The 15 Best Sex Games for Couples to Spice Up the Romance

Looking to spice up the romance in your relationship and bring the excitement back into the bedroom? Sex games for couples are an incredible way to do just that. At The Adventure Challenge, we are all about helping people deepen their connection, from our "Adventure Challenge ...In Bed" scratch-off sex challenges to our "Dinner Dates" recipe book - so we have pulled together some epic sex game ideas to help you get inspired for date night and beyond.

How Sex Games Will Make Your Relationship More Fun

Your sex life doesn't have to be stale for you to look for ways to mix things up. Sex games can be a great idea for couples who are feeling bored in their dynamic, but the reality is that the best sex games are super fun - and who doesn't want a little more fun?

We love passion and intensity - and some of the sex games on this list will help you connect with those feelings! - but relationships don't run on passion alone. Playfulness, laughter, and fun are all gasoline on the fire of a healthy connection, and that's true in and out of the bedroom.

These sex games for couples help you to strengthen the foundation of relaxed fun in your relationship, and whether that leads to scorching memories, tender moments, or just a lit of laughs: it's all worth it.

DIY Sex Games

There are all kinds of sex games for couples on this list, but let's start with some simple ones that you can do without any special board games or extra equipment.

The 15 Best Sex Games for Couples to Spice Up the Romance: Couple in bath with bubbles spraying champagne

#1 - Sex in a Jar

First, start out with the challenge to write out ten sexual acts or scenarios that sound really fun to you - ask your partner to do the same. Write them out on individual pieces of paper and put them all into a jar.

Then, together you'll draw out three or four slips of paper. This is your sex challenge for the evening! You can look at the papers one at a time, or you can lay all of them out and make a plan - it all depends on your preference as a couple. But this is a really simple game for couples who want to break out of their molds and try new things.

#2 - Sexy Scavenger Hunt 

This is a great game for a spicy date night or a sexy surprise! Get the house to yourself and set up some fun clues - points added for cheeky puns and steamy wordplay - and let your partner follow the trail you left for them - right into the bedroom.

There are plenty of examples of sexy scavenger hunt clues online if you want a little help with setting up this sex game, but if you feel inspired to create clues that reference your own relationship, that makes it even more fun.

#3 - Aphrodisiac Blind Taste-Test

Do certain foods boost your sex drive? It's an alluring idea that's been floating around for most of history. There's something intriguing about the thought that a certain food or drink could help the sparks fly, so we've got some ideas for how you can bring that intrigue into your sex life for a playful sex game.

The 15 Best Sex Games for Couples to Spice Up the Romance: Couple blindfolded dipping strawberries in the chocolate

Assemble a selection of fun foods (you can do some research on top aphrodisiacs and pick the ones you like, but we'd suggest that you go for some purely tasty treats too!) Then, take turns donning a satin blindfold and feeding one another.

#4 - Virtual Sex (Even when you’re together)

There's something about stretching out the anticipation that can make everything so much better. 'Virtual sex' sounds kind of intimidating, but it can really just be any way that the digital world enhances your sex games.

Whether you want to dabble in building the tension by texting your partner from the other room and telling them what you want to do together, sending them a teasing photo, or FaceTiming them while you undress, there are a million ways you can build anticipation without being in the same room.

#5 - Would You Rather…

One great way to get the ideas flowing is to play a game of 'Would You Rather' - a playground classic that actually is one of these amazing sex games for couples.

Ask questions and don't be afraid to get into detail! As you start to talk about different scenarios, you'll start to imagine them - and that's where this sex game gets good. Eventually, you'll want to stop talking and start doing!

The 15 Best Sex Games for Couples to Spice Up the Romance: Couple in bed pillow fighting

You can come up with your own questions, or you could pull on lists of sexy would you rather questions online.

#6 - Naked Hide-and-Seek

The name pretty much says it all, here. Close those curtains, lower the blinds, and start counting down!

This could be a great moment to mix in some of the other sex games for couples you've read about here. Sexting your partner from your hiding place while they look for you? Leaving cute notes for them, a la scavenger hunt? Sounds like fun!

#7 - Dirty Truth or Dare

This is a game for couples that can be a whole date night all in itself. Start small, with lighter truths and smaller dares. Let the conversation go where it wants to before bringing it back to taking turns for truth or dare. Don't be afraid to dive deeper with your questions before getting bold with your dares! The best sex games foster a sense of emotional intimacy as well as a scorching physical connection.

Eventually, you'll want to ramp up the risk and go for bigger dares, and this is where using truth or dare as a sex game gets really fun. When you keep on swapping turns to take a truth or a dare, you're swapping the power and the initiation back and forth. It stops your time together from falling back into a predictable rut.

