The Ultimate Father's Day Plan: An Exciting Adventure Challenge

It's that time of year again. The third Sunday of June is fast approaching, which means Father's Day is around the corner. It's the day we get to appreciate the patriarchs of our families, the men who raised us, and the steadfast figures that have been there through thick and thin.

But let's face it, the traditional Father's Day gift of a necktie or a pair of socks just isn't cutting it anymore. This year, we're taking it up a notch with a game-changing plan that will leave Dad feeling loved, appreciated, and celebrated in a way like never before. Get ready to ditch the tie and embark on an epic adventure – The Adventure Challenge style!

Happy Father's Day dad balloons - The Perfect Father's Day Plan

The Perfect Father's Day Plan

Our Father's Day extravaganza unfolds in three thrilling stages, each one carefully crafted to add a dash of excitement, a pinch of heartwarming connection, and a whole lot of love:

  1. A Unique Family Adventure: Embark on a journey of spontaneity and excitement with a personalized family adventure. This isn't just any run-of-the-mill activity - this is about crafting a day of fun and joy that's tailored just for Dad.

  2. Engaging Family Connection Questions: Turn up the dial on family bonding with our thought-provoking conversation starters. Get ready to share laughter and tears, dig deeper into Dad's world, and strengthen those precious family bonds.

  3. An Exclusive After-Hours Challenge for Mom and Dad: Once the little ones are tucked in tight, it's time for a special surprise just for Mom and Dad. This playful, romantic challenge is all about honoring the partnership that started it all.

We're ditching the usual this Father's Day and embracing the extraordinary. We're not just giving Dad another gift that collects dust on the shelf. No, we're gifting experiences, stories, and moments of connection that will be etched in your family's heart forever. We're making Father's Day not just a day but a memory that will be fondly relived year after year.

So, are you ready to make this Father's Day the best one yet?

Father's Day exclusive adventure - Fate Date

Family Adventure - Fate Date

Are you tired of the same old routine for Father's Day? How about something that is spontaneous and has everyone feeling excited? Look no further! Our 'Fate Date' challenge is here to add an element of surprise to this Father's Day. This challenge has been adapted from our monthly text subscription, The Adventure Guide!

Fate Date

Today, fate will decide your date with dad!

You will need Dad to give you 4 options for each of the following 3 categories. Write them in list format on a piece of paper:

  • 4 Activities
  • 4 Foods
  • 4 Genres of Music
In this challenge, Dad is given the opportunity to list his top 4 choices in three categories: Activities, Foods, and Music genres. After you’ve listed them out, Dad then picks a number between 1-4 for each category, resulting in a spontaneous adventure that caters to his tastes. Not only does it make for an exciting day, but it also allows you to learn more about Dad's preferences and passions.

For example, for activities, Dad might list puzzles, board games, rollerblading, or arcade games. For food, his list could include sushi, burgers, pizza, or tacos. And for music, he might choose Country, Rock, Rap, or 80’s Hits. The options are as limitless as Dad's imagination!

Just imagine the thrill as the day unfolds! You could be rollerblading to the beats of 80's hits before grabbing a bite of your favorite sushi. Or maybe you'll end up playing arcade games while munching on delicious tacos with rock music playing in the background. No matter the combination, it’s bound to be a Father’s Day he’ll never forget.

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The Adventure Challenge Father's Day Connection Questions

Father’s Day Connection Card Questions

Now that we’ve got our adventurous day planned out, it’s time to dive a little deeper and create an even stronger connection with Dad. Our Connection Cards for couples are designed to spark conversation and bring you closer together. We've created some new questions just for Father's Day.

Father's Day questions for everyone to answer (Remember, Dad answers last!):

  • If Dad won the lottery, what would he do first?
  • Describe Dad in three words.
  • If we had a family podcast, what would be the title?
  • Do your best impression of Dad telling a story.

Father's Day questions for Dad to answer: 

  • What's one embarrassing story from your childhood that you haven’t told me yet?
  • What is something you hope others remember about you, and why?

These questions are guaranteed to elicit laughter, tears, and memories. They’re the perfect way to deepen your bond with Dad and show him just how special he is to the family.

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Father's Day In Bed Challenge – 30 Minutes in Heaven

...In Bed Challenge – 30 Minutes in Heaven

Just because the kids are in bed doesn't mean the adventure has to end! This exclusive challenge is a romantic surprise for Dad from Mom that will surely end the day on a high note.

But here's a friendly warning - this part of the adventure is strictly for adult eyes only! It's about creating a playful, intimate space just for Mom and Dad to reconnect and celebrate their partnership. If there are little ones peeking over your shoulder as you read this, you might want to save this challenge for later!

This challenge is taken directly from our best-selling ...In Bed edition and is one of our Secret Scratchers. These challenges are designed to be scratched off by one partner so you can surprise your person with whatever is underneath. Secret Scratchers double the romance, intentionality, and suspense of the challenge, all contributing to what our customers refer to as, "great sex." Here's one of our favorites, perfect for Father's Day:

30 Minutes In Heaven:

Tonight you're going to lavish your partner with a sensual experience that's all about them and their pleasure. Light candles, put on their favorite music, and give them a relaxing massage (30 minute minimum). Work all the way from their head down to their toes, asking them how they'd like to be touched. Think of at least three things from the past week that have made you feel grateful for your partner, and tell them about these things as you massage them. Once you've massaged for at least 30 minutes, begin focusing on their erogenous zones. Take your time arousing them until they have finished and feel fully pleasured.

And remember, the fun doesn't stop at the massage ;) 

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Final Thoughts

Father's Day is a perfect opportunity to show our dads how much they mean to us. And what better way to do this than by creating an adventure-filled day tailored to his likes and preferences? Add some heartfelt conversations and a romantic surprise to the mix, and we promise, this will be a Father's Day he won't forget.

Don't forget, The Adventure Guide is your go-to resource for a range of unique and exciting adventures! Whether it's a regular weekend, or any special occasion, there's always room for a fun adventure!

This Father's Day, let's make a vow to ditch the boring gifts and instead, opt for experiences that'll create lasting memories. Here's to a day full of laughter, adventure, deep connections, and love. Happy Father's Day!

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