27 Best Bridal Shower Gifts

There are few things more exciting than when a close friend or family member gets engaged! It often kicks off a busy season of planning and celebrating, and a significant part of that is the bridal shower. Bridal showers, bachelorette parties, hen dos - whatever you want to call them, they’re a chance for the bride’s friends to celebrate her and, of course, shower her with gifts.

That’s where we come in. We’ve pulled together some of the best bridal shower gifts - 27 of them, to be exact. Some of these are gifts that she’ll use on her wedding day, some on her wedding night, and some are totally unconnected to the wedding. They’re just fabulous gifts any bride would love to receive any time! 

27 Best Bridal Shower Gifts

#1 - A Beautiful Tennis Bracelet

Girl in hot pink top wearing the beautiful tennis bracelet, a perfect bridal shower gift

This stunning cuff has a unique triplet-stone pattern that really makes it stand out from the crowd. If she loves bling, this is the sparkle she’s looking for, but it’s also so dainty and simple that any bride will love it.

#2 - Personalized Stationery Set

Personalized stationery set with plant margins and text that reads Isabelle Gardner

She has dozens of thank-you notes in her future, so this is a thoughtful gift - but more than that, anything involving her new name is going to be such a fun bridal shower gift to give. This beautiful stationery set can be personalized with her new name. She won’t be able to wait until after the wedding to use these!

#3 - Adventure Challenge “...In Bed”

Guy plants a kiss on the girl's shoulder as he blindfolds her while doing the Adventure Challenge in Bed

Every bridal shower has to have at least a few eyebrow raising gifts, and this is one that the bride is going to love. A book of 50 curated sex challenges designed to cultivate intimacy, connection, and passion, the “...In Bed” Adventure Challenge is honeymoon gold!

#4 - Therapeutic Weighted Heart Pillow

Therapeutic weighted heart pillow on an orange backdrop

This weighted heart pillow in a fluffy white cover would be a great wedding gift if it was just a cute couch accessory - but this is more than that. This pillow can be heated or cooled to help this bride-to-be relax in true comfort.

#5 - Personalized Engraved Cake Cutter Set

Personalized Engraved Cake Cutter Set, a perfect gift for a bridal shower

This is a bridal shower gift that’s specifically for the wedding! A set of beautifully crafted cake knife and server, with a hammered handle and the option to have a message engraved onto the metal, is one of those little details that she’s going to love. It’s a gift she might not think to get for herself but will appreciate having for years to come.

#6 - Simple White and Gold Earring Studs

Elegant and clean gold and white hand-crafted studs for the perfect bridal shower gift

Elegant and clean, these beautiful hand-crafted studs even look a little bit bridal, which is always fun for a bridal shower gift. They’re simple enough that she could wear this unique bridal gift every day, but unusual enough she won’t find them elsewhere.

#7 - Personalized Bridal Bathrobe

Personalized bathrobe for the bride to wear on the morning of her wedding as she gets ready 

Get her this personalized bathrobe for her to wear on the morning of her wedding as she gets ready. It’ll be such a fun gift to use on her wedding day, but also one she can keep wearing afterwards.

#8 - A Lingerie Gift Card

Black and white photo of girl taking off her white lingerie

Give her a chance to pick out some fabulous honeymoon looks! This is a simple gift, but you truly can’t go wrong with it - a little bit cheeky, but overall incredibly appreciated. 

#9 - Marble Pastry and Charcuterie Board

Marble Pastry and Charcuterie Board, a perfect bridal shower gift

This would be the perfect bridal show gift for the bride who loves to host! This marble board is perfect for keeping pastry cool while you work with it, but it would also make a very aesthetic backdrop for a charcuterie arrangement.

#10 - Velvet Chain Headband

Velvet Chain Headband, a good bridal shower gift she can wear

Headbands have been on trend for a while now, but this one’s combo of velvet and chain details make it really something special. Not all bridal shower gifts have to be wedding or home themed - sometimes the best gift is one that she can wear any day of the week.

#11 - Personalized Mixtape Cushion

Personalized Mixtape Cushion, with text that reads Rockin' Since 2021

This unique bridal shower gift is a pillow printed with the picture of a mixtape. It can be personalized so that the handwriting on the tape spells out the happy couple’s name - a great addition to any newlywed’s home.

#12 - Adventure Date Subscription

Adventure date subscription gift box delivers a date idea along with everything you need to pull it off

This adventure date subscription gift box delivers a date idea along with everything you need to pull it off - it’s a great way to keep the fire burning in a relationship long after the wedding day. This isn’t just a fun bridal shower gift, it’s an investment in the marriage!

#13 - Set of Wine Soaps

A stack of wine-inspired soaps with a glass of wine and grapes beside it

This is one of those bridal shower gifts that she’s almost never come across before. I mean, how often do you stumble on wine-inspired soap? These artisanal bars of soap are crafted with notes from popular blends to give a luxurious showering experience!

