5 Date Ideas to Celebrate National Couple’s Day

When Is National Couple's Day?

National Couple's Day is August 18. 

This holiday was created as a way for couples to celebrate their love and their history together! Valentine's Day can definitely be romantic and fun, but it can also feel high-pressure and, sometimes, pretty materialistic. The idea of National Couple's Day is to take it back to what really matters - you and your partner. It’s a chance to celebrate on your terms, as chill or as all-out as you want.

Why celebrate National Couple's Day?

Instead of just seeing this as another hallmark holiday, this day gives you an excuse to celebrate your love with your partner. What if National Couple's Day was more about adventure and connection than roses and chocolate?

This year could be the start of a fun tradition for you and your loved one – a chance to connect, celebrate, and reflect on how far you’ve come.

Who is National Couple's Day for? 

Unlike other holidays, this one is for all the couples out there! Dating, engaged, married, and everything in between! National Couples Day is for celebrating all romantic relationships: no one is excluded.

5 Date Ideas to Celebrate National Couple's Day

#1 - Take a stroll down memory lane

What better way to celebrate National Couple's Day than getting together with your partner and looking through old photos?

Rummage through your closet, grab that old shoe box full of photos, and prepare yourself for lots of “awwww”ing  at how cute you used to be – as well as laughs about what you each thought was fashionable. Or, you know, scroll to the very end of your camera roll.

5 date ideas to celebrate national couple’s day: Guy planting kiss on his girlfriend's cheek as they share coffee together.

If you are feeling extra brave, celebrate National Couple’s Day by posting a few photos on Instagram of you and your partner then and now. Take some new photos with our Limited Edition Signature Camera

#2 - Make “mix tapes” for each other

Remember back when the best way to tell someone how much they meant to you was through a burned CD you got from Circuit City, loaded up with a curated collection of songs that remind you of them? Let’s recapture that feeling!

5 date ideas to celebrate national couple’s day: Couple sharing laughs as they hang out at record store.

Jump on your favorite music streaming platform and make each other a National Couple's Day “mixtape” of the songs that remind you of them and your relationship. Throw in a mix of the hits that were playing when you got together, old favorites, and the new stuff you’ve been enjoying recently, too. If you feel up for the challenge, try curating a playlist that goes through the different phases of your relationship.

#3 - Visit an arcade and play together

Tap into your inner child and grab a roll of quarters for some fun competition this National Couple’s Day. Play some racing games, get competitive with air hockey, win some tickets and get a cute little prize to take home.

5 date ideas to celebrate national couple’s day: Elderly couple sharing a kiss as they sit on motorcycles at the arcade.

Before you leave, jump into the photobooth together for some cute photos. Bonus points if you smooch each other!

#4 - Afternoon delight

No, not what you are thinking. Meet up with your partner for lunch at a local park. Pack a picnic or grab takeout and relax in the sun while the weather is still nice.

5 date ideas to celebrate national couple’s day: Couple sharing a toast with their beer during their picnic date.

Do your best to be present in the moment and focus on your partner and nature. If you have time to kill, play a game of iSpy, or bring a deck of cards and play go fish.

#5 - Have a Q&A night

This National Couple's Day, dedicate some time to go through a set of Conversation Starters & Questions with your partner. We’ve got 93 meaningful questions for you and your partner to answer.

5 date ideas to celebrate national couple’s day: Couple sharing laughs during their casual date on back of pick up truck

No matter if you have been together for years or months, there is a good chance you haven’t asked these questions before, and if you have, it’s time to see if the answers are still the same. Want to make it more fun? Make a game of it by feeding each other a snack after each question or taking a sip of your favorite bubbly beverage! 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know when is National Couple's Day and you have some ideas for what you can do to celebrate, it’s time to make some plans!

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