16 Surprise Gifts for your Wife

If you’re looking for a surprise gift for your wife, we applaud you! Surprise gestures of love and affection are such a great way to keep the romance and excitement alive. And here at the Adventure Challenge, that’s what we’re all about! Take a look at these 16 thoughtful gift ideas for a surprise gift for wife:

16 Surprise Gifts for Your Wife

Each of these gifts are unique and thoughtful, and each of them are going to make your wife super happy to receive! We’ve put together a list of non-traditional romantic gifts because if you’re going to surprise your wife with a gift, it might as well be a surprising gift!

#1 - All-In-One Pedicure Set

Inject a little bit of luxury into your wife’s routine with this Barefoot Scientist At-home pedicure set. It’s a great gift that comes with all the products and tools she needs to truly pamper her feet! 

Barefoot Scientist At-home pedicure set, a perfect surprise pamper gift for your wife


This surprise gift set arrives with an exfoliant, nail oil and moisturizing cream - but that’s not all. It also includes a premium pumice stone to get rid of old skin, specifically-designed clippers, and a buffing file.

#2 - Personalized Photo Projection Bracelet

This is one of the most unique gifts on this list - it even has a little surprise inside it. This bracelet can be personalized with a wide selection of charms, but that’s not what makes it so special.

Personalized Photo Projection Bracelet, a sentimental gift idea for your wife

Alongside the charm is a little gem, and it contains a mini projection of a photo of your choice! Send in a photo from your wedding day, or maybe a snap of you and the kids, for a sweet surprise gift that she’ll cherish forever.

#3 - Handmade Weighted Blanket Quilt

This surprise gift for your wife is beautiful and comfortable at the same time. It has a unique, painterly pattern on one side, and on the other it’s lined with incredibly soft faux fur.

Weighted blanket quilt, a surprise gift for your wife is beautiful and comfortable at the same time

There’s a weighted insert inside of this blanket to make it even more relaxing - the best set-up for a cozy night. The combination of style and substance here makes it the perfect addition to your living room couch or bedroom basket.

#4 - Apple Digital Pencil

This Apple pencil is one of the best gifts for wives with an artistic edge. The pencil unleashes a whole world of exploring digital art, and it’s such a thoughtful way to show that you support her in her interests and her hobbies.

Apple Pencil, one of the best gifts for wives with an artistic edge

One sweet detail is that you can get it personalized with a little word or phrase - maybe your wife’s name? Or something a little more romantic?

#5 - Cute Essential Oil Car Diffuser

These simple, boho-styled essential oil diffusers would make such cute surprise gifts for your wife. Made of felted wool, you can hang them in the car and put a few drops of any essential oil right onto the wool - it’ll be released back out into the air gradually.

Simple, boho-styled essential oil diffusers that would make such cute surprise gifts for your wife

The scent will fade after a week or two, which means that you can change up the fragrance with different essential oils depending on your mood!

#6 - Linen Wireless Phone Charger

Cut out the cables beside your bed when you give your wife the gift of this wireless phone charger. She’s going to love its elegant, minimalist design!

Linen Wireless Phone Charger, a useful and practical surprise gift for your wife

This amazing bit of technology charges your phone without you even having to plug it in - it uses a magnetic field to charge your phone’s batteries. This is one of those cool gifts that your wife might not even think to get for herself, but one that she’ll love using every day. 

#7 - Adventure Challenge “In Bed” Book

This isn’t your average sex book. Designed in partnership with a professional sex therapist, this book is designed to bring fun and connection into the bedroom.

Guy scratching off adventure from “In bed” TAC book

It has a series of challenges and prompts to help you break out of your sexual habits and connect in an even deeper way. This is one gift for your wife that you’ll definitely benefit from, too - it’s a guaranteed good time for both of you.

#8 - Custom Leather Coin Purse

This beautiful gift for your wife adds some luxurious whimsey to her purse. Get her a beaded coin purse with her initial on it - the lavish floral design is striking and the quality is out-of-this-world.

