Creative, Romantic, and Fun Stay-at-Home Date Ideas for Couples

Looking for incredible ways to connect with your partner, right from the comfort of your own home? Stay at home date ideas are not second-class date nights! In fact, indoor date nights actually give you a greater level of freedom and intimacy than when you head out on the town!

So, if you're wondering what to do to spice up date night and you want some ideas, you're in the right place. This is exactly where you'll find a huge variety of indoor date night ideas, from the classic to the totally unconventional.

Cooking Ideas

One of the simplest indoor date night ideas for you and your partner is to turn cooking dinner into a chance to connect. Think about it - you have to cook (or at least, eat!) every night - why not turn it into a fun date night?

#1 - Customize your own homemade pizza recipe

It's hard to go wrong with pizza! Whether you want to class it up with some appetizers and wine tasting or keep it lowkey with ice cream and a movie, pizza is a crowd-pleaser.

Creative, Romantic, and Fun Stay-at-Home Date Ideas for Couples: Girl blindfolded as the guy kisses her and takes a photo of them

Getting a bunch of ingredients together for homemade pizza is an indoor date night idea that lets you be creative and playful together, too.

#2 - Learn new date night cocktails together

Mixology isn't actually as hard as you might think - but it can sure look impressive.

Creative, Romantic, and Fun Stay-at-Home Date Ideas for Couples: Close-up shot of guy making a cocktail

Learn how to whip up a few date night cocktails and you can enjoy the sophistication of a date night out on the town, all from the comfort of your own living room.

#3 - Recreate your first date with a home-cooked recipe

For an incredibly romantic indoor date night, throw it back to the very beginning of your relationship and recreate your first ever date. You might recreate the first meal you ever shared together, or, if your first date didn't involve food, come up with an 'inspired-by' meal.

Creative, Romantic, and Fun Stay-at-Home Date Ideas for Couples: Couple eating tacos in the kitchen as the girl lays on the table

If you went for a walk, you could have an indoor picnic, if you went for coffee, you could make an espresso cake. This kind of romantic gesture might not be for every couple, but if you think your partner would love it, what are you waiting for?

#4 - Make a date night meal that you can cook together

We have a whole book of dinner date ideas - delicious recipes designed to be cooked together. What if you didn't have to wait until the candle was lit and the table was set to have an amazing indoor date night?

Creative, Romantic, and Fun Stay-at-Home Date Ideas for Couples: Couple making dinner together with a cookbook

Everyday life is what we share together, so why not make it a chance to really have fun and appreciate the little things. After all, that's what at home date night ideas are all about.

Fun Games

We couldn't talk about fun indoor date ideas without mentioning a game night. Now, this doesn't just have to be a classic board game - though we love those! Instead, check out these date ideas for a fun evening.

#1 - Truth or dare

The classic sleepover game from childhood can be super fun to revisit with your partner. Take it deep with 'truths' that are thoughtful and interesting, or spice it up with sexy dares.

Creative, Romantic, and Fun Stay-at-Home Date Ideas for Couples: Couple share laughs in the bathtub

You could write a bunch of dares ahead of time and take turns drawing them out and doing them, if you wanted to make this date night particularly memorable.

#2 - Video games

If you love to play video games, you have the perfect rainy day date! Get a bunch of your favorite snacks, clear your evening, and enjoy gaming together.

#3 - Experiment with sex games

You don't have to leave intimacy to the end of the evening - why not kick date night off with it instead?

Creative, Romantic, and Fun Stay-at-Home Date Ideas for Couples: Couple sitting on the bed with the guy about to put a blindfold on the girl

Use Adventure Challenge "...In Bed" for some fun date night ideas that will make you really glad that you decided to stay home.

#4 - Play a classic board game

You don't have to make things complicated to have an amazing at home date night. Pull out a classic board game, grab a drink, put on some music, and have fun.

#5 - Jenga

This classic game is fun on its own, but have you ever thought about giving it a sexy twist?

Creative, Romantic, and Fun Stay-at-Home Date Ideas for Couples: Couple playing Jenga in hot tub

Whether you opt for traditional Jenga, or something a little more exciting, it's a great addition to an indoor date night.

#6 - Twister

Do we need to say anything more? Whether you end up laughing on the floor or heading into a steamier moment, breaking out Twister is a unique way to mix-up date night. Up the stakes and add some challenges or dares to each turn and wait to see where the night will take you.

#7 - Scavenger hunt

If you're looking for more unique at home date night ideas, creating a scavenger hunt could be exactly what you need. You could make a scavenger hunt as romantic or as goofy as you wanted, and then have a blast watching your partner figure out your clues and find your gifts or items.

Creative, Romantic, and Fun Stay-at-Home Date Ideas for Couples: Couple playing with nerf guns

It's a playful date night idea that will go down in the books!

Cheap / Inexpensive Indoor Date Night Ideas

You don't need to spend loads on fancy ingredients or accessories to have incredible at home date nights. Let's dive into some inexpensive home date night ideas that are going to be an absolute blast.

