How The In Bed Book Helps Create Sexual Passion and Intimacy

There comes a time in every couple’s relationship when they start looking for ways to improve their sexual passion and intimacy. This can be for lots of reasons, such as falling into a routine, having too many responsibilities, wanting to improve what’s already great, and more. No matter the reason, the good news is there’s an incredible, easy way to boost your sexual passion and intimacy. It’s called the In Bed Book, and you can get a copy right now. Here’s what it is.

What Is The In Bed Book?

We already made The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition book, a great way to try out some PG-rated adventures with your partner, but we knew couples were looking for help with sexual passion too. After all, an important part of any relationship takes place in the bedroom, so we came up with this book to help. 

Like the Couples Edition, the In Bed Book, otherwise known as The Adventure Challenge…In Bed is a book of 50 scratch-off challenges for you and your partner to use and adjust as you wish. You won’t know what they are upfront though; that’s just part of the challenge. 

Flat-lay shot of couple's feed next to shoes and The In Bed Book from The Adventure Challenge on the floor

Just like the Couples Edition, you’ll only know a few details about each challenge beforehand: the challenge’s number, title, cost, when you should do it, and how long it will take. You’ll have to scratch off the rest of the details, but as soon as you do, you’re as committed to that as you are to each other.  After all, what would an adventure challenge (or sexual passion) be without a little mystery and a little excitement?

However, unlike the Couples Edition, this book is designed to deepen your sexual connection with one another through improved sexual passion and intimacy. This is not a book that shows lewd pictures or tells you positions to try out though. This is a book that gives you some spicy adventures to share and use however you want.

If you’re looking for some more traditional ideas to boost your sexual passion though, we’ve got 50 of them for you right here.

How Does The In Bed Book Improve Sexual Passion And Intimacy?

Sexual passion and intimacy are not just about what you do with each other, they’re about what you share with each other. They’re about having fun, talking to each other, laughing, being silly, using your imagination, learning about each other, and trying something new. 

All of that can be lost over time though as life’s responsibilities grow and take over. It can become difficult to even find the time to think about what you need to do to improve your sexual passion and intimacy with each other. As a result, you fall into a rut by doing the same routines over and over, which only hurts your sexual passion and intimacy even further.

But there are always solutions. What you had can be found again, and the In Bed Book can help. Here’s how.


No matter where you are in your relationship with your partner, the fact is sometimes what happens in the bedroom (and elsewhere) gets a little stale. Maybe you get a little too comfortable with the same old thing for just a little too long, or maybe you try to come up with new sex ideas but aren’t sure what to do.

How The In Bed Book Helps Create Sexual Passion and Intimacy. Couple smiling as they squat on the floor with paint on them.

The In Bed Book does all the work for you. As soon as you get the book, you’ve got 50 new and different ideas to use whenever you and your partner want. Even if you did just one a week, that’s almost an entire year’s worth!


Continuing on from how the In Bed Book helps with creativity, it also solves the problem of not having enough time to research or come up with new sex ideas. That’s because you don’t have to with this book! It’s all right there and easy to use. 

How The In Bed Book Helps Create Sexual Passion and Intimacy. Couple feeding each other berries in the bathtub with a view.

Plus, there’s the added bonus of getting to decide when you put those ideas to use. Maybe you’re not in the mood for something that will take a couple of hours, or maybe you can only do one challenge a month. All of that works with the In Bed Book because you can use it however you want. You don’t even have to do the challenges in order.


Even after you’ve tried all 50 ideas in the In Bed Book, those ideas don’t just disappear. They’re there for you and your partner to use as much as you want. Try some of the challenges you’ve already completed, but add something new to make them a little harder. Mix and match a few or take on old favorites one more time. 

How The In Bed Book Helps Create Sexual Passion and Intimacy. Couple doing blindfold chocolate tasting.

This truly is a book that can last you and your sexual passion a lifetime.

The Spark

The spark is what got your relationship started, so it’s important to keep that spark alive between the two of you. But sometimes the spark needs the right conditions to come back, the kind of conditions that created your sexual passion with each other and made you realize just how much you love one another in the first place. 

