Thoughtful, Unique, & Creative Gifts for your Girlfriend

If you’ve already run through the typical gifts for your girlfriend - there’s only so many bouquets of flowers and bottles of perfume you can give, after all, - and you’re looking for some more creative gifts for her, you’re in the right place! These great gifts are out-of-the-box, unique, and sure to surprise her with your thoughtfulness!

#1 - Handmade Essential Oil Shower Steamers

Various coloured handmade essential oil shower steamers

These are the perfect little creative gifts for girlfriend - they let you bring a bit of the spa experience home! Put one of them on the floor of the shower and they melt under the hot water and fill the bathroom with deliciously-scented steam, with scents like lavender and lemongrass. Made with essential oils and natural ingredients, she’ll love these shower steamers.

#2 - Kombucha Brewing Jar

Kombucha brewing jar, a thoughtful gift for girlfriends

If she loves kombucha, give her the chance to plunge into a new project with this kombucha brewing jar! With a filter and a spigot built in, this jar is the perfect tool for fermenting your own specialty drink. It's one of the more creative gift ideas on the list.

#3 - Prynt Instant Photo Printer

Prynt Instant Photo Printer, a creative gift idea for gilfriends

Get the Polaroid effect with just your phone when you buy this instant photo printer! You can connect this instant photo printer to your phone and it will print photos right then and there. One of the cool aspects of this creative gift is that the pictures are printed on sticker paper - remove the backing film to turn each snap into a sticker! She’s going to love this creative and unique gift.

#4 - Adventure Challenge Date Book

Adventure Challenge Date Book, a unique gift for your girlfriend

This book has 50 different adventures waiting for you to scratch-off and reveal. All of them are designed to give you an amazing date, full of laughter and connection. So you can imagine that giving this book to your girlfriend is going to rack up some serious brownie points! Get ready to have the best time together - and, to make it even more special, get the camera set to have a Polaroid camera to record each date!

#5 - Hair Dryer and Volumizer Brush

This heated hair brush is a unique evolution of the hair dryer and hair straightener. As your girlfriend runs it through her hair, the heat dries it, straightens it, and gives it great volume. This unique gift is going to cut the time she spends styling her hair in half!

#6 - Repurposed Sari Robe

Repurposed sari robe with a whimsical patchwork of patterns

This totally unique robe is made of a whimsical patchwork of patterns. It’s made in India out of repurposed saris, so each one is completely one-of-a-kind. For a soft and stylish lounging experience, get your girlfriend this creative gift!

#7 - Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Your girlfriend will be blown away by your thoughtfulness when you gift her with this Mulberry Silk Pillowcase. There are so many benefits to sleeping with a silk pillowcase, from the comfort of its cooling properties to the silky texture, but the real reason this is a great gift is that it is very protective for skin and hair.

#8 - Fluffy Leopard Slider Slippers

Fluffy Leopard Slider Slippers, a unique gift idea for girlfriends

These unique gifts are the fluffiest and most stylish slippers you’ve seen in a while. With a unique cross-twist pattern and the softest fabric, these sliders are the best addition to any outfit - if she ever leaves the house without changing into shoes, no one will even notice. They’re so comfortable, she might not even bother.

#9 - Terrarium Candles

Beautiful and unique terrarium candles that feature wax shaped like little cacti and flowers

You might think that candles aren’t the most creative gifts. Well - think again! These beautiful and unique terrarium candles feature wax shaped like little cacti and flowers. This is the perfect addition to your girlfriend’s desk or bedside table - she’ll love them!

#10 - British Snack Box

For the girlfriend who loves British culture, this is the perfect creative gift: box full of unique British snacks for her to explore

For the girlfriend who loves British culture, this is the perfect creative gift: box full of unique British snacks for her to explore! From chips (“crisps”) and cookies (“biscuits”) to candy and crackers, this is going to keep her happy. Careful, though - her sweet tooth might get her hooked on some of these snacks, and you’ll have to figure out ordering in bulk!

