Best Valentine Gifts for Husband

Don’t be left scrambling for a Valentine’s Day gift this year - it’s time to up your game! These days, more and more couples are breaking away from the traditional flowers-and-chocolate kind of Valentine’s gifts and are opting to celebrate their relationship with gifts that are a little bit more unique. Any excuse to make your partner feel loved is a win in our book, so we’ve put together this list of the best Valentine gifts for your husband. 

Best Valentines Gifts for Husband

These Valentines gifts cover a whole range of different prices and items. We’ve aimed to include options from the sweet and romantic to the thoughtful and practical, and everything from tiny tokens of love to much grander gestures of devotion.

One thing’s for sure, though: everything on this list of Valentines gifts is a unique spin on the concept of a Valentine’s Day gift. These gifts celebrate a life lived together - they aren’t the products of a commercial holiday as much as ways to celebrate your husband in ways he’ll truly appreciate.

#1 - Pair of Double Insulated Espresso Glasses

Pair of Double Insulated Espresso Glasses, a perfect valentine gift for your husband


If your husband loves his coffee, these elegant glass espresso cups are an amazing Valentine’s Day gift. The double layer of glass not only has insulating properties to keep your coffee warm for longer but it also looks so cool!

#2 - Personalized Cufflinks

Personalized Cufflinks with a personalized message engraved on these cufflinks

You can choose the message to have engraved on these cufflinks (as well as the metal and the shape of them), which means that you can turn these into a romantic Valentine gift. The really cool part? You can get your actual handwriting put on the cufflinks instead of a standard font - it’s the little personal details like that really show your love.

#3 - The ‘No Brainer’ Ordinary Skincare Set

‘No Brainer’ Ordinary Skincare Set, a perfect valentine gift for your husband


If your husband has been curious about skincare or is looking to expand his collection, this gift set is the perfect gift for him. The Ordinary create affordable but incredibly effective products, and this set takes all of the guesswork out of starting a new routine.

#4 - Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition Camera Set

The Adventure Challenge book and camera set, a perfect valentine gift idea

Passion is amazing, but having fun together? Definitely an underrated form of romance! This Adventure Challenge scratch-off book lets you uncover a new adventure to take on with your husband - designed to create a date night full of laughter and connection. Buy the camera set to give your husband a Polaroid camera - so that you can keep a visual record of the adventures you go on!

#5 - 1/4 Zip Fleece Sweater

1/4 Zip Fleece Sweater made of Patagonia fleece

Whether he styles it with sneakers or layers it for an adventure outdoors, your husband will love this Patagonia fleece. Plus, the polyester it’s made of is 100% recycled!

#6 - BrüMate Stainless Steel Can Cooler

BrüMate Stainless Steel Can Cooler,  a great valentine gift for your husband

This insulated can cooler and tumbler mean his drinks will be the perfect temperature all day long. You can slip a can of beer or La Croix in this sleeve to keep it cold or warm, or you can pour your drink into the tumbler and experience the perfect temperature as you carry it with you - to a barbecue, sports game, or hike.

#7 - Spinning Heart Message Box

Spinning heart message box, a romantic valentine gift

This is one of the most romantic gifts on the list! Give your husband this box with a red heart on the outside and a screen on the inside. You can send sweet messages from an app on the phone, and the heart will spin to let him know to check it. 

#8 - Woodgrain Shower Speaker

Woodgrain Shower Speaker, a random and fun valentine gift

Give him the full concert experience in his morning showers with this great shower speaker! Hook it up to your phone on Bluetooth and you can karaoke to your heart’s content. It’s a random, fun Valentine gift.

#9 - Puffer Slippers

Puffer Slippers, a comfortable valentine gift for your husband

Slippers, but with a twist. These buffer slippers are soooo warm - they even have a drawstring at the ankle to keep in the heat. Be warned, though - they might just ruin your husband for any other slipper ever again.

#10 - Personalized Anniversary World Map

Personalized Anniversary World Map, a thoughtful valentine gift for your husband

This elegant piece will look great on your wall, but that’s not it’s only function. It’s a map designed for you to put pins in to mark the adventures that you’ve taken together. Looking at this thoughtful gift, you’ll be able to reminisce on your favorite travel memories and dream about where you’d like to go next!

#11 - North Face Etip Recycled Glove

North Face Etip Recycled Glove, a good valentine gift idea

This is a Valentines gift for the hikers here. These amazing gloves are designed with an ‘Etip’ so that you can touch your phone screen without taking the gloves off - great for taking pictures from the top of that mountain peak!