Sexy Twists on Board Games and Party Games

There are a lot of sex games for couples out there on the market! You might not have ever thought a board game could be sexy, but trust us - it can. Let's go over some of the best sex games out there:

#8 - Strip Twister

Make this classic party game even harder (and way more hot!) by adding the challenge of removing an article of clothing every time you shift position.

The 15 Best Sex Games for Couples to Spice Up the Romance: Guy taking off girl shirt on couch

Make sure you and your partner are wearing the same number of articles of clothing before you start - if you discover that you're wearing more than your partner, you'll have to remove two pieces of clothing as a penalty (a loss... or a win, depending on your perspective!)

#9 - Sexy Jenga

When you play this version of Jenga, you might just end up abandoning the tower altogether. Each Jenga block has a question or a challenge on it - anything from a staring contest to a mini make out to asking 'when do you feel most safe?'

The 15 Best Sex Games for Couples to Spice Up the Romance: Couple in hot tub playing Jenga

The great thing about this sexy game for couples is that it helps you feel super connected to your partner emotionally as well as sexually, which sets you up for an amazing date night together.

#10 - Dirty Scrabble

This is a bit of a niche suggestion because it only really works if you already love this board game. But if you do, it only takes a few tweaks to the rules to make it a much steamier experience.

The 15 Best Sex Games for Couples to Spice Up the Romance: Guy kissing girl's shoulder

For example, in a sexy Scrabble game night: if you spell out a body part on the board game, your partner kisses you there; if you manage to spell out an innuendo, you get an extra 50 points; and one of you loses an article of clothing for every 50 points the other one earns.

#11 - Sexy Dice

Ever heard of sex dice? This sex game for couples is such an easy and lighthearted way to get your evening going. Simply roll the dice.

The 15 Best Sex Games for Couples to Spice Up the Romance: Colorful dice print outs

You can click through to find templates to print out your own sexy dice, or you can look on Etsy or Amazon to get some more.

#12 - Strip Poker

No list of sexy games would be complete without mentioning strip poker. This sex game for couples works best when you really lean into the casino atmosphere - great lighting, cut crystal style glasses, maybe a cigar.

The 15 Best Sex Games for Couples to Spice Up the Romance: Couple sharing a hug as they play strip poker during their date

And, of course, an amazing playlist. The stakes might be high, but everyone's a winner in the end.

App-Based Sex Games

These days, there are so many creative and unusual ways to connect using the digital world. Some incredible apps have been invented with the sole purpose of helping you and your partner feel connected - emotionally and sexually.

Let's take a look at some of the best sex games you can download on the App Store.

#13 - Desire

Inspired by the concept of truth or dare, this app is for you and your partner to download, and you can use it to send dares back and forth. The dares can be sexy or romantic, and each completed dare gives you points. The more points you get, the more fun dares you unlock - and more exciting and explorative you can get.

The 15 Best Sex Games for Couples to Spice Up the Romance: Couple in the kitchen girl hanging on guy

With the feature of building points and unlocking levels of dares over time, the ability to send sweet messages and alerts from phone to phone, and a journal feature to let you record the highlights - this is the kind of sex game that could get built into your every day sex life.

#14 - iKamasutra

The Kama Sutra is a legendary book of sex positions, and it goes digital with this tasteful app. You can filter the sex challenges and positions by a number of different factors so that you're sure to find something that you and your partner will enjoy. Playing around with this app is going to be enlightening for sure!

#15 - Pillow

Connection is at the forefront of this thoughtful sex game app. Pillow has over 30 audio-guided experiences for you and your partner to listen to together. One of the perks of the audio, versus some of the other sex games on this list, is that you don't have to stop to check an app or a scrap of paper. You can be fully present in the moment with your love.

The 15 Best Sex Games for Couples to Spice Up the Romance: Couple cuddling and hugging in bed

The guided experiences range from a sensual back massage to a '15 kisses' challenge, where you experiment with different speeds and pressures. They can be silly or tender, sexy or sweet - but all of these Pillow sex games for couples are intended to help you explore intimacy in fresh and intentional ways.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best Sex Games for You

Starting out in the world of sex games is always an experiment as you figure out what you and your partner like and what you want to do more of.

The 15 Best Sex Games for Couples to Spice Up the Romance: Close-up of couple's legs with “..In Bed” book beside them

The point isn't to get it 200% right every time - the point is that you're trying something new with the person you love, trusting them enough to take risks, and growing ever deeper in your connection with them. Check out our Adventure Challenge "...In Bed" for more ways to do just that - and in the meantime, have fun!

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