Genuine leather coin purse comes in several different shades that adds a bit of luxury to your wife's wallet

Inside this great gift there are two pockets for cards and plenty of space for cash and coins, so she can keep it in her handbag or slip it into her pocket for a quick trip outside the house.

#9 - Date Night Painting Kit

If you're looking for date night gifts for your wife, check out this painting kit. It’s not quite painting by numbers - instead it comes with a greyscale guide printed on the canvas for you to cover in the colors you choose.

Date Night Painting Kit, a fun and exciting gift idea for your wife

The best gifts are ones that help to create a memorable experience, and when you give this gift, you’re really giving the gift of time spent together. Whether you love the finished result of your painting or not, that’s something priceless!

#10 - Glass Propagation Vase Bulbs

If your wife is a bit of a plant mom, this is the perfect gift for her! If she’s been taking clippings of plants and propagating them in cups and jars, help her bring it to the next level with these aesthetic propagation vase bulbs.

Glass Propagation Vase Bulb, a perfect surprise gift for your plant mom wife

This useful piece of home decor is stylish and unique, and not only do they look good, but they also help stimulate plant growth by allowing light to hit the plant from all angles - she'll love being able to add them to her growing collection.

#11 - Retro Citrus Juicer

A great addition to any kitchen, this retro-styled silver juicer is a serious way to take your breakfast game to the next level. For the wife who loves to cook, it’s going to come in so useful.

Retro citrus juicer, a useful gift idea for your wife who loves to cook

But really, the best way to make this one of the best gifts for your wife is to serve up the fresh-squeezed juice along with her morning coffee and some breakfast in bed. That’s a surefire shortcut to some fabulous brownie points.

#12 - Dried Flower Arrangement Piece

If you want to surprise your wife with a beautiful piece of home decor, this gift is definitely worth considering. The stand is made of oak wood, and it can sit as a table runner or on a bookshelf or windowsill, or it can be screwed in the wall.

Woman placing friend flower arrangement piece up on the wall

The stand has slots for you to insert dried flower stems, and it comes with a beautiful selection of dried flowers to arrange. The seller offers a whole range of different kinds of dried grass and flowers, so you can find some that work with your home. But, of course, the beauty of this gift is that you can swap out the flowers in it as seasons and styles change, so your wife can really make it her own.

#13 - Literary Scarf

If your wife loves to read, this could be the sweetest gift to surprise her with. Passages from different classic novels are screen printed onto such soft cotton to create these understated infinity scarves.

Literary scarf, a perfect surprise gift for your wife who loves to read

You can choose from between four different novels depending on which your wife likes best, and just like that - she has a cute accessory that will remind her of your thoughtfulness every time she put it on.

#14 - Watercolor Leather Mousepad

If your wife does a lot of computer work, surprise her with a gift to beautify her office and make her life a little bit easier.

Overview of watercolor leather mouse pad, a perfect gift for your wife who does computer work

These pretty mousepads are made of genuine leather, printed with a selection of marbled watercolor designs that are unique and stylish at the same time.

#15 - Personalized Make-up Bag

This surprise gift for the beauty lover is another one that looks great but is actually so useful, too. Get your wife a personalized bag to store her makeup in or carry her toiletries when she travels.

Personalized makeup bag, a practical surprise gift for your wife

These faux leather bags are elegant and clean-looking, with a zip closure and the option to have her name (or another word) printed on the front in delicate gold lettering.

#16 - Stylish Gratitude Journal

This thoughtful surprise gift is a loving addition to your wife’s life.

Stylish gratitude journal, a thoughtful surprise gift that is a loving addition to your wife’s life

With a beautiful yellow and gold cover, this notebook has a bullet journal pattern, but included within it are minimal prompts allowing her to spend time reflecting on her life. It’s such an encouraging addition to anyone’s daily routine!

Surprising Your Wife with a Gift

Have you found the perfect gift to surprise your wife? We hope so! If not, don’t give up on the idea of surprising her - just keep looking. We have more amazing gift ideas: check out 50 Birthday Gifts for Her to see some of them, or go for a safe bet that’s always going to be a winner and get her The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition book!

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