#12 - Lululemon Sweatpants

 Lululemon sweatpants, a Valentines gifts that your husband will use all year round

Perfect both for street style and for cosy lounging, these joggers are unbelievably comfortable! They’re one of those Valentines gifts that your husband will use all year round, which is always a plus when it comes to gift-giving.

#13 - The Mustache Bible

The Mustache Bible, a perfect Valentine gift for your husband

Half joke gift, half useful manual, this ‘Mustache Bible’ is an incredible guide to facial hair. It has instructions for achieving 40 different styles, so you might be unleashing your husband to make some interesting decisions! 

#14 - Tube Socks with Food Embroidery

Tube Socks with Coffee Embroidery, a cute Valentine gift for your husband

These are a great halfway house between joke gift and actually stylish present - these tube socks each sport a little embroidered food on each of them. From tacos to soda, these playful little touches are a great gift for someone who likes to dress intentionally but doesn't take themselves too seriously.

#15 - Best Movies of All Time Scratch-Off Poster

Best Movies of All Time Scratch-Off Poster, a great valentine gift idea

This Valentines gift is an investment in future date nights! As you work your way down this list of incredible movies, you can scratch off each section to reveal the movie cover. Eventually you’ll have a poster full of movie titles - and the satisfaction of scratching off the very last one. One of the great things about this design is that the poster looks cool all the way through the process!

#16 - Everyday Patagonia Beanie

Everyday Patagonia beanie, a gift that is going to become an absolute staple in your husband’s wardrobe

This gift is going to become an absolute staple in your husband’s wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with a great beanie, and Patagonia really delivers here with their soft, warm fabric and relaxed fit.

#17 - ‘I Love You More’ Keyring

A playful keyring with text that reads ‘I love you more. The end. I win.'

This playful keyring is the perfect little token of your love. It reads ‘I love you more. The end. I win.’ If you want to give your husband a low-key Valentine’s gift that still feels romantic, this is the one!

#18 - Glass KeepCup

Reusable glass KeepCup, the best Valentines gift

For a stylish way to enjoy your coffee on the go, this reusable glass KeepCup is the best Valentines gift. The simple, clean design is something different than your typical plastic travel mug, and it stands out from the crowd in the best way.

#19 - Custom “Night it All Began” Painted Board

Custom “Night it All Began” Painted Board, a cute valentine's gift for your husband

For a more romantic and meaningful Valentines gift, this custom painting is a great option. You can have the constellations and star patterns that were in the sky on the night you first met or first became a couple hand-painted onto this gorgeous piece, along with any personalized message you like.

#20 - Personalized Giant Takeout Decider Dice

Personalized Giant Takeout Decider Dice, a thoughtful valentine gift

If you have trouble deciding where to get food (and let’s be honest… who doesn’t) this personalized die is a hilarious and, actually, pretty useful Valentine’s Day gift! You can have all your favorite food places carved on the different sides, and then when you and your husband can’t decide where to go for dinner, one of you can just toss the dice!

#21 - MLB Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Openers

MLB Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Openers

This is a Valentine gift for lovers of America’s favorite pastime. These bottle openers are made out bats that have been used in actual MLB games, and they come with a story card letting you in on which specific game this bat was used in. It’s one of those random, fun little gifts that your husband might not splurge on for himself, but will love receiving from you.

#22 - Leather Airpods Case

Leather Airpods Case, an elegant and sophisticated valentine gift

Give this Valentine’s Day a luxurious touch with this leather Airpods case. It’s elegant and stylish, giving your husband a little bit of low-key sophistication without being flashy. These cases come in black, brown, grey, and cream.

#23 - Adventure Challenge “...In Bed” Book

Adventure Challenge “...In Bed” Book, a great valentine gift for your husband

Turn up the heat this Valentine’s Day with a book that’s full of 50 sex-therapist approved challenges to spice up your sex life and help you connect even more deeply - emotionally as well as physically. Above all, these challenges are light-hearted and fun - the perfect end to an amazing date night.

#24 - Personalized Framed Lego Figurine Art

Personalized Framed Lego Figurine Art, an adorable valentine gift

This adorable piece of art can be personalized with Lego superhero figures to represent you and your husband! You can add a personalized message to go with it - in this case, they’ve gone for ‘You will forever be my Batman’, which is pretty cute - but a message that means something in your own relationship will be even better.

Choosing the Right Valentines Gifts for Your Husband

Here at The Adventure Challenge, we like to think that we’re pretty good at gifts. We’ve got even more resources for you to consider as you look for the perfect gift: check out 14 Thoughtful Gifts for a Boyfriend and the Best Anniversary Gifts for Him for even more inspiration.

After looking over this list, you’ve hopefully realized that there are so many fabulous and creative ways to show your love in gift form. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your husband is out there, just waiting!

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