Ideas for Surprise Gifts for Your Husband

If you’re looking to keep the romance alive with a surprise gift for your husband, we salute you. Whether it's for Valentine's Day, the holiday season, a surprise party, or just because, it’s little thoughtful gestures of love like that that really make all the difference in relationships! But if it’s going to be a surprise, you obviously can’t ask him what he wants - so we’ve stepped in with a list of amazing surprise gift ideas that your husband will be over the moon to receive from you.

Some of these gifts are just little ones that you can give him ‘just because’ - some of them are more extravagant things you can surprise him with to mark an occasion or a milestone. Whatever the reason for surprise gifts for husband, we think it’s a great idea. Take some inspiration from this list of great gift ideas!

#1 - Personalized Pen

Personalized pen, a luxurious gift when it arrives in its own personalized box, complete with your husband’s name and initial on the cover

Surprise your husband with an amazing personalized pen. This pen feels like a luxurious gift when it arrives in its own personalized box, complete with your husband’s name and initial on the cover! Inside, this brass-accented pen has his name engraved on it too for a one-of-a-kind surprise gift.

#2 - Tune Out Musical Sleep Mask

Tune Out Musical Sleep Mask with an iPhone beside it

If your husband struggles with falling asleep, giving him this surprise gift could be an absolute lifesaver. This sleep mask is perfect for travelling - it’s soft and cushioned for maximum comfort, totally light-blocking, and it has built-in earphones. Hook it up via Bluetooth and play your favorite music or white noise to fall asleep to!

#3 - Eco-friendly Felt Laptop Case

Eco-friendly Felt Laptop Case, a surprise gift idea for your husband

This sleek and simple laptop case is a nice little surprise gift for your husband - stylish and useful at the same time, as all the best gift ideas are. The soft felt and leather detailing are made of recycled materials, and the laptop case actually unfolds for better access to its pockets. He’ll love the thoughtful design on this gift!

#4 - Custom Leather Journal

Custom Leather Journal, an amazing surprise for your husband gift for your husband

This personalized leather journal is an amazing surprise gift for your husband! There are so many options to customize it: you can choose the size and the color (options include black, wine red, and whiskey brown), and a variety of different monogram designs for the outside. On the inside of the notebook, you can have a personalized message engraved if you really want to make him feel inspired! This journal also comes with a pen loop, a snap fastening, and the option to refill the notebook pages. What’s not to love?

#5 - Custom “Home” Map Puzzle

Custom “Home” Map Puzzle, a sweet and creative gift for your husband

This sweet and creative gift would make a great surprise for your husband. This puzzle is custom made centered on a specific address, then printed with a detailed map of the area. The home address is on a little house-shaped puzzle piece - pretty adorable, right? This is one of those unique gifts that could give your husband hours of entertainment.

#6 - Natural Beard Care Set

Natural Beard Care Set, a perfect gift idea for your husband

We have a feeling that your husband’s not the only one who will enjoy this gift idea! A beard care set packed with nourishing natural oils, this duo of beard oil and deep conditioner is the perfect starter set to help your husband take care of his face. Sounds like a win-win, right?

#7 - Nike Socks

A pair of white Nike socks, an ideal gift for your husband

If you want to surprise your husband with a small gift that he’s sure to love, then these socks are one of the best gifts. Everyone always needs more socks - but these aren’t just a necessity. They’re actually a great and versatile accent to an outfit. So, whether your husband is the stylish sort or a little more on the practical side, he’s going to appreciate this ideal gift.

#8 - Custom Couple Keychain

Custom Couple Keychain, a romantic and creative gift idea for your husband

For a fun gift to celebrate your relationship, get your husband this custom keychain. When you send in a photo of you as a couple, this artist will create a digital drawing that’s completely unique, and then have it printed on the clear acrylic keychain. The simplicity here is romantic without being over the top!

#9 - Men’s Puff Vest

Patagonia puff vest, a more substantial surprise gift for your husband

For slightly more substantial surprise birthday gifts for your husband, consider getting him this Patagonia puff vest. A classic piece, the soft down puffer design is super warm and the style is great for layering, whether it’s out to breakfast or for a hiking trip in the mountains. The vest can be folded down to a tiny size, which makes it perfect for trips, and it has a bunch of inner pockets which you know he’ll love.

#10 - Couple’s Split Blanket and Sheet Set

Couple’s Split Blanket and Sheet Set, a great gift idea for your husband

If you’ve ever dabbled in some late-night tug-of-war over the blankets, you’ll love this gift! Designed to help two people sleep in the same bed without one person getting the bad (or cold!) end of the deal, these sheets and blankets are split most of the way down. The bottom is one solid piece so that you can tuck it securely into the bed, but the upper portion is split so that you can each have your own side of the blanket. Whew - that’s a relief! 

#11 - Beer Drop Membership

This beer subscription serves up different beers every month, sourcing from a wide variety of breweries and regions

Now, this is one gift that’s sure to be a winner for a special occasion! Let your husband unbox a package full of ten cans of beer from five different microbreweries - and then watch his excitement as the boxes come month after month. This beer subscription serves up different beers every month, sourcing from a wide variety of breweries and regions. If your husband loves beer, gifts don’t get much better.

#12 - Adventure Challenge “...In Bed” Book

Adventure Challenge “...In Bed” Book, a great surprise gift idea for your husband

If you really want to make his night, surprise your husband with The Adventure Challenge: ...In Bed. This sex-therapist approved book offers 50 challenges designed to spice things up and bring fun and connection into the bedroom. It’s going to help you break out of your sexual habits and explore new things together to have the best sex of your life!

#13 - Whiskey Enhancing Tumbler

Whiskey Enhancing Tumbler with honey wax beside it

Carved from a solid piece of oak and lined with honey-wax, this tumbler is designed to draw out all of the flavors and aromas of whiskey. If you and your husband enjoy a bit of bourbon, consider getting a pair of these steel-based oak tumblers as a great way to improve your nightcaps.

#14 - 5-in-1 Gadget Pen

5-in-1 Gadget Pen, a great gift for your husband

This is so much more than a pen - it’s a surprise gift because your husband is going to love discovering all its different features. It has all the things - doubling as a ruler, a bubble level, a mini screwdriver (amazing, right?) and a tablet stylus! This is exactly the kind of little cool gift that is going to make his day.

#15 - Custom Candy Delivery

This custom candy delivery service allows him to pick the candy and flavors that he wants, and then it’s delivered to your door

This custom candy delivery service allows him to pick the candy and flavors that he wants, and then it’s delivered to your door! Or, if you’re fairly confident that you know what he’s going to love, you can choose the candy yourself so that he is totally surprised when this gift shows up on your doorstep.

#16 - A Dozen Reasons I Love You

A Dozen Reasons I Love You, a thoughtful surprise gift for your husband

If you want to surprise your husband with a really romantic and beautiful gift, this jar of twelve heart tiles, each with a different reason you love your husband on it, could be the best gift idea yet. Crafted with high-quality wood and arriving in a heart-shaped box, this is a gift he can keep and pour out to look through again if he’s ever having a bad day.

#17 - A Date Night Subscription

The Adventure Box subscription, the perfect surprise gift idea for your husband

The Adventure Box subscription takes the pressure off of planning date night. Paired with The Adventure Challenge book, you guys will be fully set with an incredible date night plan that will make you laugh and leave you feeling closer than ever!

Finding the Perfect Surprise Gift

Did you find something you think he’ll love? If you’re still looking for the perfect gift after heading through this list, make sure you check out Best Anniversary Gifts for Him and Thoughtful Gifts For Your Boyfriend, too, for even more amazing gift ideas.

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