#1 - Have a karaoke night

There are thousands of karaoke songs on YouTube these days, so a karaoke night is truly just seconds away! You could embrace the vibe by setting up some dramatic lighting, finding a makeshift 'microphone', and competing to outdo one another in best performance.

#2 - Learn a new dance

Ever wanted to learn to salsa dance? To waltz? Even just to do the worm? From ballroom dancing to the latest Tiktok trend, you don't need to head to a class to learn something new.

Creative, Romantic, and Fun Stay-at-Home Date Ideas for Couples: Silhouette of couple as they dance at night

There are all kind of tutorials online, and taking one on is a fun and interesting way to spend an evening, all the better if it's in each other's arms.

#3 - Plan your next trip

One of the sweetest at home date night ideas has you travelling the world - in your dreams. You don't need to spend a cent to plan your dream vacation. Look up Airbnbs, pull up travel guides, maybe even create a Pinterest board.

Creative, Romantic, and Fun Stay-at-Home Date Ideas for Couples: Couple smiling inside the car

Dreaming together about the adventures you'll have one day is a surefire way to feel connected. Get excited about your shared future - and maybe even start saving for those tickets.

#4 - Work on a DIY project together

Dreaming together is one thing, but working together is something else! If you've ever tried to put some IKEA furniture together, you'll have a pretty good idea if this indoor date night idea is for you.

Creative, Romantic, and Fun Stay-at-Home Date Ideas for Couples: Couple doing a DIY project together

Taking on a project, from the design to the finished work, is extremely satisfying, and date night could be the perfect time to start!

#5 - Work on a couple’s vision board

One of the bases of a thriving relationship is shared values and goals. We know - that doesn't sound sexy. But you'd be surprised at how inspired and connected you'll feel after talking and dreaming about your vision for the future.

What goals do you want to achieve? What dreams do you have? How do you want the future to feel? All of these are amazing questions to consider, and building your couple's vision board will help you to make it practical.

Create it physically with photos and paper or digitally on Pinterest or Powerpoint, and you'll always have it to look back on. This is far bigger than just at home date night ideas to pass the time - it's a recipe for an evening that will propel you forward.

Out of the Box and Virtual Ideas

#1 - Have a creative paint night

This is one of those at home date night ideas that is going to work if you're good at it - and if you're not. If you've never painted a day in your life - perfect! Learning (and failing!) is all part of what makes this indoor date night idea fun and memorable.

Creative, Romantic, and Fun Stay-at-Home Date Ideas for Couple: Couple smiling and applying face paint on each other

We recommend starting with watercolor - they are cheap to buy and easy to clean up, and there are lots of incredible tutorials out there to help you take on this new skill. There are plenty of twists on this date night idea that you can incorporate to keep it interesting - paint for ten minutes and then swap out your pieces, working on each other's paintings to create two composite pieces; creating cards for one another; attempting to create a portrait of each other. They might end up a little more Picasso than da Vinci, but that's all part of the fun.

#2 - Share your thoughts on a book

If you love to read, why not start a book club for two?

How often do you get to intentionally share thoughts on the things you read? You might get that here and there in your day to day life, but if it's something that you and your partner really enjoy, it's time to carve out intentional space for it.

Once a month, make your stay at home date night a book discussion! You pick a book together and share your thoughts on it, or, if you're both bookworms, take time to tell each other about the separate things you've been reading. Connecting on this intellectual level is a fresh way to engage with one another and truly value each other as people, not just as partners. And that sense of connection - mind to mind- is what makes for the best indoor date.

#3 - Send each other packages from local online stores

Start your indoor date with a surprise! A week or so before date night, set yourselves a budget and a challenge to order a package from a local business. This could be something as small as some local chocolate or honey, or a bigger gift like clothes or games - you know your partner, and your budget, best.

Creative, Romantic, and Fun Stay-at-Home Date Ideas for Couples: Couple smiling as they open a gift on the bed

But then, when the packages arrive, you get to have a fun date unboxing them and trying them on. You're supporting local businesses, showing a token of your appreciation for your partner, and having a great indoor date - what a win win!

#4 - Play your favorite online games with each other

If you have online games that you love, invite your partner into that, too. Spend an evening playing games and let your inner child run the show. You could go for a selection of your favorite snacks and have a competition - with a prize for the winner, of course.

#5 - Solve virtual escape rooms

One unique and interesting home date night is to solve virtual escape rooms together. Going to an actual escape room is a fun date, but you don't have to leave the house get a taste of the experience!

These virtual escape rooms give you puzzles to solve and places to explore - and the best part is, if you stop having fun, you can just close down the window and call it a night.

Finding Great Indoor Date Ideas

We hope these indoor dates ideas have helped you get excited about date night again! There are so many options to embark on with your love - never settle for takeout and a movie ever again. (But don't throw out takeout and movies . . . they can absolutely stay.)

For more incredible date ideas, for in and outside the home, take a look at our Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition!

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