#11 - Pressed Flower Paint Palette

Pressed Flower Paint Palette, the ultimate creative gift idea for girlfriends

In so many ways, this is the ultimate creative gift! Not only is it super creative and unique itself, but it’s going to inspire her to unleash her own creativity. This painter’s palette is made with real flowers pressed into the acrylic base. This thoughtful gift is beautiful, striking, and totally one of a kind!

#12 - Raindrop Cake Kit

The raindrop cake - a dessert that looks like a huge drop of water

The raindrop cake - a dessert that looks like a huge drop of water - took social media by storm a while ago, and now it’s creator has made a kit to enable you and your girlfriend to make it yourself! If your girlfriend loves baking, she’s going to have so much fun taking on this challenge and making it her own. And if you get a delicious dessert out of it, well, who’s complaining?

#13 - Adventure Box Date Subscription

the Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition to deliver everything you need for amazing dates straight to your door

This thoughtful gift is a subscription pairing up with the Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition to deliver everything you need for amazing dates straight to your door! It’s a wonderful way to invest in your relationship and have loads of fun along the way.

#14 - Wildflower Soap Petals

Wildflower soap petals, stunning soap flowers that are delicate and luxurious

These stunning soap flowers are delicate and luxurious. You can display them, or use them, petal by petal, for hand washing or showers. There’s something very romantic about taking every day elements of life and making them beautiful, and if your girlfriend agrees, she’s going to love these unique gifts.

#15 - Silver Wireless Headphones

She’s going to love these awesome silver Bose headphones. With noise-cancelling properties and Bluetooth connection, these headphones have over 20 hours of battery life in each charge. They’re the perfect gift for the girlfriend who lives life on the go!

#16 - Sprout Terracotta Grow Kits

Sprout Terracotta Grow Kits, a perfect gift idea ofr girlfriends who are plant moms

If your girlfriend is a plant mom - or if she wishes she had a green thumb - this is the best creative gift for her. The terracotta pots are adorable and stylish, made out of the finest materials, but the real part of the gift is that they come with everything you need to sprout and grow your own aloe and prickly pear cactus. 

#17 - Safety Pin Earrings

Safety Pin Earrings, a unique and stylish gift idea for girlfriends

These safety pin earrings are unique gifts that will make people look twice when your girlfriend wears them! If she likes to make a little bit of a statement with her look, she’ll love these edgy but elegant earrings.

#18 - Personalized Message in a Bottle

Personalized Message in a Bottle, a romantic gift for girlfriends

If you want to give a really romantic personalized gift, this message in a bottle is the way to go. A decorative bottle complete with shells and sand at the bottom, this creative gift contains a personalized scroll with a message of your choice. You can also pick the silver charm on the outside of the bottle, too. Put a love note into this bottle and delight your girlfriend with your creativity!

#19 - World of Jane Austen Puzzle

World of Jane Austen Puzzle, a great gift for girlfriends who love literature

For the literature nerd girlfriend, this sweet gift idea is going to make her day. This puzzle takes on the world of Jane Austen, with a complicated illustration including 60 of Jane Austen’s characters in a variety of settings, including the real British city of Bath. Be warned: it has a 100 pieces, so it’s not for the faint of heart!

#20 - Cute Enamel Pins

Cute Enamel Pins, a playful gift for your girlfriend

Charm your girlfriend with these cute little enamel pins. From a hotdog dog to a narwhal with a donut to an avocado in a sombrero, these sweet pins are so playful. She can put them on a jacket or sport them on a backpack as little accessories that will remind her of you every time!

#21 - 3D Moon Lamp

3D Moon lamp that lights up in a variety of colors

This beautiful lamp lights up in a variety of colours. You can choose if you want to give it a soft, natural glow, or light it up like a party - all from a remote control and timer. It comes with an elegant wooden stand that would make it perfect for a spot on the bedside table or in the living room. 

Creative Gifts for Your Girlfriend

These creative gifts are unique and thoughtful - sure to stand out from the crowd. Your girlfriend is going to love the thought and care you took in picking out a gift that’s just right for her! If you’re looking for even more amazing gift ideas, check out 50 Birthday Gifts for Her for more inspiration. 

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