Importance of connecting with other people

The Health Benefits of Connecting With Others

When it comes to being the healthiest that you can be, your connection with others might just be the biggest tool in your tool belt! Connecting with others comes with major health benefits and sets you up to succeed in all areas of life.

Becoming a healthy, well-rounded person can be directly tied to the level of connection you have with others. Let’s take a look at how connecting with others brings you the health benefits you need. 

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The 3 Health Circles That Are Affected By Connecting With Others 

Investing in and connecting with others is the fast track to covering and satisfying the three main areas of health in your life: 

  • Your physical health 
  • Your emotional health 
  • Your mental health 

These three areas are what each of us function out of on a daily basis. Here at The Adventure Challenge, when it comes to relationships, we are all about wholeness and sustainable health. That’s why we’ve decided to hone in on these three health circles and let you in on the secret to becoming the best you that you can be; your connection with others.   

That’s right! It’s as simple as the relationships in your life. Who says connection doesn’t come with its own set of perks? We’re all about well-rounded relationships, and research shows that they are the key to flourishing in life.

In order to explain the role that connecting with others plays in each health circle, we’ve taken some time to break them down into individual categories. Let’s take a look!

How Connecting With Others Affects Your Physical Health

When it comes to your physical health, connecting with others will not only improve it, but help to sustain it! Keeping healthy connections and investing into the relationships in your life will positively affect your body in more ways than one. Here are three ways connecting with others does just that: 

  1. Connecting with others can strengthen your immune system and help your body fight against inflammation.
  2. Connecting with others creates a sense of belonging which research shows can extend life and decreases the risk of suicidal thoughts.
  3. Connecting with others actually helps you recover from disease more quickly!

Your connection to others plays a major role in your physical health, so much so that studies have revealed a lack of social connection can be one of the leading causes of obesity, smoking, and high blood pressure. 

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Because we know how important connecting with others is for your physical health, we want to help you invest in the relationships in your life. Check out our blog How to Prioritize Investing in Relationships (and Yourself) for some practical steps to start connecting!  

How Connecting With Others Affects Your Emotional Health

Another area of health affected by your connection to others is your emotional well-being. When you build strong connections and healthy interactions, your emotional health will benefit. Being able to connect with people helps you to be more trusting, less cynical, and more solid in your sense of belonging and purpose. We can’t think of anything much healthier than that! Here are a few ways connecting with others positively affects your emotional health. 

  1. Connecting with others improves your quality of life. You’ll have a greater sense of purpose and people to enjoy life with. 
  2. Connecting with others increases your self-esteem. Healthy relationships with others will boost your confidence.
  3. Connecting with others improves your general mood. Say goodbye to negativity!
  4. Connecting with others increases your ability to empathize with others.

How Connecting With Others Affects Your Mental Health 

The final circle of health that is affected by your connection to others is your mental health. This is so important when it comes to longevity and focus. We all have periods when our mental health goes through a rough patch, and it is the loving connections in our lives that help to pull us through. Here are four mental health benefits that stem from the connection you have with others.

  1. A decrease in anxiety and depression due to a sense of reinforced identity and acceptance. 
  2. A decrease in stress levels as a result of social support and increased levels of oxytocin. Oxytocin is a feel-good hormone that is released in the body as a result of bonding with people.
  3. A decrease in loneliness. Your connection with others generates a sense of belonging and encourages greater feelings of happiness and satisfaction.
  4. An increase in encouragement and motivation. When we’re feeling low, it can be hard to see the good in ourselves or our lives. But when we’re close to other people, they can bring the encouragement we need to keep going.  

Overall, your connection with others creates a sense of balance for your mental health. What better antidote to stress, loneliness, depression, and anxiety enjoying the connection and company of people? The benefits of connection are endless, and we love the positive health effects that they bring.

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The 3 Health Circles 

Who knew so much goodness could come out of connection? You’re probably aware of the value that connecting with others brings to your quality of life, but it’s amazing how much research backs it up. Connecting with others is a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to holistic health.

Conclusion to Connecting With Others 

Now that you’ve seen the importance of connection in the three main areas of your health, and the role that they play in your life, we hope you’ll take the initiative to get out there and get connected! If you’re looking for a step-by-step play to help you connect with others, we’ve created How to Connect With People (8 Easy Steps) to be your guide! 

Also, for more ideas, be sure to check out our Friend’s Edition Scratch-Off Adventure Book or one of our other books for couples, families or even solos!

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