Great Wedding Gifts For Couples

If you’re considering a bunch of different wedding gifts for couples but you haven’t found the right one yet, you’re in the right place. Most of the time, when you’re invited to a wedding, there’s one half of the couple that you know a bit better than the other half. The thing about a wedding gift, though, is that you want it to be something that both of them are going to love. It’s nice if it’s a little unique, too, right? You don’t want to fade into the crowd of generic gifts brought by the other guests.

That’s where we come in. We’ve rounded up some of our all-time favorite wedding gifts for couples. These are all gifts that will be used and enjoyed equally by both members of a couple, but other than that they don’t have that much in common. They range widely here, with gifts that are very practical to gifts that are totally whimsical. You’re sure to find something you’ll think they’ll like.

Great Wedding Gifts for Couples

We’ve separated these wedding gifts in five sections to help you browse: wedding gifts for date night, wedding gifts for the bedroom, wedding gifts for the kitchen, wedding gifts for the living room, and other wedding gifts. 

Wedding Gifts for Date Night

When you’re considering what wedding gifts to give to a couple, it’s always a good idea to think about the kind of gifts that they can have fun with. Wedding gifts can be so practical - and that’s not a bad thing! - so slipping something luxurious and playful into the mix is a breath of fresh air.

#1 - Best of Italy Gift Set

Unique Best of Italy Gift set that has everything the happy couple needs to cook an incredible Italian meal together for date night

This unique gift set has everything the happy couple needs to cook an incredible Italian meal together for date night. A selection of premium pastas are paired with parmesan cheese, salami, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and tomato sauce. The high quality of these ingredients, along with the novelty of an Italian-themed gift set, make this such a fun gift for a couple to unpack.

#2 - The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition

The ‘Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition’ book, with 50 tried and tested creative date nights in this scratch-off book

Boost the joy in the couple’s first year of marriage when you get them the ‘Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition’ book. With 50 tried and tested, creative date nights in this scratch-off book - plus space to put in photos and thoughts in the wake of the date - this wedding gift could end up being a precious record of the first season of this couple’s marriage.

#3 - Personalized Charcuterie Board

Handmade bamboo charcuterie board, a beautiful way to present charcuterie or any kind of finger food

This handmade bamboo board is a beautiful way to present charcuterie or any kind of finger food. You can have the center carved with a personalized message - for a wedding gift, the couple’s names and wedding date are the obvious choice, but if you know them well, you could mix it up and go for an inside joke or a phrase from their relationship.

Wedding Gifts for the Bedroom

Whether your gift is going to come in useful on the honeymoon or make its home in the linen cupboard, these wedding gifts for couples are all things they’ll be extra grateful for! 

#1 - Massage Oil Gift Set

Massage oils infused in four different scents are beautifully packaged in this set, which is vegan and sustainably sourced

This wedding gift is a little out-of-the-box, but if you want to give a unique gift that will be truly appreciated by the happy couple, this is a great idea. Massage oils infused in four different scents are beautifully packaged in this set, which is vegan and sustainably sourced. Oh, and for the record, the oils are non-toxic and totally edible, too.

#2 - Boll & Branch Sheet Set

Boil and Branch Sheet Set spun from 100% cotton to an incredibly smooth and light texture

This luxurious sheet set is spun from 100% cotton to an incredibly smooth and light texture. Go for a wedding registry classic and help the couple stock up on the finer things in life with this dreamy wedding gift! These sheets are organically sourced and ethically made, and they get even softer with age.

#3 - “The Adventure Challenge: ...In Bed” Book

“The Adventure Challenge: ...In Bed” Book, a perfect wedding gift for the bedroom

This little book will be a highlight of the honeymoon. With 50 challenges designed with a sex therapist to bring passion, connection, and fun back into the bedroom, the ‘....In Bed’ book isn’t a graphic sex manual - rather, it’s a refreshing guide to breaking out of your typical habits to have even more profound experiences. Perfect for newlyweds!

Wedding Gifts for the Kitchen

There’s a reason that a KitchenAid mixer is one of the usual suspects on wedding registries: setting up a kitchen is expensive! But even if the couple have lived together with a functioning kitchen for years, they will love these epic wedding gifts designed to get them cooking.