#14 - Personalized Family Recipe In Gold

Personalized Family Recipe In Gold being held up by a woman in a yellow dress

If you’re looking for a bridal shower gift for a family member, this is a great gift idea! Make a scan of a beloved family recipe (or a handwritten note or letter) and have it immortalized as a print with an amazing metallic font.

#15 - Birchbox Makeup Subscription

Birchbox Makeup Subscription, a subscription box that delivers a box of new beauty products every month for the best bridal shower gift

This subscription delivers a box of new beauty products every single month - a great gift for a bride who loves to play around with her look!

#16 - ‘Mrs’ Traveling Jewelry Box

Traveling Jewelry Box with a gold print that reads 'Mrs' for the best bridal shower gift

Perfect for travelling on honeymoon, but also a gift that she’ll use for years to come, this travel jewellery box lets her transport all her jewellery in safety and style. It even has ‘Mrs’ printed onto it for a little bit of bridal flair.

#17 - Set of Skin Renewing Face Masks

Set of Skin Renewing Face Masks, a perfect bridal shower gift

In beautiful packaging and with a fun do-it-yourself element, this bridal shower gift will help your bride-to-be relax and unwind from wedding planning, with five different kinds of masks for her to mix up.

#18 - Gorgeous Dried Flower Wreath

Gorgeous Dried Flower Wreath, a creative bridal shower gift

Flowers are so celebratory, but these make an even better gift than fresh ones because they last forever. This artfully arranged wreath is a stunning decoration. Handwoven with grape vines, feverfew, caspia and poppy pods, it is totally unique and absolutely lovely.

#19 - Airbnb Gift Card

Airbnb Gift Card, a practical bridal shower gift

Give a gift towards the married couple’s next adventure! This Airbnb gift card is great because the bride could use this bridal shower gift anywhere in the world - to make the most of the first year of wedded bliss. 

#20 - Painted Spoon Rest

A painted spoon rest, a perfect bridal shower gift for a bride assembling her new home

For a bride who is assembling a new home, this whimsical spoon rest is a great addition to a new kitchen. It manages to be practical and decorative all at the same time, which is the sweet spot for bridal shower gifts!

#21 - A Diamond Cleaning Kit

Diamond cleaning kit, a luxurious bridal shower gift

Definitely a luxurious bridal shower gift, this diamond cleaning kit will equip the bride with everything she needs to keep her engagement ring - and any other jewelry - in perfect, sparkling condition.

#22 - A Plant Bundle

Plants from plant bundle subscription sitting on a wooden table

For the plant mom bride, you can actually order a bundle of different plants to arrive at her door (or, obviously, to take with you to the bridal shower). The Sill gives you plenty of different options, from pet-friendly plants to bundles designed for bright light or trailing leaves.

#23 - ‘Friends’ Themed To-go Coffee Cup

‘Friends’ Themed To-go Coffee Cup, a perfect bridal shower gift for a Friends fan

For the ‘Friends’ addict, this fun to-go cup is going to make her day. With ‘The One Where I’m the Bride’ emblazoned on it, she’s going to love using this to-go cup on her wedding day, and afterwards it will always be a cute reminder - both of the wedding day itself, and of your friendship.

#24 - Veuve Clicquot Champagne Soy Candle

Veuve Clicquot Champagne Soy Candle, a luxurious bridal shower gift

Bring a bit of luxury to this bridal shower with a shower gift that is as unique as it is striking. These incredible, long-lasting soy candles are hand-poured into old Veuve Clicquot Champagne bottles, and you can choose from a variety of custom scents.

#25 - Minimalist Cone Ring Holder

Minimalist Cone Ring Holder, a perfect bridal shower gift

If she doesn’t already have one of these, she needs one! A ring holder is so useful - for by the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, and by the bed. These ones are so cute, you could buy her a few of them and let her keep her ring safe all over the house.

#26 - Personalized ‘Mrs’ Crewneck

Woman wearing a personalized ‘Mrs’ Crewneck

This is a unique bridal shower gift that would be perfect for the girl who used to doodle her crush’s name on her school books. Get her new last name printed on it for a cosy sweater she’ll love wearing in the run-up to her wedding.

#27 - Mr & Mrs & Pooch Key Hooks

Mr & Mrs & Pooch Key Hooks, perfect for a bride with furbabies

For the bride with a fur baby, this key-hook mount is a playful nod to her new life. It has a hook for him, a hook for her, and a hook for her to hang her dog’s leash on, too. With a natural wood tone and classic black hooks, this could fit into a variety of different home aesthetics.

Finding the Perfect Bridal Shower Gift

Obviously, every bride is different. Some are going to swoon at personalized bridal gifts, while others would prefer something practical they can use in their home. Whoever the bride is, we hope you’ve found something that she would love to receive here on this list! And for even more gift ideas, check out our blog!

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