The Best Two Player Board Games for Couples

Board games are an increasingly popular way people spend their time together. With the rise of more and more two play board games, which are board games designed for two players, they’re also increasing in popularity among couples. So, we thought we’d help couples looking for games by developing a list of the best board games for couples. 

We did that, and we’re proud of it! To be honest though, this list could be huge with how many board games are out and still coming out. However, much like our Adventure Challenge options, we don’t want to overwhelm you. So instead, we included a variety of board games for couples so everyone could find something to enjoy.

On that note, please know these games aren’t in any particular order either. We just listed them as we thought of them. So, please don’t think that because one game is higher than another that it’s better. All these games are amazing board games for couples, which is why they’re on the list. Here’s what they are.

The Top 7 Board Games For Couples (And A Bonus!)

Kicking off our list is a game that should be in every couple’s board game library: Fog Of Love.

#1 - Fog Of Love

Fog Of Love is one of the best board games for couples because it captures how difficult being a couple is. In that spirit, it’s designed for two players and only two players. There are also several editions, including male-female, male-male, and female-female.

The goal of Fog Of Love is to fulfill your destiny. The problem is that destiny can change, and, much like a real relationship, your partner’s destiny may not always align with yours. In the end, you’re trying to balance that destiny with the relationship itself, hopefully bringing it all together in the end.   

The best two play board games for couples. Box with Fog of Love inside it.

Games will play in 1-2 hours, and if you and your partner enjoy Fog Of Love, there are several expansions for the game too. It’s a game that involves some thinking, some conversation, some learning about each other, and a little intimacy. If you’ve ever wanted to try a relationship experience from start to finish in a box though, then this is the board games for couples option for you.

#2 - Codenames Duet

Codenames Duet is the two-player version of Codenames. Codenames was so popular Codenames and Codenames Duet both got XXL editions. So, what makes Codenames Duet one of the best board games for couples?

First of all, Codenames Duet takes an average of 15 minutes to play. It’s also incredibly easy to understand.

Both you and your partner are working together in this one. You’re trying to give each other one-word clues so you can each pick the right cards on the table. Each of those cards also have one word on them, but you have to use the right clues because there’s lots of room for interpretation.

The best two play board games for couples. Green box with Codenames Duet and animated drawing of couple on it.

You might be seeing it already, but this is a game that deepens your understanding of how one another thinks. You might say, “Hiss,” and your partner picks the card with a cat on it instead of the one with the snake on it. Communication and understanding are key for a relationship, and Codenames Duet is one of the best board games for couples to explore the odds and ends of both.  

#3 - Machi Koro 2

Machi Koro 2 is the sequel to the popular game, Machi Koro. Machi Koro is a game worthy of being on this list of board games for couples too, but Machi Koro 2 takes what made Machi Koro great and makes it even better.

In the game, your goal is to build three landmarks. On your turn, you roll one or two dice, along with other players use the abilities on all cards that match the number rolled, then build a card from one of the two building rows or from the landmark row by paying their build cost. 

The best two play board games for couples. Box of Machi Koro 2 with cards, dices and coins.

And that’s it. Players keep alternating turns until someone builds their third landmark, in which case they win. This game takes around 30 minutes to play, and it can play up to five players if you have friends over. All this and more make it one of the best board games for couples.

#4 - The Game

The Game has sold over a million copies, which doesn’t mean it automatically deserves a spot on this list of board games for couples, but it’s a good starting point. It just so happens it’s also an addictive card game that’s simple but not easy.

One thing that makes The Game one of the best board games for couples is that it’s cooperative. It’s also easy to set up, play, and put away, although you really, really won’t want to.

You win The Game if you play every single card from the deck, which has cards numbered two to 98. There are two rows of cards, starting with a card with the number 100 on it and two more with the number one. When playing cards to the one rows, they need to go up in number. Cards played to the 100 rows need to go down in number.

The best two play board games for couples. Box of The Game with cards beside it.

The only problem is you never quite know what cards you’re going to draw from the deck, and your partner can’t tell you what they have either, although they can hint at it. So, you may end up playing a 22 after a 16, thinking it’s the best move, but as you do, your partner gives a good-natured groan, and you realize it wasn’t the best choice after all.

That’s The Game. It can play up to five players, and you won’t want to stop playing it.

#5 - Ticket To Ride

Looking to get a little cozy with your partner? One of the best board games for couples to do that with is Ticket To Ride. Whereas The Game has sold over a million copies, Ticket To Ride, including all the many, many versions of it, have sold millions of them. 

There’s just something about this game that makes it feel like a game you’d play next to a fireplace. Maybe it’s the train theme, the gentle colors, the Victorian box art, or all three. Whatever it is, this game is easy to play and lots of fun.

The best two play board games for couples. Box of the Ticket to Ride board game.

In short, players take turns either drawing train cards or claiming routes. Routes all have a color and a number of train cars. If a player has that number of that color train cards in their hand, they can play them to claim that route. It’s a tricky balance of knowing when to draw more cards and when to play them, but it only takes 30 minutes to an hour and can play up to five players. Plus, there are cards called destination tickets too. If you can claim a route between the two cities showing on a destination ticket, you’ll score the points on that card. 

#6 - Potion Explosion

Maybe you and your partner want board games for couples that have unique parts and pieces. If so, how about a game with marbles and a plastic dispenser? If that sounds interesting to you, then you’ll like Potion Explosion.

Potion Explosion is one of those games you see on a table and immediately want to know what it’s all about. And what it’s about is providing a fast and fun experience for two to four players in 30 to 45 minutes. 

The best two play board games for couples. Box of Potion Explosion board game.

In short, your goal is to score the most points by the end of the game. To do this, you’ll collect marbles (ingredients) from the dispenser to make your potions with. If you take a marble that allows two marbles of the same color to now touch, you get to take those marbles too, and so on and so on. You’ll have to pick which potions to place those marbles on, so choose wisely. You can also play previously made potions for special abilities.

It’s on this list of board games for couples for a reason, and we hope you’ll agree once you give it a try.

#7 - SERVD His & Hers

Last but not least on our list of best board games for couples is SERVD His & Hers. This is as much a board game as it is a series of challenges and “Gotcha!” moments you can share and serve on your partner.

The best two play board games for couples. Yellow box with Servd printed on it.

The game is simple: each person gets half of the cards, and the game lasts as long as you both want it to. When you play the cards on each other (unless they’re countered by another card), which is whenever you want, you have to do what they say. Examples include swapping meals, putting a time limit on getting ready, and more. 

So, sit back and enjoy the hilarity that ensues. Unless one of the cards says you can’t, of course.

Bonus - The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition

Although not a board game, SERVD got us thinking about something similar we offer: The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition. We also offer Dinner Dates and Blind Dates. All are incredible, but we think the Couples Edition is the closest you’ll get to these best board games for couples. 

The best two play board games for couples. The Adventure Challenge book Couple Edition.

In fact, if the title didn’t give it away, we designed this to be a series of fun challenges for couples like you to complete together. Just like board games, each challenge will tell you how long they take too. They’ll even tell you the best times to do them.

The catch though is all the challenges are hidden at first. So, once you scratch them off, you’re both committed to whatever they are. We don’t think you’ll mind though, since they’re all amazing.

So, looking to have more fun as a couple? Check out The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition with 50 scratch-off adventures!

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