#1 - Cole & Mason Granite Mortar and Pestle

Cole & Mason Granite Mortar and Pestle with ground up spices

For grinding up spices and whipping up meat rubs (and that’s just the start), a pestle and mortar is a great wedding gift precisely because it feels like something you don’t really need. This granite number takes that further, adding a little bit of luxury to this countertop kitchen accessory.

#2 - Williams Sonoma Wine Glasses

Williams Sonoma wine glass set, a must-have for any couple and would make a great wedding gift

A set of good wine glasses is a must-have for any couple, and this set of eight cabernet wine glasses would make a great wedding gift for a couple who love to entertain. This set even comes with a deal - eight glasses for the price of six.

#3 - Old Havana Serving Platter

Old Havana Serving Platter, a perfect wedding gift for the kitchen

This gorgeous serving platter is glazed int he most stunning textured turquoise - it’s striking and unique, and would make a great focal point on any table. If you want to splash out with generosity, there are a selection of platters and pitchers in a matching glaze that would make incredible wedding gifts.

Wedding Gifts for the Living Room

Decorative wedding gifts can be a little bit of a risk - style is so subjective, after all - but the biggest gambles can also end up having the biggest payoffs. You might be about to discover their favorite wedding gift!

#1 - Round Rattan Mirror

 Round rattan mirror against a baby blue wall with a desk underneath

This round mirror would make an incredible accent to any room. The natural texture of the rattan frame is a really interesting addition to a space, while the neutral tones here ensure that it can fit in a huge variety of styles and aesthetics. Mirrors can be surprisingly expensive, so receiving one as a wedding gift is a real treat!

#2 - Custom ‘Love Boat’ Portrait

Custom 'love boat' portrait, an adorable wedding gift idea

This is an absolutely adorable wedding gift. This artist will custom tweak the illustration of two people floating in the same boat together so that it shows the happy couple. You’ll end up giving them a wedding gift that’s simple, tasteful, romantic, and totally one-of-a-kind. Not many of the other guests could say the same!

#3 - Personalized Wedding Invitation Keepsake

Personalized Wedding Invitation Keepsake engraved in wood

This elegant keepsake will be a true surprise for the couple to receive! As soon as you get their wedding invitation, you can commission this piece: the invitation engraved onto wood as a keepsake they can hang on the wall and keep forever. Paper fades and tears, but this wooden piece is something they can look back on and even point out to their children and grandchildren as a beautiful marker of amazing memories.

Other Wedding Gifts

These wedding gifts might not have a clear category, but they were too cute not to include.

#1 - Self-watering Lavender Grow Kit

Self-watering Lavender Grow Kit, a great wedding gift idea

This beautiful kit comes with everything you need to grow a flourishing lavender plant. Whether the couple loves plants and gardening or need something pretty basic to kick off their plant parent career, this is a great gift for them. It includes the lavender seeds, the beautiful ceramic pot, plant food, growing medium, and instructions.

#2 - Custom Doormat

Custom doormat that can be personalized to say the name of the newly married couple and the year of their wedding

This custom doormat can be personalized to say the name of the newly married couple and the year of their wedding. It’s simple but effective, and you can choose from a variety of different styles and fonts to find one that fits the aesthetic of the couple you’re gifting it to.

#3 - Vintage Spoon Wedding Ring Holders

Vintage Mr. and Mrs. Spoon Wedding Ring Holders

This pair of wedding ring holders is a sweet but practical wedding gift. Whether the couple chooses to keep them by the bed, next to the shower, or beside the sink, they’re going to come in so handy to keep track of their new rings. These holders are actually made of real vintage spoons, and they have a quirky, sweet aesthetic.

Picking the Perfect Wedding Gifts

There are so many different routes you can go down when it comes to giving a wedding gift. Are you going to go for something they’ll use every day, or something they’ll pull out for special occasions? Do you want your gift to be displayed in their home or used frequently? Playful and cheeky or solid and practical?

Whatever you decide to give them, the thought and care you put into it just goes to show how much this couple means to you - and that’s amazing.

For more incredible gift ideas for any occasion, check out The Adventure Challenge Blog!

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