11 Romantic Birthday Gifts For Husband

Looking for a birthday gift that means a little bit more this year? Romance isn’t just confined to anniversaries and Valentine’s Day - in fact, keeping the romance alive throughout the year is an incredible goal to have. A birthday is a great moment to emphasize how much you love your husband! Getting him a romantic gift that he’ll always cherish is an absolute win - that’s why we put together this list of romantic birthday gifts for your husband. Take a look!

#1 - Romantic Map Making Class

This is one of the most unique romantic birthday gifts for your husband on this whole list! Book him in for a live class with the artist Brendan Lorber, who will teach you two to create a fantasy-world style map as a picture of your relationship.

Map made during a romantic map making class, one of the most unique romantic birthday gifts for your husband on this whole list

Choose the story of how you met, the past year together, or zoom out and think about your marriage. With the map-making kit that comes with the class, you’ll create a personalized gift that is completely one-of-a-kind, igniting your creativity and offering you the chance to reflect on all of the highs and lows of your love story. For a husband who loves fantasy, who is interested in art and creativity, or who just wants to do something fun with you - this is one of those romantic gifts that he'll cherish forever. What could be more romantic?

#2 - Custom Gift Subscription

A huge element of coming up with romantic gift ideas is knowing your husband well. Generic gifts don’t communicate love and care - but gifts that reflect how well you know your partner and pay attention to their needs? Those are golden.

Gift subscription with various goodies from under-the-radar brands that is tailored to your husband’s interests

That’s what makes this custom gift subscription an amazing gift! You can tailor a gift subscription to your husband’s interests and it will arrive at his doorstep every week with a box of goodies from under-the-radar brands. You can also return items you don’t want and cancel any time - so it really is a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving.

#3 - Make Your Own Truffles Kit

Chocolate is one of the best romantic gifts for a reason, and if your husband loves it, he’ll love this romantic birthday gift! This truffle kit comes with everything you need to create a variety of truffles - a peppermint extract, vanilla, and coconut flakes, too. You need to add cream, but you could also sub out coconut cream for a vegan option if you prefer.

Make Your Own Truffles Kit, a romantic and fun gift idea for your husband

This could form the core of a really sweet date night for a special occasion- pour some wine, get some tunes on, and have some fun in the kitchen. You’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to make these decadent truffles than you think!

#4 - Adventure Date Scratch-off Book

This book is filled with 50 different incredible date ideas designed to give you and your husband an incredible evening together. Choose a page at random or start from the beginning, scratch off the covering to reveal the challenge, and take it on!

Woman filling out the Scratch-Off book from The Adventure Challenge 

There’s space in the book for you to paste in a photo of your evening - you can take the picture with a Polaroid camera when you buy the Couples Camera Set - along with a few memories of the evening. That way, this romantic birthday gift builds up a record of the time you’ve spent together. It’s such a creative way to invest in your relationship!

#5 - Parisian Cocktail Class

This one of a kind birthday gift idea is a romantic date night and a fun learning experience all in one! Follow along on a live Zoom call as writer and expert mixologist Natalka Burian takes you on a tour of the City of Lights - and the drinks culture at its heart. Learn how to craft three delicious Parisian cocktails and raise a glass together.

If your husband loves to travel, if he has a passion for cocktails, or if he simply wants to learn new things with an entertaining instructor - this is the perfect way to celebrate his birthday. Make it into an adorable date night and see where it takes you!

#6 - Personalized Anniversary Journal

If you're looking for romantic gift ideas, you have to consider this one. This personalized anniversary journal is one of those romantic gifts your husband will keep forever! You can get the cover personalized with your own names and the date of your wedding. Inside, there are four pages for each year of your marriage from 1 all the to year 60 - pages with journal prompts for you to discuss and fill out together, and room to glue in photos from the preceding year.

Personalized Anniversary Journal, a romantic and sentimental gift idea for your husband

If you’re newly married, this is an amazing romantic gift for you to celebrate and look back on your wedding day together. If you’ve been married for a longer time, this is an invitation to a bigger project of reflecting on your life together and creating a record of your experiences. This is one of those rare romantic gifts that you’ll return to year on year, so it's as much of a anniversary gift as anything.

#7 - Smokeless Portable Bonfire

Cuddling up by a roaring fire sounds pretty romantic, especially when the weather turns cold. But no one likes ending an amazing evening out by the fire with the smell of smoke soaking into their hair and clothes - and this is where this incredible smokeless bonfire comes in as the perfect gift!

Smokeless Portable Bonfire, a romantic and useful birthday gift idea for your husband

This portable fire pit is designed to create a hot, bright flame with minimal smoke. The bundle here comes with a stand so that you can place it on any surface - even dry grass - without the heat from the bottom burning the ground. It also comes with a variety of bonfire accessories, like a spark shield, to help you create the perfect fireside experience for you and your beloved husband.

#8 - Handmade Custom Message in a Bottle

If you want truly romantic gift ideas to give your husband for his birthday, good luck finding something more sentimental and sweet than this message in a bottle sculpture. Each bottle is hand blown by an artist in Rhode Island, and each contains a tiny rolled up piece of paper.

Handmade Custom Message in a Bottle, a sweet and sentimental gift idea for your husband

You can choose to have a personal message written on it, or you can order it with blank paper so that you can write your love note yourself. This personalized gift is so unique - your husband will definitely be the only one of his friends who has anything like it. It’ll stand in your home for years to come, reminding him of how much you love him.

#9 - Gravity Weighted Blanket

It might not be one of the most classic romantic gift ideas, but weighted blankets help with improved sleep and deeper rest. The increased weight and pressure from the blanket helps your brain know it is safe, which end up releasing relaxing hormones into your system.

Gravity Weighted Blanket, a useful and practical birthday gift idea for your husband

So, whether it’s for your husband’s solo naps or for you to snuggle under together, this weighted blanket will make an incredible birthday gift for him. 

#10 - Lava Massage Stones

Made from actual cooled lava, these four polished massage stones have so many great benefits when they’re used in a massage. Heat them up in the microwave and place them on the back and shoulders to take your massages to the next level!

Lava Massage Stones, a useful, unique and romantic gift idea for your husband

Heating stones will relax muscle tension and promote blood circulation - plus, they feel wonderful. This is one of those gift ideas that come in two parts: first, the heating stones themselves, and second, the promise of the massage that you’ll give him later.

#11 - Personalized Couples Textile Art

This is the sweetest little gift to give your husband! This custom-made present celebrates you as a couple in an adorable piece of art. You can choose from a selection of different outlines to pick figures that best represent you and your husband, and these figures will be printed onto a textile canvas that comes ready to hang on your wall.

Personalized Couples Textile Art, a cute and adorable gift idea for your husband

There’s the option for casual clothing or wedding garb, so if you want this birthday gift to double as a celebration of your wedding day too, it absolutely can do that as well.

Finding the Perfect Birthday Gift

There you have it - 11 ways to inject a little romance into your husband’s birthday celebrations. These are birthday gifts that he’ll love, and many of them are gifts that you guys will enjoy for years to come. What a win! 

If you haven’t found quite the right gift yet - and we definitely get it, cause birthdays can be hard! - we have so many other amazing gifts lined up  for you. Check out the Best Valentine Gifts for Husband and the Best Creative Gifts for Boyfriend for more gift ideas.

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