12 Personal, Meaningful, & Sentimental Gifts for your Husband

12 Personal, Meaningful, & Sentimental Gifts for Husband

Finding romantic gift ideas for your husband can be a challenging task. You want to get him something that nods to his interests or that celebrates a memory you share - something you know that he’ll love. But what? Expressing our appreciation for someone through gift giving on a special occasion is beautiful, but not always straightforward. That’s where we come in.

This list of meaningful and sentimental gifts for your husband gives you plenty of opportunities to get a little sappy - but with personalized gifts that are high-quality and unique, too! Take a look at these twelve hand-picked and unique gifts for husbands:

#1 - Personalized Family Names Bracelet

Close-up shot of guy putting his hands in his pocket and wearing a Personalized Family Names Bracelet

This stylish bracelet is a perfect example of how a sentimental gift for your husband doesn't have to be cheesy (although it’s sometimes fun when they are!) The braided cord is interesting without being flashy, and the personalized circular silver beads give the idea of a charm bracelet a masculine twist. 

You can choose to have the bracelet made of cotton or leather, and then you can customize the number of beads and what you want engraved on them. Your kids’ names would be an adorable gift for you husband, but you could put a coordinate that means something to the both of you, or a sweet personal message. It’s the details here that make this personalized gift so meaningful!

#2 - Adventure Dates Challenge Book and Camera Set

Adventure Dates Challenge Book and Camera Set, a sentimental gift for your husband

This sentimental gift is designed to give you and your husband the time of your life! “The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition” is a scratch-off book with 50 different adventurous date ideas waiting to be explored. They’re created to help you and your husband make the most amazing and hilarious memories together, and to that end, the full set comes with a Polaroid camera. 

Each page of the book has space in it so that you can put in a photo from the date night and jot down a few thoughts about it. In this way, you and your husband build up a tangible record of the time you spend together - a snapshot of this season in your life that you can look back on in years to come.

#3 - Custom Engraved Compass

Vintage-inspired brass compass, a cool and unique gift for your husband

This vintage-inspired brass compass is such a cool and unique gift. If your husband is into sailing or navigation, this gift couldn’t be more perfect. It would be such a meaningful gift to mark the beginning of a new season or a new journey, and the quality is high enough that it could be passed down the generations.

You can make this an extra sentimental gift by getting something engraved on the back of the compass. It could be a sweet message, in typescript or in your own handwriting, to let him know how much you love him, or you could get a logo or a design engraved there too.

#4 - Relaxing Sandalwood Gift Set

Relaxing Sandalwood Gift Set, an amazing gift idea for your husband

Show your husband how much you care for him with this amazing gift! For the husband who needs to relax and be pampered, this self-care set is exactly the thing. With everything from bath bombs and shower steamers to mud masks and massage soap, all infused with relaxing sandalwood and vitamin E, this gift set will set him for weeks of luxurious showers and baths. And if you want to sample some of the products yourself - we won’t tell anyone!

#5 - Personalized Leather Bookmark

Personalized Leather Bookmark, a thoughtful gift for a husband who loves to read

For the husband who loves to read, this bookmark is one of the best sentimental gifts! The simple design of this bookmark is so clean and elegant - just simple Italian leather attached to a suede cord, and a line of customizable text running down the center. A quote from your favorite love poem, perhaps? An inside joke from the book you both love? The options are endless, but one thing’s for sure: he’s going to love these personalized gifts!

#6 - Romantic Whiskey Drinking Set

 Romantic Whiskey Drinking Set, an amazing gift idea for your husband

If your husband loves whiskey, he’ll love this personal gift! This whiskey drinking set comes in a beautiful pinewood box with a romantic message engraved on the outside. Inside, you’ll find a pair of beautiful whiskey glasses - but that’s not all. This fun gift also comes with a set of stainless steel cooling stones so that the whiskey stays cold without being diluted by melting ice, some ice tongs, and two chiseled slate coasters. It has everything you need to enjoy a nightcap together - just add whiskey!

#7 - Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board, a thoughtful gift idea for your husband who loves to cook

If your husband loves to cook food, this could be one of the best sentimental gifts for him! Get a monogram engraved onto the wood of this cutting block, along with your first names and your anniversary date to make it extra special . It’s made of walnut or maple wood, with one side smooth for chopping and the other engraved with your names. This seasoned board is a top-quality piece that will be useful in your kitchen for years to come - just like your husband.

#8 - “Drive Safe” Keychain

“Drive Safe” Keychain, a romantic and sentimental gift for your husband

We love it when romantic and sentimental gifts can be more than grand gestures and actually get incorporated into your daily life. That’s the great thing about this keychain - it’s a gift your husband can carry around wherever he goes. Made of stainless steel with a silver sheen, this keychain’s main charm says ‘Drive safe. I need you here with me’, while the smaller, heart-shaped charm reads ‘I love you’. If you want a little gift that’s still meaningful, this is a great gift idea!

#9 - Set of Fingerprint Rings

Set of Fingerprint Rings, a unique and sentimental gift idea for your husband

These rings couldn’t be more sentimental gifts! Well made and totally unique, these romantic gifts allow you to get you and your husband’s fingerprints engraved into the rings. You can wear his and he can wear yours - but when the rings are stacked together, the shapes form a heart. 

Available in a silver, gold, or rose-gold finish, these personalized gifts can be made to suit any style. They are subtle and stylish, but when you know you’re wearing your husband’s fingerprint, they’re crazy romantic, too.

#10 - “What I’m Grateful For” Fill-in-the-blanks Journal

“What I’m Grateful For” Fill-in-the-blanks Journal, a unique and romantic gift idea for your husband

This adorable journal is one of the more unusual sentimental gifts on this list! It’s a little book, printed beautifully, that you fill out to give to your husband. Inside, every page has a prompt to help you remember and describe a quality or a memory that you’re grateful for.

The best gifts are the ones that are totally unique - the ones that require time and thought from you. This book ticks all those boxes - it’s going to help you pour out your love and appreciation for your husband in a form he can return to again and again. 

#11 - Personalized Screwdrivers

Personalized screwdrivers, the perfect gift for a husband who knows his way around a toolbox

These personalized screwdrivers are the perfect gift for a husband who knows his way around a toolbox. You can get a message of your choice engraved on the wooden handles of these tools - anything from your kids’ names to a simple “I love you” to a playful “If you can’t fix it, we’re screwed!”

These are available in a #2 Phillips head or 3/16 slotted flat head, and you can buy singles or a six-pack set. Make his day with these out-of-the-box gift ideas and give him something he’ll cherish forever!

#12 - “Magic Box” With Secret Message

“Magic Box” With Secret Message, a unique and fun gift for your husband

This unique gift gives you the opportunity to surprise your husband with an inside joke or romantic message. A little wooden box with cutouts in different shapes, light a tealight and put the candle into it to see instant romantic mood lighting. The cutouts create patterns of light and shade that really contribute to the atmosphere, but that’s not the star of the show. The real point of this gift is the custom message you can have carved into one side of the box. When you light the candle, the message will shine onto the wall - so choose your words wisely!

The Hunt is On for the Perfect Gift

As you can see, there are plenty of different routes you can go down when you’re looking for a meaningful gift for your husband. You can turn up the romance and go all-out with affection, you can get something useful and everyday personalized to make it special, you can get him something that celebrates his interests and skills - the list goes on. For even more amazing gift ideas for your husband, check out our guide to the Best Valentine’s Gifts for Your Husband!

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