How The In Bed Book Helps Create Sexual Passion and Intimacy. Couple candidly laughing with each other in the kitchen.

The In Bed Book helps you rediscover the spark that was never lost because it gives you ways to connect that are fun and unique. Looking for an example of what we mean? Then take a look at this post that talks about our Mr. and Mrs. Smith challenge. It’s free!

Endorsement From Dr. Corey Allan

We know some people need a little more reassurance when it comes to improving something as important as their sexual passion. Not only are we fine with that, we encourage it. Sexual connection is a big deal! So, let us introduce you to Dr. Corey Allan from Passionately Married (formerly Sexy Marriage Radio). Here’s what he had to say about the In Bed Book and how it helps with your sexual passion and intimacy:

As a Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in working with couples, I am thrilled to discover a resource that attempts to help partners overcome the hangups, struggles, and routine inherent in our sex lives with each other.

This book will do that - but it will also do a lot more.

The Adventure Challenge In Bed Edition doesn't focus on technique or positions like far too many other resources do. This book enhances the connection between you and your partner and then encouraging you to follow the connection together throughout the entire sexual process with each other.

Far too many of us fall easily into the trap of "doing what worked last time" when it comes to our sex lives. The challenges in the In Bed Edition help you to explore the whole process of your intimate lives together -- how you begin, what you do in the middle, and how it all ends.

This book can add playfulness, curiosity, tenderness, and novelty to your relationship. The addition of just one of these aspects will likely enhance the depth of connection with each other. And let's face it, every one of us is looking for better connection in relationship - not just better sex. Although, learning to connect better both in and out of the bedroom (or other places you'll be challenged to explore) will lead to better sex!

To me, that's a win-win.

Dr. Corey Allan, LMFT

Host of Passionately Married Podcast

How Can You Use The In Bed Book?

Any way you like! The great thing about the In Bed Book is that the challenges, the adventures within are yours to use as you want. There’s no one way to use them or other ways not to use them. They’re just a collection of fun, spicy ideas to help you with your sexual passion. How you go about using them is up to you.

Couple lying down together at an outdoor venue with The In Bed Book by The Adventure Challenge beside them

Reviews - What Are People Saying?

Curious about what real people are saying about how the In Bed Book helps their sexual intimacy? Then take a look below at just some of the people who were satisfied with how our book boosted the sexual passion in their relationship.

Best Book EVER!!!

I bought this for my husband for Xmas. We have done a couple of the scratch offs and they were amazing. We already have a fantastic relationship but want to add something more. I didn't know what to expect but just after one scratch off my husband said best gift ever. I have recommended to all my couple friends. It's not just about *** it's about connection.
- Kimberly S.

... Amazing

My husband and I have been married for a few months. Things are fine! But WOW we had so much fun with this! I was relieved that it wasn't dirty, it was mostly just fun and led to a really great time. Will definitely be trying more challenges.

- Sarah

Read if you're a parent!

All parents know how intimacy things just change when you have little ones. Tiredness, stress, it's hard to feel sexy covered in spit up. You know how it is. Anyway, we heard about it from a friend - that it's more about intimacy and connection than *** positions - and we had to check it out. So. glad. we. did. It has brought something intangible back into our *** lives. Excitement, yes. Passion, definitely. Connection, 100%. But there's something more I can't put words to. It feels like we just met. Like we're discovering each other in ways I had kind of forgotten since the kids... And now we can't wait for the babies to go to sleep and pull out this book! Sure some nights we're still just exhausted, but we've committed to doing at least 1 a week and it has changed so much for us. We find it easier to connect in other ways throughout the week, and has lead to more... moments... for us even outside of the book.  If you're a parent, at least try this book. I don't think you'll regret it.

- Alice

Are You Ready To Take On The Adventure Challenge…In Bed?

At the end of the day, all we want to do is help. We know it’s difficult to keep the sexual passion and intimacy alive and well, so we’re more than thrilled to offer you this book. 

So, what do you say? Ready to spice things up even more in the bedroom? Get The Adventure Challenge…In Bed Edition with 50 scratch-off adventures for in and out of the bedroom! Save 15% off with the code: CONNECTEDSEX

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