold and not being able to see where your partner’s next touch is coming from can build your excitement and anticipation.

Fun sex ideas for couples: Guy leaning in to kiss the girl who has a red blindfold on

When you can't rely on your eyesight, you’ll be paying way more attention to sounds and sensations, which helps you to stay laser-focused on the present moment with your partner. This kind of light bondage adds up to a very fun date night!

#12 - Experiment with a Lovemaking Playlist

There’s nothing like an amazing song to set an atmosphere or shift a move. You have playlists for most other parts of your life - why not the bedroom, too? Have fun with your partner crafting a new bedroom playlist to inject your sex life with even more atmosphere.

Do you want it to start upbeat and turn tender? Begin slow and build in intensity? It’s up to you - don’t be afraid to experiment with some trial and error to find the perfect fit. 

#13 - Play with Temperature (e.g. Ice, Candle Wax)

If you’re feeling adventurous, now could be the time to experiment with temperature play. The idea behind this is simple: warm and cold sensations are both intense, and they sharpen your senses and your skin’s sensitivity.

Couple in the shower, with the girl taking off the guy's shirt off

Bringing cold or heat into the bedroom is a creative and fun sex idea to mix things up. Heat up some body oil or light a massage candle and start with a sensual massage, incorporate another one of the fun sex ideas above and introduce some ice cream into the bedroom.

#14 - Don’t Completely Strip Down

Experiment with leaving something on instead of getting totally naked - and be ready to tell your partner what you want them to wear, too.

14 Fun Sex Ideas for Couples to Try in the Bedroom Tonight: Couple kissing on the bed without stripping down completely

It could be some flirty lingerie or barely-there details, but it could also be that you and your partner are as close to fully clothed as possible. Let your imagination go wild!

Bringing the Spice Back to a Relationship

These 14 sex ideas are amazing jumping off points for you to get going with, and we hope we’ve suggested some things you haven’t ever tried before! One of the amazing aspects of sex in a long term relationship is that even if you try something to spice things up and it's a misfire, it can bring you closer together. After all, you have to be willing to try new things if you want to find your new favorite thing. For even more ideas and inspiration, check out our blog on How to Spice Things Up in the Bedroom.

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